Vote for the Sabbath, the only Brummie choice from Aston

Great news that the club have listened to the fans and letting us decide on the run out music.

You can vote HERE on the OS and there is only one choice.

A band born out the streets close to Villa Park

A band with one of the biggest fans around

A band who are Brummies through and through

If you do not vote the Sabbath as number I will be angry !

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39 comments on “Vote for the Sabbath, the only Brummie choice from Aston

  1. please god, no heavy metal or 70’s rock, it’s fuckin shit.

    • Well so is what we’ve seen on the pitch since Martin O’Neill decided that he’d had enough.

      So too is Lerner’s running of the club.

      So shit music will fit in nicely sasa c.

      • you mean since oneil spat his dummy out when lerner said he couldnt buy anymore shite players….. get over onei, hes as much to blame as lerner if not more

        • No. I mean since when Mart decided that he’d had enough, wasn’t having his ambition curbed by Lerner’s newly installed penny pinching directive, and opted to hit the door.

          Not sure which O’Neill you’re talking about. You need to open your eyes brother, and get over your anti-O’Neill stance. One of the best managers seen at VP in a long, long time.

          Be a long, long, long time before his three sixth place finishes in consecutive seasons is bettered.

          And you wont be making a trip or two to Wembley anytime soon either!!

        • Here here! Well said Mac

    • Sasa C, so, using your wonderfully erudite grasp of the English language: what would you suggest?

  2. Just another one thrown into the melting pot THIN LIZZY boys back in town, classic

  3. voted for the sabbath already only choice! Lets hope to christ we dont here the bells again – that was outdated and frankly embarrassing when it played.

  4. Yes, the bells didn’t work. They were a total turn off. Desperation stuff.

    Cliff Richard, ‘Living Doll’. It aint relevant, but I like Cliff. Hearing it will put me in a good mood for the game.

  5. Sabbath all the way and I’m not particularly fond of metal in all honesty. To have four lads who come from the area to be so successful and NOT be a part of the Villa experience isn’t right.

  6. Spencer Davis from the list.

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