Richard Dunne Injured Til 2013

So the news has just come out that Richard Dunne will be out injured until the New Year. This information has been infact confirmed by Paul Lambert during the pre-match press conferences.

“I would say he is out to the new year, the way it is going at the moment. – Lambert

We don’t have many numbers in central defence, and with Vlaar and Dunne out injured; that’s all our experienced defenders gone. If Lambert has funds available during the transfer window I’m fairly confident that we will have a new defender and hopefully one with a little experience.

Maybe we could try to bring Shawcross in? Or an international like N’Koulou or take a risk by trying out Douglas from PSV?

20 comments on “Richard Dunne Injured Til 2013

  1. Arguably our 4 top earners not even getting a game, Bent, Ireland, Given, Dunne. Something’s obviously not right, injuries or not and I can see them all leaving in January. Obviously need them off the wage bill

  2. Thats great news mr cock up out no more own goals i be glad to see the back of dunne, lreland, given and bent lazy players they hav just milked villa for every penny

    • Fuckin great news that joker shud never be allowed to wear the shirt again let alone play in it. Best news iv heard all year.

  3. Slightly off topic, but I didn’t want to start another blog on the subject, but just a heads up guys.
    Villastreams/iclaret, liveonlinefooty, flashsportstreams and frontrow have all been busted, I believe.
    If those were your usual sources for streams, I’d suggest you look around.

    As usual, no direct streaming links are allowed on here, but clues are fine.

  4. I would like to see how Dunne is doing in our young team. He could be the leader we urgently require. I know there are one or two mistake each game but others are making them too. But with his experience he could be a valuable asset atm.

    Think, that PL will change the squad once again in Jan. A central defender is needed, maybe we could loan out Lescott from City and pay only a part of his wages.

  5. Yes there is a god after all. Ha ha ha. Hope he never plays again for us.

  6. Anyone really believe he is injured.

    Come on, all clubs and managers lie, they never tell us the truth …..

    No club ever says the truth and we are as bad as any of them, too scared to tell the fans the truth

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