Stephen Warnock Enjoying his time off on our expense

I kind of understand Lambert not wishing to play Warnock.

However the fact on a working day he can be at the V Festival instead of at Work just winds me up. You or I did that, would be immediate sacking. Lambert may have given him the time off but bet wages are the same.

This is from Twitter

18 comments on “Stephen Warnock Enjoying his time off on our expense

  1. actually if you have a day off as holiday, it is full pay, whatever job your in. Check the employment law. Unless he has breached his contract we cannot not pay him, or if we didnt we would be liable to a massive court case and punitive fines and sanctions.

    Link: http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Employment/Employees/Timeoffandholidays/DG_10029788

    • fully aware of that you know and doubt it was an holiday, he is not wanted at all but unlike we can be made redundant he just sits around picking up £40k a week

      no wonder fans dislike modern footballers

      • i understand the feelings, i have them too, and it was meant slightly tounge in cheek!

        But at the end of the day, we either have a free market economy and accept the outcome of that, or we move to a command economy.

        Interesting point about the being made redundant, but also their contracts restrict freedom of movement (look at dempsey for eg.) so its a two way street. you could resign your job and join another if you want. they cannot.

  2. Jesus!!! The guy has been made clear not wanted, was not in squad to go hammers.
    Give him a break! Ffs, yes we don’t want him around, yes we all agree sooner the better out of here.. But, do we need to pick fault on his private life?? Is it important to how we all move forward?? Does it in any way matter??

    Hope he had a great time, enjoyed the music, and let his hair down!

    Or should he sit at home, wondering if he will be playing for a diff club next week??

    It’s his job?? Heaven forbid he asked for time off! When the club made clear they don’t want him!

  3. good luck to him, hope he had a good time. Why he should be expected to be a model Villa player after the way he’s been treated I have no idea.
    He hasn’t asked for a transfer, he hasn’t spoken to the press and derided the club or its fans so what’s the problem, jealous

    • there is a fair point there Malc, why was he ditched so quickly ?

      I have heard no rumours he is a trouble maker unlike some still here and in the plans.

      Lambert is supposed to get the best out of players .

      I have to ask the question, was Lambert told by non footballing CEO that certain players simply had to be pushed out ?

      • I think its entirely plausible to think a board memeber may have asked about specific players; however don’t see why that would stop him being played untill sold (cant be cup tied or anything), so IMO has to be Lamberts decision.

  4. I’m confused Ian.
    Was this today or yesterday?
    If it was yesterday, what else should he be doing?
    Training? With who?

    If it was today, isn’t Sunday always a day off?

  5. For me the question is what must he have done wrong to not be included? Yes he has a dire season last year – who didn’t? But what about a clean slate for all under a new manager? We have paid him all summer, he did preseason, when on the US tour and suddenly is out in the cold. Ok so PL might not want him, but at the moment we do not have a better alternative. If the plan is to off load him and bring in a replacement that’s fine, but until we have an alternative surely he should be playing or at least in the squad – and the shop window?
    If the truth is a commercial decision to reduce the wage bill, I despair.
    We have now missed out on bringing in Taylor or Naughton. Martin Olsson seems the best remaining choice.

    • Agree Robbo.
      You’d assume PL has given everyone a chance.
      But has seen something that he doesn’t like in Warnock’s attitude, imo.
      At the end of the day, he’s still a proper LB and it doesn’t make sense to just totally drop him, to me, especially when Stevens isn’t getting a start.
      I wonder if it’s as you seem to be suggesting, about appearance money?

  6. anon and Robbbo – you obviously didn’t see his performance against Forest in pre season.

    • I did and was not what I would call even performance. Trouble maker my arse there is nova game goes by he don’t have physio on. Get rid asap.

  7. Drug test him he looks off his tits to me.. let me guess his wife and kids at home..

  8. Tomd21,
    No I didn’t see him at Forest, but I certainly heard about it.
    But everyone has off days.
    And he still can do a job.
    My point is if we’re paying him, why not use him?
    He’s never struck me as anything other than a good pro, who at least tried when he got dropped and was put on the pitch after a few mins, for example (I forget the game).


    “there is not a game goes by he don’t have physio on”

    Why do you think that is?
    Is it because he’s a lightweight, or because he gets stuck in, which is going to cause injuries?
    I’d suggest it’s the latter.
    And while I’d agree, he probably isn’t good enough anymore, it’s not through the want of trying imo.
    Personally, I want to see more of his kind down the Villa, players that will give their all.
    But of course, better with it.

    • He is a Fucking wimp thats what he is and I take it you see him week in week out you will no he makes a mistake then next tackle or nudge he is down rarely substituted tthrough injury

  9. If he knows he’s going and he knows he can’t play what should he do? Hide on a matchday? Sit in depressed watching the rest of the team?

    Do you pop into work on your days off?

    Let him live mate.

  10. Erm, who gives a toss? He’s been today to go, so why should he be at VP if he’s not even in the squad? I wouldn’t go where I’m not wanted.

    I wonder who his fave bands were???

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