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Rare and Unique Pictures of Villa of the 60’s

Rob has supplied further pictures from the 60’s and 80’s, these are rare and unique and fantastic Please check the Picture Category for even more

Assorted pictures from years back

Following on from Rob’s last pictures he allowed me to post, he has sent some further in. These pictures show reserve games from the 60’s to some further 80’s players photos, some of the picture quality is not that good but images I like, so enjoy. If you have any pictures you would like to […]

Villa Park Tour Pictures

Villatalk.com memeber Stefan Laing recently undertook the excellent Villa Park Tour and took the following photo’s and he has allowed me to post them here, I think this are high class and quality photos. Villatalk thread I hope you enjoy these as much as I did and more pictures on this site here.

UPDATE : Trinity Road pictures added

Just added pictures of the new Trinity Road lounges to the blog picture page. they really are something special and shows the intricate detail Randy has gone to in the detail in the stand to try and replicate some of the glory of the orginial stand.


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