Don’t let today get you down

I think we need to keep some kind of balance after today’s result, as disappointing as it was.
I didn’t see the game at all because of bloody work, so can’t comment specifically.

My initial look at the site at around half time seemed to suggest we were drawing 0-0 which meant I was quite pleased.

Of course, when I had another look at around 4.55, that soon turned to dismay😦

A reasonable first half and then at least two dodgy decisions, by all accounts.

Hmm, top four and dodgy decisions? Nothing new there, I guess.

But how many of us actually expected to get anything at the Etihad?
I predicted a draw, but that was more in hope than anything, in all honesty.
Citeh will win the vast majority of their games at home, so losing today is by no means any disgrace.

I see people are referring to the fact that we only have 9 points from 12 games and indeed, on the face of it, it’s concerning, if not decidely scarey.

But even though we beat Citeh in the League cup (or whatever it’s called now), we all know today was a different proposition.

And while I thoroughly expect us to get something from Arsenal, I won’t be particularly unhappy if we don’t.

No, the real test comes against the lesser teams, in the likes of Reading, QPR and Stoke.

If we do poorly in those, then I’ll concede we’re in major trouble.

But until then, losing on the champions’ own turf really isn’t the right time to get upset, in my opinion.

Keep the faith lads.

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93 comments on “Don’t let today get you down

  1. I really am stunned at the delusion amongst some of our fans. Whats this better football we’re supposed to be playing under lambert, cause I can’t see it. 9 points out of 36 and already a very poor goal difference. Lambert is incapable of building a team to defend, his norwich team leaked goals and now with us the problem is even worse.
    Oh and don’t get you hopes up for the games against reading, qpr and stoke, we’ve already been thrashed by southampton and tamely fallen to defeat at fulham and west ham.
    Sacking lambert is the only option, it might not work, but if we stick with him, we’re only going one way and thats down. There is zero evidence to suggest he can turn this shambles around.

    • My point mate were just hoofed the ball and hoped for the best. We are playing as shit as last year but 6 points worse of and technically 7 as gd is shit. And we only just stayed up last yr Ffs. Dosnt look good at all mate

    • Er, Fulham are currently 9th and West Ham are 7th.
      Hardly struggling teams at the minute, albeit it’s still fairly early days.

      I absolutely do not subscribe to sacking Lambert yet and if we were to do that, who would come?

      I’d love melted welly face to come, as he’s charismatic and would raise our profile, but it won’t happen because he’d want serious money to spend.

      • it does not matter where Fulham and West Ham are, they are nothing more than mid table sides, like basically everyone from 6th downwards is.

        • Whereas sadly, we’re not even a mid table side Ian.
          We have to face facts in that we’re poor and survival is the aim for now.

          Don’t get me wrong, I’m not happy with that low level of expectation, but it’s where we are currently at.

          Basically I’m just re-emphasising the fact that losing at Citeh is not the right time to moan.
          That will come if we lose to Reading or similar.

    • See I disagree, I think PL is here to stay. For me, the league cup win over Man City proves he can get the best out these boys and that he can turn things around. The reality is there is no other option but to support PL. Part of the reason we are in this mess is because we keep hiring and firing managers. For the past three seasons we’ve changed the direction of the club, on and off the pitch. So for me, what the club needs is stability and I think PL can deliver just that. Plus, like Anon3 suggests, who would come in? Harry “I like to splash cash every transfer window” Redknapp — you’re setting yourself up for disappointment if you think RL will sign up for such a manager again. PL isn’t perfect but he is our man.

  2. Don’t worry lads, Jordan Bowery will save us!!

  3. Got to say, all this slagging the team and management off is no good. Come on lads let’s have a debate on what’s good and what we would want to see changed, such as players in jan trf

  4. What about the baggies west ham swansea and fulham? They have no real superstars, what is the difference? I guess its prem experience. I think we need to get bent and dunne back in the team some way, been there and done the battle before, know what it means.

    • Prem experience… I think you should look at QPR

    • the difference is about team spirit and expectations, all the clubs you mentioned are smaller than us, they have lowered expectations and the managers frankly seem to be better than the three we have had recently.

      the biggest miss was Jol .. heard him on R5 on Friday, funny erudite and sharp. Lambert comes across frankly as monosyllabic and not inspiring.

  5. Try to support the team and PL. PL is a very good manager , unlike any other team in the EPL , Villa are a young new side who want to play for Villa. Unlike the greedy traitors MON bought in. We don’t want big ego’s anymore , we want proud to wear the shirt. These kids will learn from today, keep supporting them. UTV

  6. I know it’s a petty point, but MOTD really piss me off. I know City are the champions, and have just hammered us, but how about at least a passing mention to villa, and how we played? maybe what you think our chances are? No, No, for all means talk about Man City’s chances, how Mon City are doing, where they are in the league, their upcoming games, hell why not get a city player in and talk to him, about himself for 10mins, don’t talk about the game, how about mentioning and showing the extremely harsh penalty decision and the downright criminal one???
    Come on BBC, MOTD isn’t just transmitted in Manchester and London you know.

  7. At past a bit of perspective. Nice to hear a Vila fan who hAs some common sense!

    • It is crazy the way the mood on here from result to result…………..one minute there is hope, the next we are down already.

      Should we beat Arsenal next week (and despite the result yesterday I still fancy us to get a positive result) a deathly silence will greet news and views while those that do post will be championing the progression we are making, how we will be fine come May and looking forward to our next fixture.

  8. Lost to West Ham, Everton, Southampton (Disgrace), Spurs, Fulham, United and now City. Drew Newcastle, West Bromich and Newcastle. Outside United and City, maybe Everton and Spurs, which is 4 out of the 10 games we failed to win, we’ve faced teams around our talent-range and yet… We failed. So going up against Stoke, QPR and Reading, maybe Pool who are around our talent-range, doesn’t exactly mean we’re getting points, as the team couldn’t before.

  9. Can I ask you all something, if you was a manager and you was working on a principle of bringing down wages , and having to do that look at lower divisions or bringing your own players in and things go wrong. Could you get players from clubs that don’t have your way of thinking to come to Villa Park ? would you come for 1/2 the wage, no, so what has Lerner got to do if he loosing money fast. He has to abandon the idea of low wages for at least two seasons until he has loyal players in his club, I don’t at the moment see a way out, we are in trouble good time.

    • Low wages are not his call, thats why all the blame goes to Lerner. Lerner in Lambert found a manager who it appears does not deal at the top end, the situation for both was perfect.

      However if you can not defend properly you will always struggle, forget what Norwich did last season, they were a team who were on the up three seasons running. This situation was totally different and the team simply HAD to be built from the defence upwards, something Lambert will never understand.

  10. i really dont understand why people are so dismayed at the result. the article here is right, if we dont pick up points against the lower clubs then we are in trouble but who honestly expected us to get anything out of these three games.
    fact of the matter is the team is not good enough but with time and patience they may be and with PL at the helm. if we get relegated or are in the same position this time next year then change the manager and give someone else a go but seriously sacking the manager after 12 games on the strength of being hammered away by one of the strongest clubs in the world!?
    buckle down and get a grip we’re in for a rough ride this season, if we survive hopefully we can build on it. lets give the team some support!

  11. Amazed how anyone can be positive about this shambles. The only team worse than us at the moment is QPR and once they get Redknapp in, they will start picking up points. We will finish bottom, mark my words. Worst team in living memory together with a vastly over rated manager, whose idea of quality is to raid league one clubs.
    We really are a walking disaster and tbh lerner deserves relegation for the way he has treated this situation with utter contempt.

  12. Lower weiges bollocks no excuse, what kind of weiges are WBA players on? 4th in the fucking league!!!

  13. West Brom have always been better apart from a blip in the 90s.

    • Dr evil get off here you dirty baggies lover . Albion had on good season early 80 s . Apart from that they ve been very mediocre barely entered villa s sights.

  14. Just really don’t get some fellow Villa fans. On one hand we have them by the bucket loads saying how awful we are and how we are getting relgated, then you have the same fans bemoaning a loss in the champions back yard (with awful refereeing decisions), makes me laugh.

  15. Your right badger123……loosing to the champs is no disgrace……what is a disgrace though, IMO, is that you never really believed we could get anything from the game! Not that your in the wrong by the way…most of us would of been of the same thinking, but wouldn’t it be nice to go into these games believing we could take something away? The team has a lot of improving to do if we are stay up, Qpr will probably throw money at it in January and the teams around us seem to be starting to get results!! Worrying

    • APFVillan,

      The reason I didn’t expect anything is because of recent history.
      I think we’ve beaten them once in the last 12.

      Yes, it would definitely be nice to go into those sorts of games expecting something.
      But that hasn’t happened since MON’s days, sadly.
      I actually expected to beat the likes of Arsenal, then!

      I think QPR will go for Redknapp, myself and throw money at it too.
      And that’ll be one of the worse teams vastly improved.
      If we don’t get points in our next few games and the above scenario does happen, yes, it’ll be very worrying.

      But I’m confident we’ll get at least some points.

      Oh, in case you didn’t realise, Badger123 is my nom de plume ie, it’s me🙂

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