Unknown Player at Bodymoor Heath

I received this message a short while ago.

Can anyone confirm this and maybe got a better idea of who he is

Mate , just literally past bodymoor heath and people were photographing a player Entering the gates! Black player was all i could see ….

In a black mercedes. Crowd of about 25 on opposite side of the autograph hunters that catch players exiting

Couldnt see , literally saw his arm come out of the car!

Some suggestions

Defoe (of course), Poulsen, Jones, Heskey !

Other suggestions

NRC, Salifou, Harewood

Sligh realms of silliness there !

EDIT – Confirmation of sighting from someone else

@astonvilla_view apparently someone pulled up in a car and was rushed through out of view of everyone

Another very good suggestion – Olsson

I have been told that there are rumourstoday of Lambert meeting a player and this was said a few hours ago. Now of course this could mean nothing and we should not get excited but look at the Ron Vlaar thing and how that turned out to be true.

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276 comments on “Unknown Player at Bodymoor Heath

  1. there are a lot of idots on here if u cant leave a relpy to the question or a senable answer then dont leave anything my is jones or defoe as i think hutton will go the other way

  2. daniel johnson often gets picked up and dropped off by a black man in a mercedes, so im pretty sure it was just that.

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