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North Stand Redevelopment – Last Pictures

Obviously for those who wet to VP for the friendly on Friday you may have seen the finished look of the R Block redevelopment but went down today to get the final pictures from the outside. Well for a club who some claim is penniless we have made changes that in reality are not needed […]

North Stand Redevelopment Pictures

Latest updates of the work at the North Stand and after a couple of weeks away already looking much better than what was there before with the cheap brown and red cladding ! The previous pictures can be seen in the picture category

North Stand redevelopment planning documents

For those of you interested (geeky) enough to want to see the North Stand development application then Birmingham Council now have them on line. The main feature appears to be that extra space is being generated by adding a floor where the North Stand super Box was thus giving much valuable space for fans to […]

Latest North Stand Redevelopment pictures and Villa Park in the close season

Went down to Villa Park yesterday and took the latest update pictures of the redevelopment at the North Stand The previous pictures can be seen in the picture category Also took the opportunity to take pictures of the inside of Villa Park in the close season, hope you enjoy these If you have pictures you […]

Further North stand Redevelopment pictures

Took today in the glorious sun for previous pictures check in the picture category

North Stand Redevelopment Pictures – UPDATE

Been to Villa Park earlier and work is progressing on the new entrance to R block and the first signs about what a possible new North stand will look like. Most of the horrible cladding has now gone and so has the TV screen backing up the story on Villatalk that there will be a […]


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