Dunne still injured, had a ‘setback’, do you believe it

News tonight from Phil McNulty on BBC.

Paul Lambert reveals Richard Dunne has had another setback with the groin injury that has required surgery. More bad news for Villa.

Some of you will remember I said like Warnock, Collins and Hutton he would never play for Villa again. this is because orders from the top have said so and Lambert happy to play along.

Is Lambert lying tonight ? Leave that up to you to decide.

However I think we are desperate for Dunne, he is a leader and will get stuck in like none of our defenders can. IF and a big if he is not really injured, what the hell are the club doing ?

26 comments on “Dunne still injured, had a ‘setback’, do you believe it

  1. Why are we paying them for? Warnock,dunne,hutton should be sacked why cant you do that?

  2. Lies lies lies every word out of lamberts mouth is a lie, he said newcastle game may be too soon for dunne that was yesnerday now he injured again lies fucking lies i hate lerner

  3. Surely if he is out injured the first thing the club should do is replace him with a loanee/signing?

    • Spot on. Hutton gone, warnock on the verge and now dinner injured yet again(!?). Under the policy of sell to buy we should be able to get 2 in and a dunne replacement as he’s not going to pay again!

  4. To be honest, I doubt Dunne will be seen in a Villa shirt again.

    • Thank fuck for that he is complete shite I never want to see that error prone lump in a villa shirt again. Shows how desperate we are that we are actually debating this joke if a player

  5. I do remember Robbo saying Dunne would never play for us again….. He was right, seems like more orders from the top !

  6. Orders from the top? Load of crap. Dunne’s cousin is on twitter so this would get out if it was true

  7. He wants away, he knows whats going on, let him go and play for better teams. we are crap and I cannot see us getting better with them pair of crap owner’s and manager..

  8. The dunne situation don’t make sense,all the preview write ups for the game last night never picked this up which im sure they would of.to me its another reason,for last nights performance what the fuck was lambert doing leaving weimann on the bench 1st half.does that fucking scottish twat trying to get the sack for his compo package or what.in a couple of weeks we’ll be bottom of the pile where we’ll stay to the end.total shite.

  9. Dunne may or may not be injured, he could have had his most stringent fitness assessment yet ahead of a planned reappearance and broken down again.

    We don’t know, but I do recall that he was bloody awful at Euro 2012 so hoping that a crocked Richard Dunne will save us would have been like tying a carving knife to the front of the Titanic to cut through icebergs.

    • Exactly vaze we are talking about Dunne as if he was The Lord himself. He is fat lazy error prone with a disgraceful attitude and the quicker he goes the better. He was a. Embarrassment last season and a complete clown at the euros

  10. got to agree guys i’ve never rated dunne, he’s just way to slow for the prem, things are really that bad when people are waiting his return like its gonna save us.
    at the same time i dont rate vlarr either, ive watched and been objective but before his injury i wasnt inpressed and saw he made quite a few costly errors and since his return he has continued in the same vein, i cant fault his drive and commitment he looks like he cares(unlike dunne)but lets face it he aint good is he? and he’s our star buy captain marvel.

    • Spot on naughtius. I get slagged for my comments on those two. Vlaar has been a huge disappointment IMO he is I credibly error prone like Dunne and his so called defensive header to set up cabeye is school boy defending. Lets not lose sight this was a lambert signing who we paid good money for not one of the cheap kids. Iv noticed also how he passes players onto the kids. Mill wall away classic example one corner the player he was marking almost scored a few minutes later Lichaj marked that same player and he did score from corner. Vlaar nowhere to be seen. Talk about using experience to save your own skin!

  11. as for is/isnt he injured, i cant see we’d be lying about that, it makes no sense.
    i could how ever see dunne swinging the lead and not being too keen on being passed fit so doing as little as possible to keep it that way. at the moment he’s picking up good money for doing jack shit and can sit on his arse eating as many pies and guzzling special brews to his hearts content. if he gets passed fit he will have to be training hard, dieting(no doubt)out in the freezing cold to which the only reward at the end of it all is to be selected for the worst villa team in history and be humiliated on the pitch every game.
    if i was him id be crackin a brewski putting on a pizza and watchin my sopranos box set. cheers villa!😉

  12. A lot of people here are mad, especially Ianrobo. Bye!

  13. No probs, keep him rested until fully fit and ready for start of the Championship season next year where there more enough goal mouth scrambles for him to add to his incredible own goal record.

  14. Oohah , I remember dunney being our saviour when he came back early against WBA last season ,,,,, he is twice the playe baker is and better than vlaar,he would sort 80% of our defensive problems out but you are to stupid to see it ,he would easily be our best defender alongside vlaar and Clarke at left back but I bet you think our defence isn’t the problem CLOWN

  15. In reply to Villa 1996 – and others – why the constant slagging off of Warnock and Hutton? Hutton’s biggest problem to the fans is that he was a McLeish buy. Same as Nzogbia he took flak for little good reason other than McLeish bougfht him. The crowd is at last getting behind Nzogbia and he is at last settling and showing his worth. And Warnock? He gave very good service under O’Neill and was in the England World Cup Squad. He fell out with Houllier along with the entire back four and even Gabby amongst others the fault for which lies at Houllier’s door! He gave good service last year and even filled in in Petrov’s role helping us survive. Is another four months of their salaries so great that we must get them off the payroll now? Surely not! As well as bringing experience both are simply better players than Bennett, Licha and Lowton. We need them!

  16. Oohah Why do you go to watch villa as everyone is shite ,again you probably don’t

    • Not everyone I’m sure most people will agree that majority of our players are shite. Love weimann, Benteke Zog has improved, Guzan decent, Lowton getting better, baker and Westwood have potential the rest of the team are utter shite.

  17. Fairly stupid article i mean why would the club say dunne was injured if they want to get rid of him? And people here not only hav short memorys but also tend to exaggerate a lot, dunne was a very good player for us and a other clubs but now yes he is not good enough he has had 2 many injuries and is slow and old so no good for us at the moment, and john w Hutton was not liked cause he was a dirty hacker who played terrible in a villa shirt! Warnock again started well for us but got worse every season either he stopped caring or age got to him, lowton is a far better player than Hutton but we do need a better LB than Bennett he may still come good but for now defensively he’s not good enough, vlar is a decent defender and will get better the longer he is in the prem and has a settled partnership like when the season started wit Clark our defence was doin ok until he got injured and then we conceded the 8 against chelsea and the young players confidence took a big hit, and N’Zogbia didn’t get backing from the fans cause he was shit mostly cause i tink he didn’t want to play for mcdraw now he is starting to show us why we signed him and long may it continue, we ar not down yet support and believe otherwise what’s the point?!

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