Speculation – The Moose – Carroll has spoken to Villa

This link has been bubbling away for a week or two.

So today we have Ian Abrahams from Talk Sport saying

Ian Abrahams ‏@BroadcastMoose
Hearing rumours Andy Carroll has spoken to Aston Villa about a move away from Liverpool


Of course we all know we need a tall forward and if this is a permanent deal then could be good. you know my views about loans ! however a lot of the fake ITK’s have been saying this today on Twitter and just as likely he has picked up on those.

However if this happens at all then we will obviously need a quality winger to feed him. That actually could be the real difficult part of this to achieve. Put Carroll into yesterday’s side and doubt it makes any difference.

This picture has gone around after their game at West Brom

This shows Carroll being escorted onto a separate car whilst the rest of the Liverpool team went back by the normal team coach. May mean nothing of course.

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107 comments on “Speculation – The Moose – Carroll has spoken to Villa

  1. andy carroll WILL NOT BE at b6 100%

    • if i am wrong i will wear a pink skirt in the holte-end on his debut

    • Of course he wont be.

      At this stage of his career we can offer him absolutely nothing.

      Plus we wouldn’t/couldn’t meet his wage demands.

      We’ve barely got a pot to piss in.

  2. Bent is similar to Carroll?
    I can’t see that at all.
    Bent is an out and out poacher, whereas Carroll is an out and out ruffian, who loves to mix it.
    In that sense, I’d like to see him come, but he won’t.
    He can’t anyway, not with that bloody hair.
    What’s that saying about what you find under every ponytail?
    Oh, yes, an arsehole, which is what he seems to be.

    • Anon, I agree with you about his hair!, like you, I’d still take him in a flash, he is rough, CAN PLAY on the floor and would give the fight that we need up top, we need a LB quick though along with at least two in the midfield / wing.

      • Heh, I was half joking about the hair🙂
        I just can’t see it happening mate.
        Questionable attitude too, if he isn’t getting his own way and I think he wants to go back to the Toon anyway.

  3. Dont think he would fit in to be fair.

  4. Also we seriously need another winger or two,cb,lb and quality creative midfeilder.

  5. PL’s problem is the one in one out commercial restraint he is working with. Look at the nonsense with agreeing a deal with Vlaar, then taking Collins on the US tour and almost losing Vlaar until WHU took Collins – then Vlaar came in.
    PL will know who he wants but can’t get them until he can move out Warnock, Hutton, Makoun.
    RL needs to bite the bullet and let PL get in who in needs and lean on the agents to move on the players PL doesn’t want.

    • Yep, many think the same Robbbo.
      I noticed the 3 b’s.
      Do I get a prize?

      • Sorry fella, the 3bs is deliberate. Some sod already had Robbo!
        But for your observation you can have the same as Stephen Ireland deserves in wages this week.

        • Ha ha🙂
          I’d take that £5k; ta very much!

          Seriously, I don’t think he was that bad yesterday.
          I SO want him to come good, because an on form Stephen Ireland would be great for us.

    • Well said Robbbo.

      All clear thinking, intelligent individuals think the same. Trouble is, some naive souls will be up in arms at your suggestion – yet they still believe unlimited funds are available for PL.

  6. No chance. We couldn’t afford him for starters. Liverpool are desperate to get rid of him but would still want around 20m for him. Why shud we get them out the shit for a player whose worth at best 5m. Forget it.

    • Ps I’m with u on the loan deal Ian I’m dead against loans it smacks of being a small club.

      • Spurs loaned Adebayor last season, are they a small club?

        • good point on that, worked last season, this season MC rightly want to sell and Spurs can not afford his wages so they have started the season with one forward.

          All inter PL loans should be banned and then maybe clubs at the top will think about who they are buying

          • Absolutely Banning loans between teams in the top flight will do so much more then the so called Financial Fair play Rule.

            As you said, teams like Man City couldn’t just collect players at will and then loan them out as they can’t sell them, when they want to get others in.

            They would actually have to think about who they buy and what they pay them.

          • exactly, like when we had Walker, it was because Spurs ended up with FOUR RB’s and needed some mug team to give experience to Walker.

            It is so wrong and juts helps keep the gap between us and them. If adebayor wants to play first team football then he has to reduce his wages or Man City almost give him away.

            Otherwise he can rot …

  7. Give Small Heath Albrighton or Delfouneso for Big Zigic.

    • Big zig was signed by mclown lol

    • What just because he scored a goal yesterday? Are you joking? Big zigic? Lololol I’ll have him but not for fonz and albrighton how about the loose change in my pocket……. Saying that I’ve just counted 2.53 And rather get a big mac!

      • No, nothing to do with his goal yesterday I would suspect. More like he’s the type of awkward, bustling, bruising centre-forward that we are crying out for, but options are limited.

        Neither Delfouneso or Albrighton are premier league footballers, so kill two birds with one stone.

        If you dont like Albrighton or Delfouneso for Zigic, then how about Albrighton AND Delfouneso?

    • Dave do one cock end

      • Dave Frampton is thinking along the right lines. Dont fully agree re Zigic, but we need shut of Delfouneso and Beaky Albrighton.

        Might not be too bad an idea Clix.

    • thats the most stupid comment i have ever seen, albrighton is gd needs time fonz can go but as for zig hes s**t u just talking crap stop being a twat. we really dont need fans like u, a f**king scum player u silly dumb c**t.

  8. People slating the player even before he joins us if he did that is!!God what would you lot do if he did sign and made his debut sat(bring the bedsheets out again)He the perfect signing exactly what we need him and Bent would score 35 between them….

    • Carrol and bent could not play together too similar. No problem with carrol coming but 5m with say 3-5m in add ons and not a penny more.

      • Darren Bent and Andy Carroll are not similar in any way shape or form

        • No they’re not.

          What on earth makes you think they are oohah?

          • They are both big target men who thrive on crosses into the centre. Bent is a better finisher than carrol but carolls all round game is better. But at the end of the day it’s the goals that win u games which is y I’d prefer bent.

          • Darren Bent? A target man? Have you lost your mind? Darren Bent is anything but a target man he can’t hold the ball up to save his life! You are actually hilarious, that has to be sarcasm surely?

      • u lot talk a load of crap sometimes, in the next couple of years carrols gona be top striker,

        • Bent is a target man when downing crossed the ball his target was bent simples. As for carol being great in a couple years I doubt that very much. He will always be one of those players going from club to club with every manager thinking they will get the best out of him but he will never quite cut it as originally expected. He will have a similar career to crouch.

          • hey mate liverpool dont want him yet hes stil getin selected for his country surely hodgson knows better than u better inthe air than bent got a rocket of a left shot. downin crossin for bent imagine what carrol would do with his areial ability. remeber stil very inexpierenced

          • But downings been crossing for carrol for the whole of last season at liverpool and he still couldn’t score. As for playing for England that means diddly squat even hesky was an England regular FFs.

        • Yes, and in a couple of years a raza, you might learn to communicate in proper English.

          We need a target man to play alongside Benty, Andy Carroll would be perfect, but he’s way out of our reach.

          As others have said, we need creativity too, in midfield and out wide. Without a strike partner for Bent, and the necessary supply line, we are in for another almighty battle to avoid the drop.

    • Liverpool would love to sell him to us for 20m after we stitched them up with downing lol

  9. He’s got a huge point to prove, so likely he would play his heart out if we took him on loan, and if it gets us out of a hole why not?

    • Why not indeed villanuts. He’s Englands current number nine, yet some of these characters decide that he’s not good enough for us, doesn’t compare favourably alongside Gabby, Weimann, and Delfouneso.

      • It’s not that he’s not good enuf but We wud have to take him on loan as we cud never afford his fee or wages. I’m dead against loans I don’t care who it is even messi. Loans deals just smack of small club mentality and it’s never quite the same when they belong to another club and are desperate to go back there when theyv used us as a stepping stone. It’s just wrong IMHO if course.

  10. Adam Johnson will be ok, but probably too expensive. Please Mr Lerner just get us 3 top players in. We saved enough on wages.

  11. I would take him in a heart beat, wont happen though.😦

  12. Don’t care what anyone says, bent and Carroll is a top 6 forward pairing ( assuming there is a supply line! ). Can’t see it happening.

    • …and there lies the problem. Bent will score 20 goals on his own IF there is a supply line, which at the moment there isn’t.

  13. Dear me transformers how old are you?7?

  14. Just throwing this out there, but lets get Carew back on a free haha.

  15. I like the sound of that one.

  16. Lerner invest and support Lambert or go. Lerner can no longer hide and blame the manager. Where is the transition Faukner and Lerner mentioned. Naive fans are as responsible for Villas position as Lerner. Wake up the squad is poor Lerner invest or go. Lerner out

    • You sound a very concerned Villan Ted. We are definitely growing in numbers by the week. Hopefully Lerner is in the UK to approve deals that we have in the offing, but lets not hold our breath lads.

      I’m with Ted I’m afraid. Lerner out.

  17. Kenwyne Jones should be our target to sign, runs hard, wins headers and can score goals

    • We will be lucky to get Vinnie Jones while Lerner is still here.

      • Agreed oohahpaulmcgrath. Things are looking bleak right now.

        The lack of investment in new players this summer has been little short of disgraceful. We just missed relegation, and in truth would have fully deserved the drop, yet Lerner has clearly failed/refused to sanction the very much needed quality signings that will help ensure progress this season.

        That PL has to work with virtually the same squad, a squad filled with players clearly not up to the task, is just not right. Another bottom half of the table season looms, I just hope that somehow PL can work his magic to get us to the forty point mark.

        At this moment in time, that looks extremely doubtful.

        • Agreed mike hill. Too many people on this site thought that once mclown went everything would just magically be ok again. I always said last season that even mourinho would struggle managing that pile of shit. All Lerner wants is 4th from bottom now. If we are in bottom 3 or 4 In jan then expect him to magically make a decent signing or 2 in jan like he did with bent. People on this site need to wake up to the fact that we have zero quality in the squad and we will struggle this season and could be a dark horse to go down.

  18. Hopefully a cheap deal I it happens. A big guy and a big risk!!

  19. Maybe an exchange deal: Carroll to us and Bent to Liverpool. Would make sense and would help both teams.

  20. Lerner being at Upton Park was best best thing to come out of Saturday. Hopefully he will see he has to back his man and abolish this rediculous 1 in 1 out peny pinching antics of the last 2 years.

    PL can bring the good times back but Lerner has got to do his bit now.

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