Villa-We have a Great History

Sunday’s important for the Villa too. The Ladies, that is (pic of the Ladies team included)

Kevin_Brum12 from fellow Villa site H&V sent the following to Ian, asking if we could oblige with a mention. Ian’s a bit busy, so asked if one of us could do it. I’m personally always happy to oblige fellow Villa sites, especially if there’s a decent pic to go with it. And I found the […]

Football – what comes around, goes around Mr Vidic

Remember this ?? so I dare any Villa fan say Man U got treated unfairly !

The Tame Lion

This may be from a Blues fan but still it is spot on.

A trip to the Den, a turning point

Got to say even though the Millwall fans are ‘interesting’ and especially the one on the 23:30 train back from Euston, it was a place you had to go.

Comical Ali says ‘Do not panic’

This is doing the rounds on Facebook, raised a smile today.

Barry Bannan at Barca with Celtic

These are interesting pictures I found on VillaTalk.


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