Joe Bennett was always number one choice for LB

I am glad to see finally we have at last put a bid for Joe Bennett.

He was first linked by Richard Wiltford of Radio WM a good few weeks ago. It is believed an injury is the only reason it stalled and the expense of Aaron Cresswell proved too much. I do not know a lot about him but reading on Boro forums you can clearly see he is highly rated by them.

So now finally a bid for him has broken and a unsaid secret is finally out. Of course this is another young English player and it seems we are having a mixture of young English and foreign players, this balance is correct. Lets not be like forum with no English players, I would hate that !

However I do understand the concern as I posted last night about the inexperience of the team. Look at a possible starting back 4 (indeed look tonight)

Lowton, Baker, Vlaar, Bennett

Not even 30 Premier League starts between them. I have no idea if Lambert is forced to do this or wants to do this but we will have the youngest squad in Villa’s history I would think.

Exciting or worrying ?

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49 comments on “Joe Bennett was always number one choice for LB

  1. Boro fan here. Bennett had a good season, one before last but last season he was awful.

  2. Excited! Whatever happens this season, it’ll be a rollercoaster ride. After last season under McLeish, I cannot wait for this season. Christ, we are getting rid of Warnock, Hutton and possibly Dunne. Heskey has gone, McLeish has gone and we now have a manager who plays with the ball on the deck and only signs players who are hungry and want to play for us. Whatever happens, I can’t wait.

  3. Gordon Bennet.
    Why can t I get excited about this.Hardly Roberto Carlos is it.
    Seems like more prep for the Chumpionship

  4. So much negativity. It’s a very dull outlook. Cup half empty and all that!!! It’s exciting, we must give PL time, just look at Moyes no budget but now has a cracking team.

  5. As a Boro Fan I’ll drive Bennett to Villa myself one of the weak links to our team last season constantly caught out of position and poor in the tackle most problems came from that side of pitch last season he is better going forward but seemed to lose confidence in that last year all in all if we get 2.5 mill that’s a great deal!!!

  6. lol Graeme… funny that… Before the story there was nothing but praise for Bennett from Boro fans, from “he’s young, he’ll make a few mistakes, but he brings a lot to the team”… to “I’ll drive him their my self”… not just Villans that are fickle after all lol…

    • Okay world class wait till u see him in a Villa shirt let u be the judge but all the things I’ve seen for the last two seasons will b evident!!!!

  7. We will always be there supporting the team ….. when lambert gets it right the part time glory hunters will be back. UTV

  8. Were you there last night astonmilan? Or are you a part time glory hunter too?

    • Well Id rather be a glory hunter than to pay hard -earned money and watch the demise of Aston Villa football club.

  9. Did Doug Ellis write the headline for this article?!

  10. Why r we in 4 players who make a few mistakes at boro ,they r in the Championship 4 fuck sake i LUV VILLA but bottom line is we r in a world of pain .

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