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66 comments on “How Aston Villa Can Move Forward After the 5-0 Defeat

    • Mate as much as i hate ain it and as muh as i want Lambert to succeed wih his attacking,fluid,passingstyle of play i would not want to ed up like woves rooted to the bottom and then end up playing the pikey inbred bin eating bum boys again.If we ont start winning we will be in serious shit.

    • I want lambert to succeed but i really do not want to go down.

      • JD every manager we have had at Villa we fans have wanted them to succeed and be come a legend that fans can talk about for generations to come.I would like to think Lambert could become one of those but sadly i have a nagging feeling unless he is prepared to change.Then he will only go down in history as one of the worst managers we have had in decades.

  1. I feel the reading game going to be a bench mark for us,we maybe get an even clearer idea how rocky the road will actually be.

    • The bench mark as already been set mate Lambert,s philosophy and tactics must change and quick we are already rooted in the bottom three with no change of fortunes in sight.As for January it will be no good Randy giving him yet more money to squander on his misguided notion if he is going to carry on going for young inexperienced players.Anyway who is this Chester from Hull.

      • just curious Terry did you start supporting villa when we won the European cup and its been down hill ever since.

        • I have probably been a villa fan longer than you have been on this earth mate.

          • You probably have. I started going in 1975. since then I’ve seen some crap sides and been through some depressing times. I’m sure if you have been supporting villa longer than me you will have been through plenty more. But surely you must realise it takes time to turn a team around. 12 games is nothing. Lambert is trying to build something for the long term. He hasn’t got the luxury O’Neil had and I am sure over time will be proven to be a better manager.
            Since 1975 I have not known one villa manager who fans haven’t wanted out at sometime even the great Ron Saunders (villa 0 luton 2 league cup) and Graham Taylor second time around was treated terribly (he had no money and played the kids and we crucified cos he lost to blues twice in his one season return). Even Brian Little in his first season (0-4 to Arsenal).
            We fans are fickle.
            Lerner fully backed O’Neil and we fans loved it and many chanted his name. Now he has tightened the belt he is to blame. How would we all feel if he bought in the better players and doubled the season ticket prices.
            I like most Villa fans are down at the moment but if you haven’t got any optimism about going forward whats the point.

          • Mate you have a very good point,but you do not build a team with youngsters or promising ones from lower leagues whilst in the premiership it is to risky.Yes i would go along with this philosophy if we were like in the seventies in the third division and Lambert was building a team to install us back in the top flight and on the way make additions that are at least going to have a chance of reasonable success in this division.

          • For once we agree but I am hopeful the risk pays off. Cos if it does we will go from strength to strength for the next few years. However as i said before you can look at our experienced players who are at the club now and it is they who have been letting us down.
            Dunne, Warnock, Hutton, N’Zogbia, Ireland, even Bent to a degree and for me Gabby needs to put it in week in week out not just now and then. Thats 7 players at the villa with plenty of Prem experience who if they put their minds to it should all be in the team. Its a coincidence that all our big earners seem to be injured (where is the incentive).
            The one player we do need is a strong central midfielder.

      • If you knew anything about Football you’d know Chester is a very good young centre half who has been outstanding for them.

        Many a good player have come from the lower leagues, although i agree a balance between experience and youth is needed.

  2. Tel sure it aint hull from chester thats more realistic.

  3. good article hiphop and agreed on many points. dont think bent will be making a come back because i feel sure he will be leaving in jan so we gotta get on without him, if that isnt the case then yes we should use him. dunne would provide experience lacking but he’s just too dam slow for the prem but again yes we could use him too in the right places and times.
    yes we do need patience give lambert and the lads a chance and back the team.
    as for terry jones and his mindless negativity, if we fail to pick up a couple of wins against reading qpr and stoke in the up coming games then you can cut and paste your current comments and post em then.
    until then just try and get behind the team for gods sake!

    • What team by what i see we don;t have one to get behind if we had then maybe i would sit on the fence and say give em a chance.But not until i can see some real improvement as there is certainly not any.

  4. Nm whens this miraculous turn around ease off the jamaican woodbines mate.

  5. well lets see in 4 games time shall we?
    and i aint sitting on the fence, im on the side of the fence that is saying give PL and the team a chance before you cut em down. it takes more than 12 games to bed in a new squad and manager.
    dont fancy getting much out of arsenal game but the following three? i reckon we can take em.
    either way we are in for a rough ride this season.

  6. Sky “So David is it true you could be playing in Oz next season?”..Beckham “Yeah…I’m gonna ask the Wizard for a brain whilst I’m there”

    • Oohah mate what do you think of the news in Jan money is to be spent then all of a sudden we are being linked with a player from Hull by the name of Chester god i hope it;s not Charlie.

      • Don’t no what to make if it mate. Wev gone from one extreme to the other from overpriced journey men to hungry cheaper kids. We need a balance to be honest. We need some players around the 26-27 yr mark that have the experience but not to old not to be able to relate to the kids.

  7. Terry, he’s just one player we MIGHT be intereted in.
    It means nothing in itself mate.

  8. Terry you best explain who Charlie Chester was. far before these young lads days.

    • Bill you remember him then a bloody good comedian.Mind you we good do with a bloody laugh at VP as at the moment nothing to smile about mate.

  9. Down in the jungle living in a tent,
    Better than a pre-fab no rent.

  10. Tel who you think we need realisticly.i agree we must be looking for more experienced players because is something were really lacking. Is it going to be the good old sell to buy.

  11. Next 3 or 4 games are karooshal.
    By the end of them,I think we will truy know the capabilities of this noo team.
    We all need to stop whingin and criticising and get behind Lambo and the lads.
    The only way is up.

  12. Let’s not forget that Norwich were beaten 5-1 and 6-1 by Man City last season, but Lambert still managed to guide them to a respectable league position.

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