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44 comments on “Calm down, it was just one game

  1. Well the young players, and by presumably you mean the likes of Bannan, Delfouneso, Herd, Albrighton, Lichaj, and Stevens, simply aint good enough growler.

    We are going nowhere fast if those players are to form the backbone of our team.

  2. Wow one game and every one is arguing among one another! wow give it another loss and every one will be saying sack the manager, no wonder people say Villa fans are fickle!

  3. You know, I really like Bannan’s distribution and Delph’s too but playing both at the same time isn’t such a good idea. I do tend to think of Bannan as someone to come on as a sub at 60 or 70 when legs are getting tired. What does everyone think of Carruthers?

  4. I think he’s extremely promising Foxy. One of our better young talents. I’d definitely like to see him get the opportunity to his establish himself. Another youngster though, and I cant help feeling that the starting line up needs more experience.

    Certainly though Carruthers would be a better bet wide right than the likes of Albrighton, who I just cant see as a top flight player.

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