Stoke ITK – they want Bent

Now as usual, the caveat is that this may be total bull.

I got this from Villatalk but reading the link from the Oatcake forum it seems there is interest in Darren Bent.

The Link to their OATCAKE Forum is HERE

A poster called ‘Davesviews’ is obviously very trusted on there and he has said this in summary

We are trying for 2 players from Villa – Hutton and Bent with Bent the priority
We are close to a signing from Blackburn – either Olson or Nzonzi
We are discussing terms with Owen but are still miles apart
We are waiting on permit issues for Popov
We are still interested in Defoe
Jones and Etherington are very likely departures
Most deals won’t be concluded until the deadline

The one thing I could say it may explain any interest in Defoe. The only way he could come is if Bent left.

EDIT I had better state this for the those having anger issues over this piece. At no point do I believe this, at no point do I think this will happen. However A respected Stoke forum and poster is talking about it and don’t you want to know what is being said ?

If not find another blog to read.

25 comments on “Stoke ITK – they want Bent

  1. How about you get behind your team and stop moaning about every bullshitter on Twitter and forum out there, fickle twat.

  2. What a load of bullshit!!!!

  3. I have to say what a” crock a shit”that story is!Where the fuck would stoke get 20million from to buy Bent!!Why would we sell Bent?That Twitter service comes uo with 20names a day who were going to sign utter bull….

    • they can afford Bent easy if Coates decides to pay for it ….

      Bet365 is a nice handy pile of cash for him, probably richer than randy and Stoke make profits

      • Okay what would Bent want to go to Stoke 4!!Pulis plays more long balls than Mcliesh!!If that happens I ll streak naked at Villa park next week!

        • why would Bent leave Sunderland to come to us ?

          Why would he leave Spurs to Sunderland ?

          He goes where he gets the money, every move makes him a packet, he has no love for Villa at all.

          • Never mate!he will score tomorrow and Lambert will buy a big man to play with him..It said on Twitter tonight that Adam Johnson has handed in a transfer request!Nothing on sky or their website!

          • Can’t believe your even posting this rubbish Ian.

          • That is pretty unfair Ian.

            If you can recall, at the time he left Charlton for Spurs he turned down more money to go to West Ham as he wanted to go to a bigger club.

            Left Spurs to go to Sunderland as he wanted first team football and, to be fair, I doubt he is on much more with us than he was at Sunderland. Think he was more put out that Gyan and Welbeck were going well and he wasn’t “the man” anymore!

  4. But would darren bent want to take cut on his 70k a week to join stoke….

  5. What a load a bollocks, we wouldn’t be giving Bent the captains armband and talking about his importance this season all the time if we were going to sell him to Stoke. He would never take a cut in wages to move their, they have wage caps.

  6. I am under the impression that Stoke will not be signing anyone until they sell they are a very well ran club and will not be spending more than £5m this summer it does not take a genius to work that one out.

  7. Ian you talk so much rubbish it’s untrue every post gets worse, please ban me so I am not tempted to come on here please I beg you.

  8. Possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever read from an ‘ITK’. No way we would sell Bent, no way could stoke afford him either transfer fees and wages and he would be a terrible signing for stoke due to the way they play. Crazy talk.

  9. This is a non-story Ian. Coates has stated that his days of splashing the cash are over, and no way in the world can I envisage PL or RL opting to sell our talisman. Cant believe either that Benty would be remotely interested in a move to the potteries, it would be a huge step backwards in my claret and blue biased opinion.

    I often say that nothing about football in general and AVFC in particular ever surprises me anymore, but upon evaluation, I think that Darren to Stoke City would stun me, let alone surprise me.

    It aint gonna happen.

  10. I’m sure the majority of clubs in the league would want Bent. Doesn’t mean that he’s available, or that Villa want him to leave. Who cares if Stoke are interested, completely irrelevant non story.

    Shame that this is what you choose to write about this Ian with the new season hours away, complete lack of imagination turning to Twitter style ITK sensational bovine excrement.

  11. You lot need to calm down, jesus. Yes, it’s probably a load of crap but you don’t need to all turn on Ian like this. He’s just writing what he’s heard, I’m sure many of you would be moaning if Bent does move and he hadn’t mentioned it at all. But yes, bullshit story (let’s hope),

  12. As far as this site is concerned, there is a growing lack of credibility. Either report fact Ian or give up. Rumour is just pub talk, and hot air is hot air.

    There are serious issues facing this club with an absentee landlord living in New York and one man running the show in Birmingham. No way that can be sustained. Talk about real problems and stop running with whatever comes up on the chinese whispers network or lost all credibility

    Do you know, I just heard that Elvis is signing to be our new left back. Is that the way this site is going?

    lets get serious.

    trevor fisher

    • Trevor do you think Elvis will do a job for us. I knew it was him in sports direct picking up some mitre football boots and shinpads… can’t wait now cheers for that information … utv come you villa boys today. Get behind the boys now what will be will be players come players go who cares we are still avfc through and through x x

  13. elvis really ohhhhhhh im so excited (you could say all shook up)

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