Time to face facts, Lerner is an appalling owner

OK, I defended Lerner for a long time.

When others were saying he was hopeless I pointed to the good things he did do. The training ground, the appearance in and around Villa Park, the fantastic facilities compared to when Ellis was there.

However in all those years battling for Ellis out, I always said any owner is judged by the performances on the pitch. Tonight I have seen all kinds of excuses for Lerner but the facts are clear,

– He allowed MON to agree to the wage deals that he says broke the club, no sense of putting a limit on him at all (or did Lerner run out of cash and thus stopped the promises ??)

– He appointed an manager who was obviously never going to be fit enough and cause major problems within the squad

– Shall I even mention the appointment of Mcleish ?

Then long came Lambert, able to get him on the cheap. A manager happy to deal cheap and not get stars (can he manage them anyway ??), no wonder they agreed to the ‘vision’ whatever that is now.

Lerner was also in charge of the Browns for a decade appointed countless dud coaches and management staff and in all terms on the field a total and utter failure.

Yes I defended Lerner for a while but we are falling backwards season by season. People say give Lambert time but when the situation is not improving at all do we even have the time.

I am not and will never call for Lambert to go but if anyone does then they are excusing the man at the top. The man at the top is responsible solely for the mess we are in. HE defined the policies that replaced class like Downing, Young and Milner with the likes of Ireland, N’Zogbia, Westwood and Bowery.

Only way to go from there.

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54 comments on “Time to face facts, Lerner is an appalling owner

  1. Lerner is a kunt

  2. Very Refreshing Ian to hear you agree with me that Doug Ellis will now be seen the better owner. To be honest, I hated both the current owner and the last one for different reasons. Doug just didn’t have the financial clout to make Villa compete. Lerner does whether anyone likes it or not but he WILL NOT spend the sort of money needed to turn the club around.

    The biggest concern is that if Villa do drop out the premier league as it is starting to look a realistic possibility, I am worried we may not return for a long time. Look at Coventry, Leeds and even Blues.

    I just wished there was some Birmingham based arab Billionaire who fancies taking on the grand old girl and transforming her into a princess of football again, but I think the most I could be hoping for would be written in a ladybird book.

    Very, very sick of the way the place is being run and the feeling around the club (sinking). The owner and his yes men are not a patch on the arrogant Ellis who actually had and still has feelings for the club.

  3. I the Villa watch from afar long time now. My oil billions in excess of 500 and I wait for moment to buy the club from Lerner. Not long now. Patience please.

  4. Lets face it,RL is a clueless yank.
    What could you seriously expect him to know about english football?

  5. Absolutely 100% spot on, two words that describe today and our future they are “shambolic” & “relegation” and the blame falls squarely at the feet of Ebenezer Lerner and inept negligent bordering on criminal stewardship of our once glorious club, you can feel the life being squeezed out of VP a little more season upon season.
    No I don’t think you can blame the manager(s) they are shopping at lidl for a royal banquet.
    Randy please do us all a favour and fuckoff ASAP.

  6. I don’t think Lambert came here expecting to revamp the squad with Ebernezer’s pocket money…. Why would he?, he’s not a fool. But now he finds himself having to shop at Lidl instead of Sainsburys or Waitrose, hence championship “quality” players at best now attempting to ply their trade in the Premiership….. well at least until May anyway.

    • Hey! LIDL and ALDI are my analagies! Get yr own!

      I think Lambert had a big pair trying to succeed on a second hand worn out shoestring, but might be regretting it. In modern day football it’s a near impossible job.

  7. […] When boyhood Villa fan Randy Lerner took over just 6 years ago, hopes were high that the club would re-take their place amongst the game’s elite. And yet now, they are in arguably worse shape than in the last years of Doug Ellis’ reign, and fans are quite reasonably calling for Lerner to go. […]

  8. You can have success and keep within clear financial goals, the problem with Lerner is that he has bought boom and bust to Villa. When he first came here he didn’t keep an eye on the wage structure and transfer costs, which got out of control. Then he demanded harsh cutbacks to get the finances under control without understanding the effect it would have on the team. Partly this is because he overestimated the quality of the youth players we have. He is now back where he started needing to investment heavily in the squad to ensure survival.

  9. From a reply to an article on Randy and the Cleveland Browns:

    “Randy Lerner didn’t take an interest in the team until it was too late. He tried to be an absentee owner. And even with the hiring of Holmgren he set him up as the “owner’s representative.” In the end i believe the ship has finally begun to right itself from a philosohical standpoint. The blueprint is there. Mr. haslam has something to build on.”

  10. It was announced in the press that following the sale of Cleveland, Lerner is a cash Billionaire. The money he puts in to Villa doesn’t even amount to the interest he accrues on his wealth.

    Can I also speculate that Villa backing the safe standing trials is another penny pinching initiative from Lerner – “I want to get more fans in the ground but don’t want to pay for the redevelopment of the North Stand any more. Hmmmmmm. How about ripping the seats out and putting twice as many fans in?”


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