Lack of Experience, leaderless and second half collapses

There is no question that the lack of experience is killing us in games.

We all know first half performances like today are fine but the second half of games has been poor if not worse. My friend Lee Marshall send me these stats

Luke Marshall @marshallavfc
@ianvillan 18 goals conceded in the 2nd half and 5 goals conceded in the first half from the 12 league games

That says it all and either we are simply not fit enough (do not believe that) of the lack of experience is killing us in games as tiredness wears in. Now do not get me wrong I am all for bringing youth in but in our position were desperate for experience. It was clearly a deliberate measure not to bring this in. This can be blamed on two factors

1) The club not willing to pay the wages that experienced players would want

2) Lambert does seem actually to have some problems with experienced players, witness issues with Given and Bent, he never brought experience at Norwich.

Now this may well fit the plan if we had any decent experienced players in the team but we have

Ireland – waste of time, inconsistent and no example to anyone

Gabby – not a leader

Vlaar – a leader but still settling in

We have Dunne to come which many may think is an hindrance but thats it. I am sure in the winter this philosophy will not change. They are set on a course now come hell or high water. That of course goes to the very top at Villa and that bloke who rarely is seen at Villa Park, is rarely now at games and is an absentee owner.

Now where is Faulkner to be seen ?? No it is left up to Lambert, a manager who lets be honest is not a communicator and the club looks leaderless as the lack of experience, from the owner, to the manager to the players is showing.

31 comments on “Lack of Experience, leaderless and second half collapses

  1. Again, if this was a performance under mcleish the reaction would be different.

    I’m not saying that Lambert has got a free pass but he has been treated differently whild still presiding equally poor performances.

    • Agree mate we had 6 more points and a better goal diff this time last year and still only just stayed up. Should we sack lambert and get Redknapp before qpr do? I’m not sure that’s the answer but something has to be done. I personally think Lerner won’t give a fuck if we go down he will still get 30m parachute payment and big crowds at VP if we are fighting for promotion

      • Whilst Lerner is still here we could get SAF and he would bloody struggle under the conditions imposed.

        get this straight mate


      • While lambert hasnt set the world alight, to speak of sacking him at this point would do the club no favours. Unfortunately we are in the position that means fixtures against reading, wigan, qpr, southampton etc will dictate where we finish. I bear no ill will against the manager.

    • yes he has got a free pass, he has it from me. The piece is clear where I lay the blame. As promised when he was appointed, if it went badly (and make no doubt it is at the moment) then the blame lays with the bloke at the top.

      • Randy Lerner does not pick the team and is not directly responsible for the performance of the players come match day. Each man is responsible for his own Job. Randy Lerner cannot be held responsible for team selection until he actualy takes the managers Job. Giving the manager a free pass because he got the job is silly.

  2. WTF is negative shit?….. one negative post, followed by another negative post, followed by another negative post! where the fuck were you after the sunderland game?….. nowhere to be seen, yet all of a sudden its 3 negative posts in quick succession….. we really do not need fans like you at VP…… VTID …… and if your not VTID then fuck off NOW. ….. all true Villans are ready for the battle ahead….VTID

    • Actually mate I wrote a very positive article after the Sunderland game and a positive article just before utd game and still got slagged for it. What’s that saying you can please some of the people some of the time…..!!

      • ooha…. not getting at you as the article is not written by you!….. but i’ve always noticed how many more people on here are quick to be negative but magically disappear when we do well….. please explain to me why that is the case? VTID

      • Yes you did and it’s nice to read, I think it’s a case of positivity breeds positivity, negativity (Ian😉 breeds negativity. Think we’d all like Ian to just throw out something a bit more upbeat. You don’t go to war banging a drum saying your all gonba die, or half your soldiers bugger off whilst the other half believe what your saying.

        • So what your saying is if we all think yes we will win then that will transfer itself to the team and we will win DO ME A FAVOUR MATE……

  3. Ianrobo you’re taking some weird frustrations out on Villa. You’re obsessed with negativity and it’s worrying. You seem so much worse than last season.

    The penalty decision was insane, possibly the second one too. What could the team do about that?! A bit of sense perhaps?

    • and you just hide behind a faith ..

      a faith not born of any facts

      yes you would have expected to lose the last two but we also lost to giants like Fulham, West Ham, Southampton, Everton

      what are you excuses for them, how many do you have before you run out ?

      • Ian its not about excuses it’s about not being as good as the teams on the day. Sooner you and others face facts that this is us for the time being, the less likely you are to have a heart attack or be arrested by the FBI for cyber bashing randy every thirty seconds.
        Take some deep breaths and see how the season plays out. You are quite negative this season and rarely praise anything good that may happen (if we’re lucky) anyway chin up and get some more inspiring pieces out rather than just repeating the same opinion………we all know you hate RL ha ha

        • I have faced facts mate it is the rest who have not.

          We are 100% relegation material

          Can not score enough

          Can not defend

          and have the worse midfield in the PL

          just trying to educate others about that and stop hiding behind excuses

  4. When do we do well?

  5. I’ll own up.
    I said before that I wouldn’t post too much again, because we seemed to be going the way I feared…and I simply did not want to be a silly old fart saying “I told you so”.
    But negative posts you have to challenge. Debate isn’t about yelling…”Negative- Negative” and running away.

    Give us the “Positive-Positive” FGS.

    Fans are hurting and as feelings swirl around, debate is required.

    Whingeing about “negative threads” is as useful as Weinmann hiding behind a cr@p call.

    It doesn’t move any debate on.

    So give us the Positives of Paul’s career at us?

  6. “Gabby – not a leader” – So says the man who said last year we should make him our captain.

  7. you’re all (most of you) idiots.

    What were you expecting from today?!

    Any one with a bit of sense can see we’re heading in the right direction – I’d rather be 6 points behind last season playing the way we are now than 6 points better off under mcleish – i’m not worried in the slightest.

    Yeah lets get Harry Redknapp in!! Are you f*cking sure? Morons.

  8. It is good to be positive and have a positive outlook on things.But i also agree that it is important to talk about the negatives too.When it comes to talking about the negatives alot of people start to evade the debate why is this????We are 18th 16th and 17th have games in hand sunderland 2 games in hand and we have arsenal next does anyone think that is positive and trustworthy??

  9. Ron Vlaar is SHIT. Leader? My arse

  10. The sooner that tw*t Lerner has gone the better, he has proved to be a total disaster for Aston Villa. Lets face it he is not bothered about the club and is running it into the ground in order to claw back his initial investment. Add up the revenue received from the sale of players and money spent on replacements over the last two years and you will see a net spend of around 4m. Even after two seasons of struggle Lerner refuses to invest in quality players and prefers to go down the cheap and nasty route. Is it any wonder we are crap ? LERNER MUST GO FOR THE GOOD OF ASTON VILLA

  11. The defence is our fucking problem if it werent for our shit gk and back 4 we would have drawn west ham, fulham and beaten man u, southampton and have an extra 8 points the defence have been our prob for ages and not one manager we had seems to sort it out fix the defence and were be better

  12. But im in ian and anus camp lerner has drag this club to its knees where are u lerner? The club is in trouble ur a shit leader i feel sorry for gh, eck and lambert just thow in the shit and they suppose to just take it the last 2 managers hav had health probs mangeing villa lerner done nothing to fix them

  13. My point nicely demonstrated by villa1996 who is apparently in the ‘anus camp’


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