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My name is Adam G and I am the main editor on this blog. I am responsible for editing and posting any article submissions and additionally a frequent poster on this site. Living in Warsaw, Poland I first became a fan of the club following an interesting article about the new signings of John Carew and Ashley Young, yep I started to support Villa in the winter of 2007 making me a fan of the club for over 5 years. I’ve previously written articles for Avillafan.com and submitted frequent articles to the Vital Villa site.

Having lived in over 4 countries I am currently 18 years of age and I can be contacted through this email address: adamg95@hotmail.com



Hi all, my name is Ooahpaulmcgrath and I am a joint owner of the site along with Badger123.

I started watching Villa in the early 70’s in the old third division, in the days of Andy Lochhead and “Chico” Hamilton. My favourite era at Villa was in the days of Sir Ron Saunders.

The Villa team he built with a forward line of Gray, Little and Graydon was superb and played arguably the best football ever seen at VP, including a 5-1 hammering of the then mighty Liverpool in the 76-77 season.

I followed Villa home and away through the 70’s and 80’s and the highlight of course was that night in Rotterdam. I still go to as many games as possible but due to a change in personal circumstances, I do not go to as many games as I used to.

I can be contacted at oohaghpaulmcgrath@icloud.com



Blog co-owner who has lived in or around Erdington, Birmingham for all my life, which is 50(ish) years. Of course, I’ve been a Villa supporter ever since I can remember and my very first game was against Bournemouth when we were in the third division as it was then. That was it, I was instantly hooked.

When I was younger, I travelled all over the country following the Villa, but these days, as a self employed Tradesman whose work takes me all over the country, I very rarely get chance to go. My love for the club remains just as strong though and it’s near enough the first thing I think about every day.

I can be contacted directly at Badger2238@Hotmail.com

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28 comments on “About the Authors/Contact us

  1. Would you be interested in a link exchange?

  2. Ian

    An excellent blog, I’ve put on my favourites

  3. Hi Ian, enjoy ur site, now on my favourites.. UTV

  4. Hi Ian,

    I find myself visiting your site every day now as you bring all the Villa news together on this very good blog/site.

    Keep up the good work and UTV!

  5. Thanks Mr holte, comments much appreciated.

    I try and reflect what is going on, of course a lot of BS but many not aware of this and the more people know the better !!

  6. Hi there,

    I was hoping to get hold of a direct email address to discuss a potential business opportunity with the Football Pools. Any help would be much appreciated.



  7. Hi there,

    I hope you are well and don’t mind me getting in touch.

    I work for Betfair affiliates and we are currently looking to recruit new partners.

    As your site ranks well on Google I am keen to get you on board and due to the exclusive commission offer we are running this month I feel this could be profitable for you.

    If you would like any more information on this please get in touch at stef.oates@betfair.com.


  8. Great site and interesting views from quite a few people on here. I made some comments yesterday around midnight your time but today I cant seem to find any of them. They seem to be gone. Any clue?

  9. Hi Ian, my name is Stefano, I’m from Italy and I’m the chairman of the official Italian fansclub, Latin Lions (www.latinlions.forumfree.it). Let me to congratulate with you for your nice blog, the texts and the pics.
    Cheers, Stefano

  10. One of my favourite Villa blogs, although i’m starting to miss the Rob El Cid sections, have had me roaring in laughter in the past lol.

    Keep up the good work mate, and UTV!

  11. Hey Ian, what happened to teh forum?


  12. took it down mate, too much hassle to keep everything going, if someone wants the details and take it on be my pleasure to pass it on

  13. Just came across this blog – very good

  14. Love the blog Ian keep up the good work

  15. Hi Ian,
    Would love to get in touch with you regarding a business preposition.
    Please contact me to discuss further.
    Jeff Navarro,

  16. Hi, there
    I hope you visit my blog.

  17. love checking this site just to see you negativity, have you had anything positive to say recently?? are you a dire hard villa fan or just pretending?

  18. Hi Ian is the following true lol
    ‘Alex McLeish is said to be furious after Aston Villa midfielder Barry Bannon was arrested on suspicion of drink driving. He told the media “I’m not bothered that he had a crash, but I’m angry that he had someone in the passenger seat. It’s clearly against Villa policy to have more than 1 up front”..!!

  19. Dude! i have a reply from the email i sent to mr faulkner…

    Dear Mr Clark,

    Please note that Mr Faulkner has received your email dated 6th December.

    Can you please contact me on my direct number to discuss 0121 326 1528 at your earliest convenience.

    Many thanks,

    Nicky Keye

    Head of Consumer Sales

    Just thought it might be of interest, that the Paul.Faulkner@avfc.co.uk email address does infact work and more villa fans should send emails to show their disgust

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