Outclassed but a ready made excuse for being in relegation places

Yes I know the penalties made a difference and yes I know Lambert has a ready made excuse but lets not cloud what we saw.

It was clear from the start we wanted to play the role again of a plucky loser. Maybe if Benteke had scored with his header (yes a cracking save but he should have buried it) maybe we might have hung on. However from the time they scored a total farce of a goal (shall I rant about defending set pieces, is it worth it ?) the game was over.

Whilst the penalties may have dropped our heads a lot more than they should have, Man City were always in control and we were bereft of ideas. Yes of course we are playing the billionaires of Man City and yes I never expected a win but the manner of the performance showed us for what we are.

That is a team of limited ideas, a club of limited ambition to do anything but survive. We never have had ambitions above that, the role of being a plucky loser suits us well, we play well to it.

Yes fans and Lambert will rave about the penalties, I can understand that but that is only a small piece in a greater picture. A picture I personally think many Villa fans are deluded about and sleep walking into. The faith in Lambert may not be misplaced but he has such a limited amount to work with, is he a miracle worker ?

Bottom Three in November should not be brushed aside, yes easier games after Arsenal, Like Southampton was ‘easy’ ?

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102 comments on “Outclassed but a ready made excuse for being in relegation places

  1. Norwich just won and why when we could NOT


    has Lambert heard about it ?

    that is why we are in trouble and 5 points behind Norwich

    • My point Ian as well build from the back. Our defence has been a joke since we lost to utd in cup. Remember Chelsea and Newcastle away the warning signs have been there for ages. We need a top defensive coach in ASAP. We cannot defend set pieces and conceding from them virtually every game. Why are we not learning from our mistakes Ffs

      • That’s harsh mate- 2 pens today that should never have been and at a crucial time and their heads dropped, we’ll bounce back.

        • Mate whats harsh is the fact we have 9 points from 36 sit 18th in the table with 17 and 16th having one or two games in hand…

    • This the Norwich side LAMBERT built???

      • Yep and the team we had out today is the team lambert built go figure!!

        • Go figure what? So you expected to beat a full strength Man c (reigning Champions) in their own back yard? Wake up and smell the coffee was never gonna happen.

          • No one expected a win, but to lose 5-0 is shocking. Its not just today in isolation too, we have 9 points in mid November, that is appalling. 4 wins in the entire calendar year, fans are fed up with this mediocrity. Club is at a crisis point, as relegation looks pretty much certain from where i’m sitting

          • No mate didn’t expect to beat them but expected a better performance and not yet another shite defensive display where we gave away soft goals from set pieces yet again.

          • Totally agree mate, what are these arseholes on? I’m as disappointed as them, but these negative jack asses need to get real. Ok, let’s sack lambert, and bring in who??? The pot of money ain’t going to change!

          • Well under a previous manager who people seem to have a short reminder of that actually we went to these places and WON. It is not about MON but the attitude of the fans now is a sad acknowledgement that nothing will change and we have our set place in the league.

      • yes it is but look at the defence now that Hughton brought in Turner and Bassong ?

        1 in 5 games now isn;t it ?

        Lambert’s major blind spot is the defence and midfield not good enough to cover for it by scoring enough to aid the forwards

  2. Been saying it for months WE ARE DOOMED. The sad thing is you sad deluded fuckwits that can’t see it actually deserve the Championship.


  3. Who are we going to sign in Jan then?

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