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68 comments on “Fully support Lambert, but wanted three points

  1. Bent, El Amadi and Holman in Villa Store on Tuesday from 1:30 .. Will only be signing merchandise you buy. Posted at 19:21 on official website after losing opener to West Ham … Shouldn’t we at least start a good run of form before we start the hard sell …?

  2. We had so much possession today but the same problem remains in the final third. We just dont create enough chances which seems crazy when we have one of the best goal scorers in the division who in recents times is not getting a sniff. There are positives though, the style of football being played is unrecognisable from last season. Come on villa sort that final ball out and we stand half a chance if a good season

  3. Not an ideal start, but at least we ca take some comfort in the fact that our weaknesses have been exposed at a very early stage in the season and Lambert will now have a clearer idea of areas that need to be strengthened. Hopefully money will be made available for him to make the changes that are needed.

  4. Randy may be tempted to give PL money for transfers, but I don’t think he will want to increase wage bill.

    Need winger / right midfielder

  5. We have to Have Atleast one new signing by everton! How much does AVB rate walker? Adam Johnson would have a massive impact, rhodes? Surley we could snub him up. Matt Phillips isn’t going to cost silly money. Who’s left back a feynewood? Just have him lol

  6. The alarm bells rang for me yesterday.
    Tactically we are clueless, all this tip-tap football is a waste of time.
    Any team can look like Brazil 1970 when they pass it between the back four & midfield but when it comes to actually hurting the opposition we are toothless. Playing no wide players is terrible.
    Darren Bent had 3 touches.
    The personel needs changing yes, but so do Lambert’s tactics.

  7. Lerner invest support lambert or GO. The majority of the players are at best champ standard. Fans of Lerner need to wake up or keep quiet. Where is the transition Faulkner promised? Lerner out.

  8. As i have said on here before Lambert just a one season wonder no acumen when it comes to buying players.Just goes for cheap players whom at best maybe be good enough to play for Walsall.Can;t see him doing any good bringing in that type of player.Since the likes of Gary Shaw there are no gems left that can be bought in on the cheap and turned into a player of his statuer those days have gone,and after yesterday so should Lambert no second chance for him or the players he as bought in.

  9. I was at Upton Park yesterday and we looked so much better than last season. We weren’t needlessly hoofing balls down field but passing it around and waiting for an opportunity.

    For me, Darren Bent and Charles N’Zogbia both need a kick up the backside! Ireland, Delph, El Ahamidi, Lowton, Holman and others were working so hard to give them chances but both were so lazy. They didn’t make runs, weren’t putting themselves in positions to cause problems and just looked poor. Had they have done that I think we could have won that game comfortably.

    Defensively we were solid and I liked the combination of Clark and Vlaar.

    I think Lambert has instilled some confidence into the team. They don’t feel a need to panic anymore and his signings look very good. I’m not concerned off the back of that performance. If Lambert can bring in a decent striker before the end of the window then we will be fine.

    Again, this isn’t going to be a season where we immediately challenge for Europe and PL was right in his post-match comments. It would be foolish to expect and immediate transformation and I hope fans aren’t going to be booing them team within a few games.

    I never like travelling to newly-promoted sides on the opening day of the season anyway. They always seem the toughest game to get a result out of.

  10. some disgusting comments on here! Support your team! A striker, midfield and left back is all we need and to be honest just signing one of those 3 is going to have a massive impact!

  11. even though we lost id be more annoyed if i was a west ham fan – shocking hoofing performance with all 10 behind the ball all game. hope they go down again.. absolute garbage – even their goal was a lucky hoof from a fee kick being accidentally flicked on by our own defense.

    we need 4 players of simlar standard to our new signings… they all looked better than our old players and it was their first game in PL!!

    clark for me is too aggressive lways makes mistakes – don’t rate him at all – GG is absolute garbage not even close to being a prem player.

    thing that really annoys me – is Craig Gardner, Gary Cahill – routledge etc… all came from our academy if I’m not wrong… and look at them.. if we kept hold of them properly we would have a very strong sqd.. no point having n academy to train them up for other clubs.. shocking.

    if we get a few more good signings who can pass the ball we will do good and even better next season. for the first 30 mins we looked in a diff league to shitty west ham

    • You’re criticising Gary Gardner and then rating Wayne Routledge?!

      Gary Cahill I agree with, maybe Craig Gardner at a push but you’re having a laugh with Routledge.

      We do need a couple of signings before the close of the window and I believe we will get them but I don’t think we looked really shaky at the back. Personally I thought all four played really well. It’s good for Clark to have someone like Vlaar with him. West Ham had a couple of chances towards the end but that’s because, unlike under McLeish, Lambert wasn’t prepared to settle for 1-0. It may not have changed thing yesterday but it will in other games this season.

  12. Hello lads I’m a massive villa fan in australia ….I think that Chris herd should play next to ahmadi, would provide a very tough , solid midfield pair…sign up kenwyne jone…then agbonlahor should be back soon and will provide pace and danger up front…IN LAMBERT WE TRUST

  13. I wasn’t at West Ham.
    I did watch all of the game and thought we were awful, primarily because West Ham were far worse and won.
    I don’t see a winger and another striker will help that much the squad is lacking in quality and anyone who watched Lambert’s post match interview can see he’s a worried man.
    Yes its one game, yes we have 37 more to garner 45 plus points and as we stand I can’t see us getting them. He has time to alter that but where will he get the talent. Ok his new players did a hob, but they weren’t anything other than ordinary. Yes at times Ireland looked great, mostly he looked ordinary. At time N’Zogbia looked fine mostly he looked awful. Bent ?? He contributed more defending their corners than he did attack wise.
    We need a driving force in midfield, a commanding force in defence and a controlling hard man up front, one able to give and take knocks for 90 minutes.
    I’d be amazed if we get one let alone those 3 types and will need to do more than just manage to hold a very poor side whose main tactic is to hoof the ball to a bustling cf backed by a quick sidekick.
    Lamnert knows this, he will have told Lerner, probably more than once, but will it matter. The next 12 days will tell,
    I have serious doubts though. Our best bet will be for Lambert to improve them enough to at least achieve a fighting chance points score come March.

  14. The way bent played today or a supposed need for another striker is not the problem for me. Holman/Ireland/Nzogbia are the problem. They were the ones charged with getting the ball into bent, and they failed, plain and simple. Holman looked nervous and indecisive on the ball, very shaky and based on the west ham performance not a prem league level player. (his first prem game so lets see how he gets on). I would sell nzogbia asap – he’s greedy and lazy, never seen a player run into so many blind alleys, just gets a the ball and runs with his head down until he runs into an opposition player. Has he forgotten how to play football? He only looks effective when he passes and moves. And ireland – well he’s obviously a very talented footballer on his day, i’m just not sure he isn’t too much of a luxury player for a team like villa. He’s neither a disciplined midfielder, nor an out and out attacker. I’m just not really sure we can afford to have him out there. If PL can figure out those 3, or get 3 more effective players on the pitch in place of those 3, then we may see a better showing. Until that happens though we are going to hit a brick wall every time we enter the final 3rd of the pitch.

  15. I’m mostly with Jason on this. Holman I think needs to settle down and find his position, if that makes sense, he played well in pre-season, is rather popular playing for Australia but perhaps needs a bit of time to settle in. Ireland I like but he works best when he’s behind the striker(s) feeding through tasty passes. I don’t rate N’Zog at all, he needs to stay wide and knock in crosses. Every time he runs into the middle he loses the ball and yet he keeps doing it. On the other hand it’s something I think Gabby does well from left wing and he can put in some fantastic crosses. N’Zog only really works on the left though and Albrighton on the right. I’m sticking with Albrighton and Agbonlahor btw, I want to see them play properly under a proper manager. Both have suffered from injury, McLeish forgot about Albrighton for half of last season, Gabby didn’t seem to thrive under him or Houllier. Both are quick, both can stay wide and deliver crosses or cut in. Gabby might have forgotten to score but that doesn’t mean he’s not going to regain form. We were outmuscled at West Ham and it was unbelievably hot (yes, I know they’re all mega fit but even so), I’m expecting a lot more at VP on Saturday. We need at least one winger, without Gabby and Albrighton our whole game was compressed into the middle of the field, passing sideways (I was impressed in the first half by Delph but am unconvinced about him, even though I know he’s been out of it for a couple of years and needs time). We could do with left and right backs able to run up field and get crosses in successfully and give us some more width but I wonder if we have that already (Lihaj and Stevens for example). A Milner style player would be fantastic. We could do with another striker but Bent is useless without supply and we need to get that sorted ASAP. We’ve relied heavily on our defence for the last couple of seasons, especially last season, and I think it looks pretty good now. Just need to try to keep the ball from getting to them.
    I thought Collins played really well on Saturday. Sometimes you need a player at the back who throws everything into it and gets the ball out. He did a lot of that last season and I think we’re going to miss him. He picked up MOTM. Missed a couple of headers though!
    And did anyone notice how thin the West Ham squad was? Ours was nearly off the bottom of the program, their list was short. I was with a bunch of family (all WH) and sat directly opposite all of you, and they are all concerned that while we have a lot of room to improve and have some key players out, they were fielding pretty much their first team and it’s going to be tough against teams with a bias towards attacking.

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