Speculation – Rennes may not want Makoun

Some further transfer news, just after I said there was none !

We need Makoun to leave for a number of reasons but a report on the FOOT01 website says that he will not be going to Rennes.


If you use google translate then the report says that Rennes my not be able to sell M’Villa and thus if they do not will not want Makoun. It suggest Bordeaux may want him and if not he will be back at Villa.

We shall see.

21 comments on “Speculation – Rennes may not want Makoun

  1. Personally think Makoun could do a job for us but if he can’t even get in the country then it pointless. Should probably just terminate his contract.

    Ian I sent you an email with a couple of post ideas. Did you get it

  2. If Bordeaux want him we might as well do a swap for him and Gouffran

  3. If we play possession football then makoun would fit in well, but I doubt he even Will be back with the villa..id certainly give him a chAnce tho…Jamie o’hara would certainly be a great player to look at

  4. So can we play Makoun now? Has he got a permit? If he can it could actually be good if he stays. Makoun should be ahead of Delph in the first 11. Everyone is crying out for a good DM.

    • He hasn’t got the pace or strength to be a DM

      • He was a DM at Lyon. In fact he is a DM period. Where do you think he plays. I guess you think Delph is stronger right?

        • The French league is nowhere near the same as the premiership. He’s in the same mould a KEA just not as good. We need a 6ft plus box to box midfielder who can dominate,that definitely is not makoun! And yes since Delph has bulked up I would say for definite he is now physically stronger and definitely quicker.

  5. Why would anybody want him? He is awful

    Worse than Bazza

  6. Lightweight and weak as PISS.

  7. In watching the Wigan v chelsea and Moses looks very good! How much is the rumour for him then?

    • we need a player that just plays behind the strikr moses fits the bill nicely he would get villa jumpin skillful dircet and got a trick up his sleave, 10m 60k we can get him

  8. It’s amazing how tight Lerner has been…he has spent more money on his terrible managerial decisions than he has on players in the past few years! While we looked better yesterday and things will take time to improve this is not of concern to Randy…he really doesn’t seem to care about how long it will take to turn around so long as it happens eventually! At this rate it will be another few seasons before we are a top 6-7 side again…that will be 5 or 6 years between us being any way competitive.. simply not good enough when you consider the size of Villa…granted not everybody can compete for the league but being the second city the minimum expected from a club of such stature is to be amongst the top 5,6 or 7! We are a long way from that and it aint gonna be changing in the next few seasons…transition, gradual, new manager, freeing up the wage bill….all excuses for poor table standings. These excuses are some what acceptable if they are rectified. What is the point in half doing the job,,, Getting a new young manager in and giving him no money?? We have cleared 150k p/w from the wage bill and Makoun is still to go…we have brought in Lowton, KEA, Holman and Vlaar…Vlaar is maybe the only one of these who is ever going to be a top 6 prem player!

  9. is this the same Makoun who has been discarded by 3 managers now. The same player who did less than the Zog, who spent most of his time being counted out for mistimed tackles and giving the ball away.
    Or do you guys have another player in mind ?

    • even the likes of fulham, brom everton,swans newcastle, qpr are better than us, and likes of southampton are catchin up because of there purchaces.

  10. Buy MVilla then and give them Makoun in deal. UTV

  11. M’Villa would be an amazing signing….way out of our league! The team you could build by picking up squad players is incredible. Adam Johnson, Sturridge, soon to be Moses and Sincliar and the list goes on…surely the AJ and Daniel S have international aspirations which will never be achieved sitting on the bench…this once bitten twice shy attitude on wages is embarrassing..MON brought in poor players on huge wages….that apparently now means we cant buy good players on big wages…we also had Young, Milner and Downing on big wages…they worked out alright didnt they?

    Far too many midfielders in our squad who are good at one thing…Gardner, Bannan and Ireland…any goals or real punch from these guys has yet to be seen!

  12. Cheers for the nod there ianrobo

  13. M’Vila’s Wiki page shows him in an Arsenal shirt…🙂

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