21 comments on “Ireland fading and Guzan number one

  1. Thank god someone finally says something about Ireland, he is shite. I watched him at Swansea, he was a disgrace, no fight, think he won 2 tackles, and every time he lost the ball he just let it go, never chasing it down, and mostly just giving away a foul

    • Yep, and isn’t he supposed to be after a new contract in the process? Ireland remains to me what he’s always seemed; a complete enigma.

  2. Some of us have been saying this from day one! Unfortunately it seems our kids can have one poor game, a la Guzan, Bannan, Herd etc and they are written off as worthless.

    If we pay big money for experienced pros then they can have numerous crap games and its fine, “we know they will come good, brilliant!!!” Thank the lord we now have a manager who will pick on form, training ground performances etc rather than on pseudo reputations that were gained so many years ago!

  3. It is odd though that with those figures on Ireland we lost the one when he had most influence drew the one he was less of an influence & won the game against Swansea when he was least involved?…hmmmn!?

  4. Hardly a surprise Dean, my views on Ireland are well known

  5. Me thinks the writing was on the wall for SI when Westwood came on for him last Saturday. PL don’t do show ponies.

  6. I’m clearly within the minority.

    I believe Stephen Ireland to be a pretty decent footballer.

    I believe the first team starting line up is stronger when he is involved.

    I believe that we would be a poorer side without his inclusion from the get go tomorrow.

    I will however be in attendance at St Mary’s Stadium and fully support whichever starting line up and bench that our commander-in-chief opts to run with.

    • His ability is not doubt his desire drive and application are and as I posted above I honestly believe Westwood coming on for him last week was a statement of intent by PL.

    • I agree i think he does a lot of running around and is not static, he is heavily marked in games and so takes out a number of opposing players. he was fantastic against Newcastle.

      He did struggle against Swansea so i do have my doubts about his level of fitness and ability to cope with the pressure of premiership football on a week in week out basis at the moment

  7. Ireland wasn’t at the races with Swansea, I think he is more suited to an away type of game. Let him pick a pass out on the counter sort of thing.

  8. Someone finally agrees with me about Ireland. His attitude, work rate, professionalism – just not good enough for me. His supposed hidden quality has flattered to deceive on too many occasions also.

  9. as Glensider says – a “decent footballer” – but only a half decent brain and often lazy. i’d really like him to come good, but a few have been saying this for ages.

  10. I say give the ill tempered Nzogbia a free role. Give him 3 games and if he’s also pants in there it’ll have to be Bannan. Replace Ireland with Delph or Westwood…

  11. give him time its a new way of thinking for the hole team the more games ireland plays the better he will get some of his mistakes where down to his teammates not being on the ball,some villa fans so called faithful make me sick..never happy the team plays great and they just pick the shit stats to concentrate on..just enjoy the good days…

  12. Haven’t been on here for a while, and now I remember why, moan, moan fucking moan. It’s like a competition for who can find something negative to talk about.

  13. Start him at the saints, give him half a game and drop him if he doesn’t show willing. Same goes for Bent. The competition is massive for places this season we do not need to carry anyone, everyone deserves a chance. No excuses. UTV

  14. So……Who,s next after Stephen Ireland in the so called fan fueled Aston Villa witchhunt.

  15. Bit unfair calling it a witchunt. He was poor against Swansea and as Given has found out already, you can’t really afford to put in poor performances when competition for places is so fierce. I can understand people’s frustration with him, as he hasn’t exactly contributed a lot in the the time he has been at the club, yet has been paid a fortune (£85K a week if reports are to be believed).

    I personally think that we could well see Westwood start in place of Ireland against Southampton. I can see the starting midfield being:


    El Ahmadi Bannan


    • Its obvious that watching the Swansea game Stephen Ireland is given a specific role of feeding a pass to Darren Bent which seems almost impossible to me since the guy is completely static most of the game,I think Stephen is our most talented playermaker.

  16. As I have said on here many times,I don t rate Ireland at all.
    Notice ,though he had a decent game against the Trannies, so maybe thats where he belongs ,in the championship,where he gets more time on the ball.
    He just seems to me like a player who s totally lost his belief in himself….He receives the ball and can t wait to get rid of it.
    I reckon both him and N Zzzzzzzz will be gone sooner rather than later

    • It would probably be no bad thing, ted, to be honest. Trouble is, who’s ever going to pick up either player given the money they’re reputed to be on?

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