Thursdays Transfer Rumours

We’ve actually got a bit of transfer news, which is a little bit of a surprise since January is so far away. But lets get into it

Warnock to Bolton:

Out of favour left-back Stephen Warnock is linked to a move to the Reebok stadium. With Jay Spearing injured and Keith Andrews struggling to stay fit, Own Coyle is looking at Warnock as he looks for more depth in his team. The move may fall through, as Owen Coyle is under pressure with Bolton losing their last 3 away games.

Gouffran Again:

In the past two days there has been speculation that Villa are interested in signing Gouffran. This rumour won’t go away, and most sources say that Villa will bid around 3 million for his services. He doesn’t want to sign a new contract, but there is also interest from Everton.


McGeady’s agent claims that his client would be interested in a move to the Premier League if an offer arrived. His agent stated, “If Spartak received a serious offer, Aiden would definitely consider it.” This link probably originates to the Martin O’Neil era, when O’Neil was desperate to sign him but wasn’t given the Milner funds. Sunderland is also linked, but I wouldn’t make too much out of this rumour.

19 comments on “Thursdays Transfer Rumours

  1. id certainly take Aiden McGeady and Yoan Gouffran. I feel we need another winger anyway but also look at replacing Andi Weimann, send him out on loan again, i just dont think the fonz nor Weimann are good enough in the long run and i know Gouffran plays on the wing for Bordeaux but he is a striker by trade, just my opinion

  2. Id give the Fonz a chance again and do agree with Gouffran and Mc Gready coming in to Villa, if we dont get gazumped by Everton, All the best Adam in the new roll you have now. A bit bemused about transfers coming in now, can they do that in the closed window or is this January deals.

    • All January deals, believe me I was a little surprised to see this many rumours. I’d be happy with McGeady, looks a good player and he’s 26. Gouffran, I haven’t seen him play yet so I’m not sure if he’ll do well for us.

      And thanks, very excited to write for this blog🙂

      • and a very good post mate !!

        This is exactly what I wanted from someone !!

        Presume you see all you need to as an Author ?

        • No it’s not it’s utter bollox nothing you couldn’t find from a quick google, dont blow smoke up his arse butt kisser.

          • What is your problem? Yes these links are on other sites but it’s good to get a round-up and a chance to comment. If you think you can do better, submit a piece and stop acting like a pre-pubescent teenager.

  3. If that was u so called brigada 1874 in the corner of the stand for last nights Nxt Gen match against Celtic well lads you’re a bunch of fucking idiots and a disgrace to the colours. With something like 30% of the crowd made up of kids under 10 these bunch of sad sacks language was choice, sorry but that aint supporting your team that’s just attention seeking, look at me look me I can sing lots of songs with lots of profanities. Grow the fuck up.

  4. Rotterdam82,
    Your the type of supporters we dont want, like to criticise instead of discussion, like to argue to look big, You are the one that lets the colours down with mindless innuendos, and I would say you should grow up,still idiots dont do they.

    • Bless you Bill and all that sail in you. You there last night? If not is your opinion valid? Or are just making a presumption? If so stick your presumption where the sun don’t shine but thanks for your input anyway.

  5. In principle getting shot of Warnock for the season could only be to the good for us, but I wonder what the basis of the deal would be? Would we still be paying out for a chunk of his wages?
    As far as McGeady’s concerned, I have to say that personally, I don’t rate the guy to be honest. Saw him play a few times in Glasgow with a Celtic supporting friend, and wasn’t impressed; struck me as a one trick pony. Still, in Lambo we trust. He’ll know much more about the player than I ever could, and if he wants him, that’s good enough for me…

  6. Rotterdam82 – you can’t swear on a public forum (accessible by children) while complaining about swearing.

    • One of the brigada lot I guess, ok to swear your heart out at a game in front of a load kids but dont dare criticise? Is that the name of the game foxy?

  7. Rotterdam82,
    Many thanks for your Blessing and your right I was not there last-night, that still does not hide the way you ranted on what I think is a sensible comment on this forum, and a more sensible comment from you would have been welcomed, hope you dont get offended by me trying to point you the right way. its my passed coming back and really I should forget it. Regards.. Bill. .

  8. We haven’t had a proper look at some of the players that have come in this summer yet so it seems a bit previous to talk about further transfers. Having said that I hope for Warnock’s sake there’s something in the one about the loan deal.

  9. Rotterdam82 – I watched the match last night online from the comfort of my own armchair in sunny Hampshire, I wish I’d been there but I can only afford to get to VP about once, sometimes twice, a month. You’re in the wrong place to have a go and you’re being a hypocrite complaining about swearing by swearing, this is a thread on transfer rumours. From what I understand there’s a family area at VP for first team matches. It’s not right to take your kids to a match and subject them to a load of swearing or whatever.

  10. I’m not getting into the swearing argument save to that if you don’t want your kids to hear it, don’t take them to a footy game.
    It’s getting bloody pathetic, imo.

    I heard my first swear words down the Villa at around age 5 and while I took it in my stride, I’m still not keen on swearing outside of work or in front of women.
    But that’s just me.

    The more important point to me is that Adam seems to be yet another Yank.
    In which case, please learn that any other club is talked about in the plural in England.
    The point in case being “Sunderland is”.

    It quite simply should be “Sunderland are” and it boils my piss, as I’m bloody English, taking about the English game on an English blog.

    That little rant apart, yeah no problem with your news posts Adam.
    Try and chuck the odd curveball in though, even if it’s rubbish😉

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