Should Lambert Walk? #avfc

Now the dust has settled on yesterdays debacle I feel its time to start questioning whether Lambert has what it takes to manage this great club of ours. A lot of yesterdays blogs were about Lerner and I for one would love to see the back of him as much as I wanted Ellis out. Lets face it that is not going to happen anytime soon and are there any better buyers out there anyway? After Lerner we have to start looking at the manager the facts do not lie 6 points from a possible 27 is relegation form and what’s more we have 3 of the top 4 to play in November. Now I am no fan of Mcleish but we have actually got worse since Lambert has come! Alan Hansen called us ’embarrassing’ on MOTD last night!!

When PL came the only way was up wasnt it? Under Mcleish we at least averaged a point a game and we had technically another point due to our GD. This is very much Lamberts team where Mcleish inherited a pile of crap but his signings are just not working. Vlaar made 3 crucial errors yesterday that let them in on a one v one but Guzan saved us, Bennett well the less said about him the better, KAE pointless to say the least, Holman at best is a poor man’s Milner, Benteke is the only one who might make it but jury still out on him.

If Mcleish was in charge we would be screaming for his head now but we seem to tolerate it because it’s PL. Please note I am in no way calling for his head (yet) but how much longer can we continue like this before Lerner say’s enough is enough?

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166 comments on “Should Lambert Walk? #avfc

  1. I am sticking with Paul Lambert to turn our ship around , but there is always mr Allan Hanson to get in he seems to know exactly whats wrong with the villa it seems oh yes we are embarresing is that all lol, seen the villa far to long to let that worry me so come on lads dig deep and help lambert turn our rudder in the right direction starting with Sunderland and MON next week. UP THE VILLA

    • Oh dear yet another one can;t see the iceberg that the great ship SS Aston { Titanic}
      Villa as run into because he as got his eyes closed to the fact under Lambert and his egoistic stupid maniac ideas this great ship whom whom as rode the waves for over one hundred is unsinkable.Just think they said that about the {TITANIC} that sank quickly but for villa it;s going to be slow and agonising for the fans.Lambert is the captain of a sinking ship,and should jump overboard.

      • You need to grow up, your comments are just puerile, childish and totally irrelevant

        I note you never offer any alternatives. Just happy to criticise, easiest stance to adopt when things not going well. Shameful that you claim to be a Villa “supporter” – look up what that means in the dictionary and ask yourself whether you recognise yourself.

      • Terry Jones, you are pathetic.


      • Totally behind Lambert. You’re either a Blues fan or someone who has no common sense. Lambert has been with us for NINE games. This is a big, big job to get things going again. He needs time, support and patience.

        Our players are young and they need one hundred per-cent support. Confidence is a huge issue here. Villa fans need to get behind the players and battle with their team.

    • Hope we stuff mons team next week.

  2. Why can’t he just put out the team that won the games against man city and Swansea each week ( I know we have in jury’s) coz they weren’t lucky wins we actually had the will to win. He needs to stop chopping and changing the team each week and get some stability going then maybe the team will get back to winning ways

  3. Lambert is under serious pressure now. With the games coming up in November, it looks like we could well be bottom of the table very soon and then the groans and anger will continue to grow. He hasn’t been helped by the state of the squad but his signings and tactics so far haven’t been good enough.
    Given the state we are in ATM, I fear Tuesday’s game v Swindon could be another Doncaster and if we do lose, I can see a lot turning on lambert. He simply has to start delivering wins, starting this week or he will have to go.

    • Im a swindon fan, I feel we are huge underdogs, But i really hope we can beat villa, I have huge respect for your club and fans and i really hope you can stay in the Premier league this season as your history is very good, I expect it will be a very hard game for Swindon but we do play very well at Home and we try to play football the right way, If Lambert plays the long ball tactic we could struggle as we dont seem to settle with those tactics. Im sure it will be a good game, As for Lambert he is a proven manager in League 1 and Championship as he did a brilliant job with Norwich but i dont feel he is good enough for villa, Yes he had a good season with Norwich last year they were brilliant in the League but as we see over the years these newly promoted teams usually come up have 1 very good year and then following season go down, Blackpool very good for 1st half of season then went down, West Brom we have seen a yo yo up down, Swansea and Norwich are not doing well at the moment. Also its not helping he isnt playing Bent who is a goalscorer seems he will be gone in January. I just feel you need a proven pl manager who can rebuild your squad and get them up into the top 6 again

  4. I feel bents on his way in january the impression i get is that he’s been frozen out by PL is that wise lerner would love it he’s our top earner.the performances are so poor borderline depressing i feel im lining lerners pocket & not getting any value for it everyone says give PL a chance im not to sure would old deadly of been so patient the atmospheres gone at the ground we have too inexperienced players we sold our best players & bought average can i finish on a good note soz no can do.

    • Think it’s a given bents on his way. Lerner wants his money back and will replace him with more dross no doubt.

    • ..you want to show PL the door after 2 month? Come on. We all knew we are in transformation. We were unhappy with Houllier, McLeish and now PL. We have to accept that we need to build a completely new team. One with smaller budget and one with younger players. Yes, we will have a relegation fight but I am convinced we will survive (because other teams are weaker than us).
      Last year we went to Chelsea with a poor run of games. But we won there.
      I think, he has made some shrewd signings: Vlaar, Lowton, Benteke and maybe the most important was the re-signing of Guzan.
      PL learns some lessons about his new players and I believe he wil make the right decisions from there. And we were the better team against Norwich in 1st half – everything changed with red card.

      • Disagree Joty. Wev been in transition for 3 seasons now how many more times can we use that excuse. No way were we the better team in the first half even with 11 men if it wasn’t Guzan they could of has 3 goals where we only created one good chance which we scored from.

        • ..about yesterday: Holman had a shooting oportunity after a few minutes saved by keeper, Benteke had a chance wihin the penalty box when his shoot was deflected, Benteke had a header saved after the break. And Norwich had one chance till this moment. In terms of chances it was poor from both sides but we had the better ones – till red card changed everythin.
          And about transformation: its no excuse its fact.

          • But they had virtually 3 one on ones with Guzan and should of had a penalty. Remember this is the worst away team in the premier and in the end we were lucky to get a draw.

          • I agree that we had a few more half chances than them in the first half, but i still agree with OohahPaulMcGrath, the difference for me was that they played football, and dominated play and had long spells of passing play in our half of the pitch. Surely at home we should be dominating teams like Norwich if we are going to survive. We need to dominate midfield at home against the lower teams. I was sat near the dug out, and Lambert’s assistant shouted himself horse telling them to ‘get the f&*k out’, we were just capitulating and falling back, and then not getting out, allowing them back onto us again and again……and this was the first half…!!!

          • Spot in hayks even with 11 men they were the better side. We shouldn’t be outplayed for long periods at home to a team with the worst away record ever. Something is seriously wrong.

        • We’ve had about five different managers in that time! The reason we are still in transition is because of the constant chopping and changing of managers. If you can’t actually see that then there is no hope. We now have a man who is a great fit for the club…give him time and this period of transition will come to an end and we will be back at the right end of the table. If we continue to hire and fire managers the period of “transition” will simply continue.

      • Jonty get you head out of your arse!!! the sending off didn’t change anything because we were out classed for the whole match…The only thing the sending off proved was that Lambert didn’t have a clue what to do and is subs for shocking….Rose tinted bollocks!!!!

        • Disagree we were out classed all match as I did think the sending off was a big factor in their comeback. However, the subs were completely shocking and all wrong.

          • Andrew, see it the same. Subs were shocking, but they wouldn´t have been done this way when we hadn´t received red card.

      • What we should all remember doh,is we are tending to dismiss Norwich as an inferior team.
        In fact they beat Liverpool the previous week and did very well last season.So they maybe running into some form after a slow start.
        I saw them against Tottenham and thought they played well and were unlucky to lose.
        They killed us in mid field on Satdy.
        I think we badly missed Clarky.
        I dont think we are that bad,just need a few of quality plyers……..Young,Downing and Milner….heh heh.

  5. Lerner wouldnt sack pl he’s tootight he’s spent more money on failed managers severance than on players i think hes balancing the books to sell up he runs the club as a buisness he’s making the club look more attractive on paper to a prospective buyer we can all live in hope harry redknap gets my vote for a quick fix GOD we’l need a miracle this season.

  6. Sorry joty you must of been watching a different game norwich were all over us all game we had two attempts guzan outstanding we could had twelve men playing would of made no difference a better team would of brushed us aside. Were just not good enough.

  7. Just a quick reply to an early comment saying our comments are shameful get a life i go to all home & away games that gives me the right to say what ever i bloody want to may your one of these armchair supporters who picks up a paper on a sunday morning i cant stand fans in denial open your bloody eyes.

    • Don’t bother going. You’re such a vortex of negativity I’d say your “support” does nothing to lift the team. You’re probably one of those “supporters” who moans when one of our lads hits a stray pass or misses a shot on goal. There’s a reason why our young team plays with little confidence at Villa Park and it’s the moaners and groaners like you.

      I see you think we’ve got no chance v Sunderland. Why on earth bother bringing your confidence sapping negativity to a Villa game?

      Open our eyes? I’ve seen enough in our performances v Newcastle, Swansea, Man City etc. to suggest we have the makings of a decent side. Get behind the lads and encourage them. Villa to beat Sunderland.

  8. Sunderland v aston villa at sunderlands ground with MON as gaffer of sunderland….No points there then…

  9. Going on the long tedious journey to weirside i agree not a hope lets admit it weve become the whipping boys now may be pl will give MON a call & get some tips for the game lets see how we get on at swindon.

  10. I feel sorry for PL, take away the money he gets paid and we find he has joined a club that is disjointed, ruined by inner club politics, have a board with little football experience and have a habbit of fucking up even the simplest of things which are most important, like transfers.
    He must be really pissed off and think after christmas he may leave of his own accord, as I think he could have been miss-sold his current role, same as DB, i do think he is lazy, but imagine joining a club with 2 supply lines only for them to be sold 5 months later. Its like being a gardener then your employers telling you, that you are shit when they have taken away your fork and wheelbarrow.
    There is no rivalry or mocking being a Villa fan anymore as other fans just feel sorry for us.
    Forget about PL for a second as we dont stand a chance until there is some real changes at board room level.

    • This is exactly what i think, we have been in freefall for sometime way before Paul lambert arrived and it is obvious to me that the problem is in the boardroom. Randy lerner is a fraud and his assistant paul faulkner should never be allowed near a football club again.

      Faulkner Out Lerner OUT

      • Exactly Morgan, Our organisation behind the scenes is a frickin disgrace and is a whole new debate which we, as bloggers seem to mention too rarely, and this is shown on the pitch, I have never seen a Premier team so unconvincing and running round with no organisation.
        Even our ex Manager who I am not allowed to mention looked like he was sold down the river, I have been told by people who know him well, the bloke was a wreck after he left us and this wasnt just down to the stresses of football.

        • I see our owner is flying in to see Paul lambert in two weeks tells me everything i need to know about the owner of our club, he has left an idiot in charge and i am not talking about Lambert.

          Faulkner needs to be sacked with immediate effect

        • What ex manager we talking about? We are a bit spoilt for choice.

    • Great post Saddened and as MV adds it looks we are in a terminal decline- the writing was on the wall when MON walked. Lerner and his side kick Fatty Faulkner are going to be the ruin of our once glorious club.
      Morgan Villa Faulkner Out Lerner OUT- I second that.

      • Third that BWS – I sat sadly with a Leeds fan yesterday and the comparisons are scary, he made a valid point about the Villa and that is ‘its alright running a small club with a small mentality but a run a big club with a small mentality and you are ruined’
        We just have not got the expertise to stay in the Permiership and this runs from the board room to the pitch…….. Lerner and humpty dumpty have treated us fans/customers like Ratners did and it is a disgrace.

        • This fella just made £622587000 from the sale of the browns so he aint exactly strapped for cash – relagation would cost around £25m rising to £41 (if you fail to get promoted) so can he afford not to invest and gamble on these kids coming good? I think not, his investment would become worthless and surely Lerner’s not that stupid is he? He just has to dish the dollars come Jan.

          • You would hope he spends BWS, he normally does when he is reacting to something negative be it relegation – Darren Bent or Season Ticket Sales – Sacking McCleish.. He never seems to take the proactive approach though which is why we are in this mess. But that maybe because he doesn’t know how to and has shit advice from his board of directors…. Just a thought and I dont want to harp on, but imagine the footballing brains behind some of the other teams in the premiership !!

  11. I agree we have a ceo faulkner a yes man lerners puppet who feels “were trying to bring the great days back to villa park” what a load of bollocks remember folks hes now officially sold the browns and left them bottom of the league to bring these great days back will cost silly money he will not release these funds not a pray i can see him throwing in the towel sooner than fans think i agree our anger should be vented at the head honcho’s but PL must be also take for poor team selection & inexperienced signings we would make a crackin championship team didnt do the baggies or the hammers any harm.

  12. I’m sorry, but asking for Lambert’s head is just not the answer, we asked them to get rid of Mcleish, and they finally did. Many of us asked for Lambert, and many more rejoiced when we got him. I know it’s not the start to the season we wanted, but simply getting rid and gettgin someone else now is simply riduculous, and puts us in a worse position.
    One thing that Lambert should do, (as I believe that it’s winding a lot of the support up – me included) is to stop coming out after a performance like that and say things like “I thought we did OK”, “the boys gave 100%”, “it was an even game” – when it was obvious to everyone that Norwich dominated (and I’m talking about before the sending off). Be honest, and you’ll be respected a lot more.

  13. Absolutely not. PL has done a great job so far bringing in talent. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. This team needs a huge overhaul. Our so-called “youngsters” aren’t young anymore, and we need to start dumping them if they aren’t performing. PL needs time to get his system in and replace our non-performers like N’Zog/Ireland and let Bent (who clearly won’t work with our system/players) go. That’s a HUGE amount of salary that we could be using for players who will better us. I don’t think we’ll achieve much, but if we can get to 13th-14th at the end of the season I will be happy. Another off season of selling/buying will do wonders for PL. Would love a cup win in there somewhere too.😉 UTV

  14. Can’t believe what I’m reading – ditch Lambert (already! he was the messiah not long ago, and is at the very least a competent manager, maybe much more), spend lots of money (this is not Champ Manager, the sort of players that cost big money just wont be coming to a team in our position). No, sometimes when on a run like we’re on you just have to accept that you are in a spell when lady luck is just not with us. This will change, it always does if the basic ingredients are not wrong – and I don’t believe that they are wrong.

  15. I still support PL fully. I think calling for him to walk is ridiculous. The fact that we have no Premiership experience in our squad is a massive problem that needs addressing otherwise we are going to relegated. I’m not going to slate any of PL’s signings even though they have been somewhat dodgy so far this season. I was cursing Bennett on Saturday as much as I’ve been swearing at Vlaar, El amhadi, holman etc… all season. Admittedly they are not the standard of signings we’ve come to expect at VP I think they have all put the effort in and at times have shown some promise. The fact is that they are going to take time to come up to premiership standard. Particularly the younger lower league lads.

    Against Norwich, Bent and Gabby were the only guys with plenty of Premier League experience and even they weren’t on the pitch at the same time. This sort of team won’t achieve anything and what I find worrying is that our general squad has exactly the same lack of experience and quality that all relegated teams have. Our team is no better than the Portsmouth, Blackburn and Wolves teams that went down in previous seasons. We can turn it round but if we don’t sign any quality and experience in January than we are going down.

    In which case, from my point of view the buck stops with Lerner. However if PL somehow gets £20 million to spend and he hauls in another load of Championship mediocrety than I think we could all rightly put Lambert in the firing line.

  16. This is the third season of complete rubbish! We should t have to put up with this anymore! Randy sell up now! We are pathetic! We are embarrassing! Lambert do one! I want an owner with some balls, passion and commitment. We have a fantastic manager I. Paul lambert and we have a fantastic ground along with our history. I want more than this and as fans we deserve more. Lerner has been here five minutes compared to some of us fans. Our football club Randy now kindly leave!

  17. IF we still have 6 points after the next 4 games, I would say that has to be grounds to sack Lambert.
    However ,who are we going to get to replace him.
    The chaos we re going through now,is only to be expected….Lambo has probably now assessed some of the dross he has inherited and is understandably horrified and wants to get rid.
    This is going to take time and it will be a miracle if he can keep us in the epl while he s building a new side.
    One thing we do have at the moment but not for long, is time.
    But things have to change immmediately or else I fear the worst.

    • Where are the points going to come from in the next 4 games Ted? I think to sack Lambert would be a massive mistake however if you build a team of championship players, don’t be surprised when you’ve got a championship team. The most worrying thing is that we’ve played teams that we expect to go down and we’ve managed to beat one of them. If we managed three points out of the next 4 games I’d say that would be more than most expected. That said, we did go to Chelski last season and win!! Come on you lions.

  18. Why is it I would rather be a qpr fan now?

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