17 comments on “Feyenoord Editor positive about Vlaar and El Ahmadi

  1. It’s nice to hear but let’s not forget the demands of the premier league are very different to those of Dutch football, which I would say is a weaker competition. Both Vlaar and El Ahmedi might need time to find their feet so let’s get behind them.

  2. In my opinion KEA will flourish,but Vlaar could struggle with the pace of EPL

    • I doubt he is any slower than Clark. What Vlaar clearly is, is a leader and that is something we have not had since Laursen (due respect to Petrov of coursE). A true leader on the pitch and I think he will make an immediate connection with all Villa fans.

      He is the signing above all I am excited about.

      • Can’t be slower than Vidic either, and he’s one of the best CB’s in the Prem.

        • Watched vlaars debut against Forrest, looked fine for pace. I wish these irritating middle aged pot bellied fans would cut out slagging players for a perceived lack of pace. He can obviously read the game, and he’s a natural leader. His names Ron vlaar, plays like a jaguar, he’s got leather boots, he is a villa player, player, player, player. (feeder song).

  3. @ Grovesie: PL really is more demanding, so they should be given some time to adapt. But I’m convinced they will be great assets to Villa, bargains really. Great players, great persons. Hope they will do well, wish them all the best.

  4. Dennis I don’t doubt you, and what we have missed for many years is a leader at the back and a player in midfield who can pass the ball. I think we have both we KEA and Vlaar. But the pace of the game will be very different

    • The Prem is more physical, the pace throughout Holland, Spain and Germany is much more the same as us, the difference is the way they pass the ball rather than running around like headless chickens as the lower half of the Prem do. Lots of Dutch players have fitted in well over here.

  5. Yep, pace will be very different. Good thing is that from my point of view, Paul Lambert wants to play real football, which will suit them both.

  6. would love to get John Guidetti even on loan (i know he is currently injured) . a years loan with an option to buy would be great ,

    • I wonder what are the chances of coming ? I reckon Feyenoord would get the hump if we went back for him as well

      • Word on Guidetti is we will get him back on loan if City can’t sell him. And I guess they can not, as he has a pretty huge problem in his right leg. Our medical staff knows him very well, he loves it here, so he would probably recover here until october,november, play the season here, and go back…hopefully!

  7. Come on villa! We are going to pass the spanners of the pitch, a touch a pure class i feel comming this afternoonand Bent will start the season with a hatrick! Come on villa!!!

  8. Sure Ian,of course he could turn out to be class.The main positive about him aside from being a leader is that he is a dominant centre back,just like Laursen,and is less gaffe prone.An upgrade on Dunne.

    • indeed you could be spot on there. People forget that Laursen was not the best defender we have ever had but he always gave 100% and that is all villa fans ask for.

      TBH it is why I am so down on Ireland and Nzog, they have the talent but rarely give 100% every single game. So I tend to love lesser players who give that full 100%

      Now if both of them give that 100% then great

  9. Personally,am looking forward to see either Bannan or Delph fulfilling their potential.Lambert makes average players look world class.With most players here being under achievers,Lamberts midas touch is what Villa need

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