Lambert playing a game with Jones and Defoe

Interesting what has come out of the pre match interview.

He knows perfectly well how the press operate and how they can just make anything sound like they want to. So when he was asked at the conference about Defoe and Jones his reply as below is a typical football managers statement.

But Lambert said it is a case of “wait and see” in terms of whether either will be heading to Villa Park.

Villa has been linked strongly with Defoe, who netted England’s winner against Italy in Berne, and Trinidad and Tobago forward Jones.

When asked if interested in the pair, Lambert said: “You are talking about two really good players, different types of players there.

“I think a club this size will always be linked with players of that ilk.

“I don’t think you ever stop looking for players. You have always got to try and improve.

“Whether they come in or not, we will have to wait and see but any manager will tell you, you are always going to look for players.”

Managers rarely diss players publicly and I think Jones is someone he may look at for what he gives. However the links to Defoe make no sense in terms of age, wages and fees. He has said to us all and his signings prove he wants younger keen and something to prove players. Defoe fits none of them and of course we know Defoe and Bent never worked before and will not.

I am happy he is talking about this though. Unlike what some may think it is not like we have stopped looking for players but they have to meet strict guidelines.

If I had to put money on things then a Left Back will be with us before Everton and I suspect Jones before the end of the window.

30 comments on “Lambert playing a game with Jones and Defoe

  1. Exactly right. Jones could be a possibility and at 27 isn’t too old. But Defoe? What would that be? 9-10m with 70-80k in wages I guess. Isn’t our wage cap 40k? Also, as I have told people before, he is too similar to Bent and it would have to be one or the other. Bent is our ‘main man’ and it will stay that way.

    • How can we have a wage cap of £40k ???? Bents on £65k …….

      • There is a wage cap, and it is definitely well below the money that Bent is on. Just because we paid Bent those wages doesn’t mean we would continue to do so.

        • the one thing I do not understand is why a cap on what one player earns. any cap imposed should be on % of turnover (70%) then within that the manager is the one to juggle who gets paid what.

  2. I dont see him signing any of them to be honest,but wouldnt be surprised either.But with Lambert having used 7 different formations last season it is obvious that a new target man will be bought.

  3. we need defoe, we desperately need another goal scorer.

    our strike force is truly awful. gabby, shit, fonz, not good enough, wieman unsure.

    with that strike force we will go down. we need a target man and a goal scorer

    • Gabby shit, you my friend are exactly whats wrong with modern football today. a bad season or two under rudderless management and our most loyal player of modern times is shit. People like you expect loyalty but never give it,The Fonz i agree with you on, he has not earned loyalty from us but slating Gabby is simply wrong and to be honest the more I see of it the more I ask whats the point of any player caring what fans like you think. In an article In the Sunday times last year Gabby said he could understand the fans frustration about his form. I believe he was wrong to say this. He should expect good fans to stick with him, and you, in my opinion, are not a good fan. I expect Gabby to come back from injury stronger than ever and idiots like you chanting his name and claiming that you always believed in him. Up the Villa and all those who are loyal to her!

  4. who says bent and defoe won’t work together ??? defoe would be a great signing for a club like ours and could only make us stronger . sign him up .

    • er … like they never at Spurs maybe ??

      tell me in what way would we pay 80K a week for a player of Defoe’s age ?

      • Ian Defoe has an all round game. He is better in and around the 18 yard box, has better link up play and can run with the ball. He is not a one trick pony like bent. Don’t get me wrong what bent does he die very well but we need a striker who not only is a proven goalscorer at the highest level, but also has a game – Defoe is the man. I would have lived to have seen Defoe and Robbie Keane link up together. Forget spurs, bent and Defoe might work together this time around. Defoe is a hungry predator and is still sharp. Sign him – he will score at least 20 goals IMO and bent will also get his fair share.

        • if we wanted defoe IMHO we would have to sell Bent

          • What like Man U will need to sell Rooney now they’ve bought RVP?? I appreciate your comments are tagged with “IMHO” but to be fair they are regularly absolute crap and nearly always totally negative, IMHO of course!!

  5. Neither would work here. I’ve never liked Defoe- he is simply too greedy and selfish as a player, as he constantly shoots from outside the box when other players are it much better positions. Add to that, that he can’t play with Bent as seen at Spurs. I’ve no idea why we would want a stoke city reserve in Jones- he is so lazy too.
    I know loans aren’t ideal, but I really think we should bring Guidetti in. He’ll never play for Man City and it would enable us to spend what remaining funds we have on bringing in a couple more defenders.

  6. defoe is more perlific then wiemann fonz and agbonlahor. i dont understand what the big issue is how there partnership at spurs was. bent wasnt happy at spurs he was in and out the team. defoe bent would score more together then bent and the other 3 strikers. anyway if bent was to get injured we would be crying for a player like defoe to start when you look at our strikers in fonz agbonlahor and wiemann lol

  7. Don’t expect to see Defoe at Villa Park but all this talk of Defoe & Bent not working is silly, Just because they failed to work at Spurs does not make it an impossibility. The style Spurs played at the time worked with a Target man hence why Crouch saw more games with either as with Keane. In a passing game where long ball is a very rare entity I see no reason why it would not work.

    But that said I am sure we will not be signing Defoe would be very very surprised if we did.

    Still expect 4 more players to come in, Joe Bennett will be the LB incoming and I fully expect another CB a Defensive midfielder and a Striker.

  8. If Joe Bennett does not sign for Aston Villa by the close of window…I will leave this site forever “No Nonsense will happily accept Ian Robo banning his IP”

    And that’s a No Nonsense Guarantee.

  9. Fair enough, just wanted to see how confident you were. Quite like the look of Bennett actually, gutsy looking.

    I would be quite surprised if we didn’t sign Kenwyne Jones too (if not him then I think it will be a relatively obscure/left field overseas signing, still a target man)

    Would be very happy with us signing another CB and DM too. Got no, realistic, names coming to mind but still confident we will do some more good business before the end of the window.

  10. Your conspiracy theories get more and more crazy, so Lambert says he is interested in Defoe to hide the fact he is not???

    Can I have some of what your smoking please Ian.

  11. Ian Robo has stated he can BAN my IP Address….If Joe Bennett does not sign I will happily expect and accept Ian Robo banning me from this site.

    I am 110% Sure Joe Bennett is on his way to Villa.

    Nuff Said

  12. And at Eddie Paul the old 4th Division is currently league 2 this was a time when we didnt have the premiership and all the leagues were simply divisions.

    • Yes and we only got as low as Div 3 Or current Div 1, not 4 or current Div 2.
      IE, the third tier, however you look at it.
      As many pointed out when you first mentioned it.

    • You are wrong No Nonsense.

      The Premier League = Old First Division
      The Championship = Old Second Division
      League One = Old Third Division
      League Two – Old Fourth Division

      Please No Nonsense, get that into your head. We were THIRD DIVISION CHAMPIONS back in 1971-72.

      At no time were we in, or did we flirt with the FOURTH DIVISION.

  13. Naughton has signed a new contract with Spuds so that should be the end of the link with him.

  14. I agree, Defoe and Bent didn’t work at Spuds.
    It’s either one or the other and I don’t see us signing Defoe for either of them to sit on the bench.
    Whereas Jones offers options.
    Bent and Jones would be a good combo for the likes of tomorrow’s game, for example, imo and is much more likely to be the target.
    Basically a replacement for Heskey.
    But better on his day.
    And he scores occasionally, as opposed to mule.

  15. Defoe is a quality and is a villa side with the right shape could be a great bloody signing. Come on Lambert get him in. Smash the irritating hammers tomorrow.

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