Honest Preview of the season to come

I found the following Preview on Villa from the ‘Representing The Mambo’ Blog – LINK

I actually think it is one of the best I have read about the season to come and honest with it.


The mere fact that Paul Lambert isn’t Alex Mcleish sees optimism abound around Villa Park. Still, whilst it’s true that the former Norwich boss should preside over a somewhat more progressive brand of the game than the listless dross offered up by his predecessor, such buoyancy is largely baseless.

Inheriting a squad short on depth and woefully lacking in quality, Lambert has added only Eredivisie journeymen and a League 1 full-back to the mix. Stephen Ireland and Barry Bannan remain Villa’s most accomplished technicians but the former has lacked the focus that saw him touted amongst the league’s finest midfielders and the latter is yet to enjoy a manager’s full trust.

The club’s academy may be amongst the country’s most productive but many recent graduates are yet to establish whether their places are the product of ability or necessity.

Transfer Dealings: 5/10 – Solid, probably improved the squad but nothing worthy of any great enthusiasm.

They’ll Finish: Lower-mid-table if Lambert is all he is alleged to be but will be in for a relegation scrap if he is merely a good manager. Either way, the pressure on Darren Bent to carrying the scoring burden will be huge.

31 comments on “Honest Preview of the season to come

  1. You say honest I say pessimistic

  2. Bloody hell look what we had last year. We are plaguing football and trying to win. We have bent Ireland n zogbia current dutch centre back.with right manager and self belief we may just do ok.it’s started and a ball has not been kicked.. I am getting right behind team and manager from start… utv

  3. Even If we didnt add anyone else (which i dont think will be the case) i still think holman, KEA, lowton and vlaar improve on the players who have left this season.

    I still believe last seasons squad was good enough to have finished mid table with a half decent manager, mainly due to everyone below the top 6 being much of a muchnrss.

    However, im not going to kid myself that if we dont get 2 or 3 in we potentially could be a few key injuries away from a crisis due to the squads lack of depth.

  4. Was quite hopefull when Lambert was appionted and the words coming out of villa of a new era,and that what had happened over the previous two seasons was unacceptable and that there was going to be new major investment.This as not happened Lambert;s signings so far have been like using a sticking plaster to cover over the cracks.Can;t see any change in where we will finish to last year.Don;t like Robbie Savage but think he may just be right.

    • ??? Last seasons problem areas were CM and Defence – Lambert has bought players to strengthen those areas – to me that’s not covering the cracks it’s attempting to fix the problem!! And, if he was able to get shot of Warnock and Hutton then further additions would have been made!!

      • Agree Pongo. We need to be realistic about what players we can get. 2 crap years behind us ain’t going to help when bringing new players in. The players coming in are no less able than the overpriced wasters we had before. But on the face of it, the right attitude for half the price.
        Anyway, it is what it is now. Let’s support em!

  5. I agree – below the top six is a lottery. I think our best recruit is the german scout, he has worked for all the big clubs in Germany and he will be a massive bonus if we are looking for value for money on the continent. I think we are short all over the park. We need another striker, a ball playing central midfielder and a left back. Saying that a top ten finish is not out of the question. Don’t let the likes of that prat Savage make you think otherwise.

  6. “Lambert has added only Eredivisie journeymen and a League 1 full-back to the mix.”

    If you look at things as an outsider, it’s all true if you take the claret and blue tinted glasses off.
    I try to look at things from the outside, which is probably what makes me come over as negative.

    Fwiw, I think we have a great manager.
    Who needs to be shown some money.

    • “Eredivisie Journeymen” who happen to be full internationals!!! OK they might not be the big signings we all hoped for but after last season I just want passion and commitment and the sounds coming from these boys are of players who were desperate to join our “great” club!!!

  7. ian…your a total blue nose
    you are really starting to fuck me off, and i would love for this shit blog to fuck off and you to get a job,
    i have never heard a so called villa fan post so many negative posts as you!!!
    do us all a favour and fuck off back to small heath you blue nose wanker….
    oh by the way…. if you think this is bad, then try supporting the villa as i have in the 3rd division………………………………..

    • You really are a f*cking idiot. Grow up, open your eyes, and stop being a dick.

      • apparently this was negative, yeah right, I believe the piece praised Lambert for a start …

        • Ian dont listen to this guy. Ive been saying all along Lerner wasnt going to cut wages one year and then one year later make significant investment. I too was labelled negative. I love rhis club more than some of my family members but I am also a realist. We are becoming Wigan. As long as Randy owns this

      • Stop swearing Rob. I’ve got delicate ears.

        How are you matey? Keeping well I hope and trust.

        • I’m fine Kev, just nervous as always before the big kick off. you keeping well? You were missed by many of us. How are you?

          • I’m fine thanks Rob. Good to touch base with you again.

            Yes, always a nervy time just before the big kick-off. You can never be sure what lies ahead, and until about ten games in, when the table really begins to take shape, all you can hope for is a few wins on the board, some encouraging individual and team performances, and signs that come the next May, you’ll be able to look back and reflect on a reasonably successful campaign.

            Say ‘Hi’ from me to anyone who asks, give them my sincere best wishes, I made some pretty good internet friends in my time on the site, and there are folk that I miss chit-chatting and b/s’ing with. Overall they were a great crowd. Jonathan oversees a top notch site.

            Still ‘rocking in the free world’ I trust Rob? Remember, All Hail Neil Young.

            I’d like to keep in touch, just not sure how to go about it.

          • I will PM you on Vital

          • Yes, please do so Rob. Thanks. I’ll be in touch (if my account is still open).

            Enjoy your weekend sir.

      • i am no idiot dickhead wurzel, i have supported the villa for long enough not to slag them down with 2 days to go untill the kick off, FFS give the manager a chance, like i say i remember the famous tommy fat as fuck docherty taking us into the old 3rd and believe me. it was far fucking worse than what you lot of cunts are moaning about. oh by the way we still went and gave the villa a good crowd!!!! wurzel you cunt, did you bother to go last season??? i fuckin doubt it..
        do us all a favour and fuck off back to small heath and let us real fans support the villa

  8. A realistic assessment, a view that in the cold light of day is extremely difficult to argue against.

    I’m reasonably optimistic, but like all sensible Villans there are obvious reservations and concerns.

    Stopping the rot and turning this decline around is no five minute job. We have at the helm though a bright, ambitious young manager, who I believe has the traits and qualities needed to get us back on track.

    We do have some talented footballers in the squad, and hopefully the feel good factor that currently prevails at Birmingham B6 will see us get off to a solid if not spectacular start, allowing PL time and breathing space to mould and shape his squad into a collective group of players designed to move us forward.

    That additions are currently needed is obvious, but no doubt come midnight on August 31st, the squad will have a much healthier and stronger look about it.

  9. We need more bodies and quality, that is a simple fact. is Lerner willing to spend the money? Now that is a good question.

  10. We will be the surprise package, we have unbelievable talent that has been neglected. UTV

    • That is also a POV that keeps niggling at me Morgan Villa, as much as I’m generally negative.
      Bent, Ireland and N’zog still strike me as class.
      I have high hopes for Gardner and Carruthers, especially.
      I so hope you’re right mate.

  11. I think a lot of so called ‘fickle’ villa fans need to be patient with Lambert, this season may be a struggle with our lack of depth and quality in key areas and avoiding a relegation battle would be a great success this season. I believe Lambert was brought in for the long haul and within 3 seasons he may be able to fully overhaul squad and have a team of his players playing how he likes to play. I know for a fact that if we are struggling a lot of fans will moan and ask for him to go, but please be patient as the Villa job is arguably the hardest one in the prem right now with the ridiculous expectations and weak squad and Lambert has been brave to give up a secure job at Norwich (probably would have kept even if relegated) and go for a very hard one at Villa. UTV

    • Brendan at pool, strikes me as the toughest job, but yes, we must be close.
      It’ll be interesting, as opposed to the rubbish we had to watch last season, of that I have no doubt whatsoever.

  12. I expect us to finish around 10th-13th, but I wouldn’t be shocked if we surprised some people. The last two seasons we have underachieved massively, we still have a better squad than half the teams in the Prem even without adding anyone else, which says it all about the resources we have.
    Personally, I’m looking forward to a new era of trying to build a club with young, less-expensive talent – I always say it, but why not follow Dortmund’s model? Young, hungry players with a lot to prove, and they’ve won two Bundesliga titles without paying anyone over 40k a week. I know it’s Germany, but it’s not as if the Bundesliga is a week league – we’d be mid-table there too.

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