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82 comments on “The Road Ahead

  1. Three points against the shower from Sandwell Bill, and you’ll be whistling a much happier tune.

    Things look a little rocky right now following Saturday’s capitulation, but slowly and surely I think PL will get this club back on track.

    We wont be occupying any of the top six placings in the table this season, but I think we have enough about us to finish well clear of the drop zone.

    I guess we shouldn’t get too carried away when we achieve results like the draw achieved up on Tyneside, or the victory over Swansea City last weekend, just as we shouldn’t get overly down when we lose to a West Ham United or Southampton.

    We’ll be o.k., we’ll get through this. Its not what we want, we all want to see us right up there challenging clubs that just two or three seasons ago were struggling to hold onto our shirt-tails, but unfortunately the last two seasons have been disastrous for us due to a number of reasons, and sadly there’s no easy route back to the top.

    I share your frustrations too, I hear where you’re coming from. I think we all do.

    We’ll thrive and prosper. I can feel it in my old tired and aching bones.

    • Sadly at the moment the shower from Sandwell will probably piss all over us. Cant share your views on we will be ok. We are a VERY poor side, We have a squad with very little premier league experience. Relegation looks a good bet and it will be the death of the club as we know it

      • didn’t notice you posting that we were shit after the Swansea game!! You seem to enjoy it when we lose, it gives you something to post about. it must be a bundle of laughs living in your house. I bet you are on the phone to the council every other day about unsatisactory bin collectons. Do us all a favour and find something that makes you happy

        • Do not concern yourself with Juan Pablo anus. He is a blue nose posing as an Aston villa fan. Closet thing to supporting a real club he can get

      • JPA…You’re back!

        I’ve missed your sunny dispostion and optimistic comments.

    • I agree mate we have had some poor ones already but think Lambert needs to be given time.Alex ferguson was close to a sacking in his 1st season at man utd yet he is now the longest serving most successsfull manager ever.Time is needed i feel but only if Lambert can deliver.To deliver would be to sink the baggie so Lambert fire the torpedos sink the hms baggie…lol

  2. Keep the faith lads if not fifa 13 out fri yeahhhh!

    • Wont Villa be shit on that aswell though?

    • LOL i love fifa ive got to buy a new ps3 this week yeyyyyyyy.I beat my lad 4-2 last night lol i had the current Villa side ide made all the right transfers benteke scored a hattrick and bent 1 lol UTV….

  3. Dont worry Glensider old soldiers never die as they say, and I’m a old soldier will keep marching down to the ground every home match, I know you pretty well do the lot home and away, most of the heads of this country are Villa fans got to show faith and do a bit for Britain. its that I have a problem with the neighbours one to the left is a West ham fan and the one to the right is a Baggies fan, felling a bit suicidal at the moment.

  4. Football funny old game when its great its great when its bad its bad

  5. Also people didnt a certain team lose 6 1 last year mangered by sir alex keep the faith

  6. Ive seen a few comments about Lamberts buying policyfrom lower leagues ect ect.Personally i think this is a good finding diamonds in the rough and smoothing them out.Brian clough used to do the same.I think lambert will succeed in this but will need time.He will also have to sort out the shite performances and make sure they dont happen again…utv

  7. Gotta laugh, a top bloke, player and manager like Paul Lambert has had five games with a rebuilt side of promising youngsters and quality foreign players with no Prem experience and everybody thinks we should be flying ?? it will be up and down, different formations will be tried, different tactics will be tried but come xmas we will be steady and settled as a unit. Support and enjoy backing the lads on the field, you are part of the rebuilding of our club …….. if you can’t do that, go play FIFA13 … UTV

  8. Given the fact our squad is so young and very different to last seasons I think consistency is something we will lack for some time

    With every game these kids play they will get better and better but it’s going to take time

  9. WBA is a must win at home on Sunday for me – momentum is so important for us with the youth we have. if we dont win i can see it being a long while before we pick up our confidence.

    youth get confidence and then lose it very quickly and its important the results come in

    • Agree jamese20. The youngsters would go from strength to strength on the back of a decent run of victories and good performances, whereas the opposite effect will take place if we hit a bad run and begin losing consistently. Keeping confidence levels high right now is definitely the key, obviously an important part of PL’s stewardship.

      We are all obviously hoping that we give a good account of ourselves at Manchester City tomorrow evening. No matter what the result, if we can return to Brum with heads held high following a battling performance, then morale shouldn’t be further dented following the St Mary’s reversal. A heavy defeat on the other hand, accompanied by another poor showing, would be a hammer blow for morale.

  10. Savage is a bloser twat,who was never good enough to play for The Villa and usually got a thrashing with what ever bunch of tossers he came to VP with….He s a joke, just deaf him.
    The road ahead looks a bit dim after such a debacle as the saints game but I think we ll probably just survive this season and hopefully go on from there.
    The positives…..those two extremely tasty through balls young Benteke played at the start of the second half on saturday.I just wish Weimann had been the one running on to them as I think he might have finished at least one ot them.
    And I wish Lambo hadn t chosen to blood Westwood in that game as I he is all too obviously a project player …..Definately should have been Herd that replaced Ireland and Weimann for Bent and I reckon we d have got the job done.
    Too late now.whatever, lets all march down the road together and with a bit of luck we ll be ok.
    Citeh look out.

  11. That’s the spirit Ted.

    We’ve a young, relatively inexperienced side, and it should be obvious to all that we’ll be taking baby steps, and falling flat on our face a few times too, before we start to develop and grow.

    We are at the very early stages of a new era, and immediate results were never going to come rolling in overnight. Its bound to be a bumpy ride for a while, but there’s no other way forward for us. There’ll be good, bad, and disastrous, but in time and with patience and understanding from the vast majority of the Villa Park faithful, the end product and result will hopefully prove to have been well worth waiting for.

    I’ll echo your sentiments, ‘Citeh Look Out’.

  12. Hey GS,interesting to read in your report about visiting The Dell in May 1967.
    I too was at that magnificent debacle,although I could n t for the life of me remember the score or anything about the game.
    Must have blanked it out.
    It was one of my first away trips and I do remember getting horribly pissed and having a great time on the coach.
    What a team we had in those days eh?And look how we progressed from there.

  13. Exactly Ted. They were truly dark and depressing days to be a Villan, that’s for sure.

    Yes, 1967, that was our first visit to Southampton, and after suffering the pain of relegation the previous Saturday, we only finally decided to go on the Friday before the game. We wished we hadn’t bothered. I remember we were outplayed from start to finish, and it could easily have been ten-two such was their total domination.

    I didn’t recall the two own goals for us, but two of my three travelling companions assured me that was the case. As they recalled, there is absolutely no way we’d have scored on our own!!

    They were the truly grim days, but as you so rightly say, look how we progressed from there.

    I keep telling my two son-in-laws, who are forever moaning about our current predicament, that they dont have a clue what its like to support the club in genuinely bad times. This current scenario is nothing to gripe about. Its utopia compared to some of our previous era’s.

    Things will get better and brighter. Patience and understanding is the key, but then I remember that we now live in the ‘on demand’ world. Everybody wants it, and wants it now.

    • Glensider for once and for only once you are wrong and crediting people with far too much patience. Infact, everybody wants it, and wants it yesterday😉

      • I’m glad you said that and not I Dave M. Top Man sir.

        You are of course absolutely spot on, and I stand corrected. I was attempting to be overly considerate. Yesterday indeed.

    • Yes old mate ,thats one of many things I have to thank The Villa for……They drove me to drink.

  14. We get knocked down but we get up again!

    Let me remind you about Norwich under Paul Lambert last season, the first 5 games went like this….

    D2 L3 Goals 4 Against 10. They ended the season in 12th place, scoring 52 goals, 66 against.

    so it will be ups and downs, with plenty of goals either way, just enjoy it, and forget the doom talk about relegation, that will not happen, I have 100% faith in Paul Lambert and what he’s doing for us, give him time!!!!!

    • Totally agree with your point of view, Kranky. I think it’s a case, as the wartime message had it, of “keep calm and carry on”. It’s stating the bleedin’ obvious, but after two horrendous seasons, Lambert had little time and limited cash in the close season to begin reshaping and remotivating a thin, moribund squad. Stage one was to bring numbers in, and he chose a route that many on here have been calling for, namely, go for players from lower leagues and from Europe, so naturally our squad is young and inexperienced in PL terms. It will take time and effort to get our team to gel and grow, and of course there’ll be dispiriting setbacks like against the Saints, but unlike this time last year, I have optimism and most importantly, faith in our management team once more. There’ll be further days like Saturday this term, but I reckon we’ll surprise a few people as well, and that’ll be the difference. Lambo’s had just five league games in charge; as you say, give the man a bit of time to get us playing with some consistency, organisation, and purpose!

  15. Faith in Randy to do the right thing lose to Man C and to the Baggies out with the Sir Deadly Doug i for one will volunteer to sharpen it for him,Sack before it,s to late and our great team are down.

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