Savage tips Villa to go down, his past getting the better of him

So Robbie Savage has infuriated Villa fans.

Hardly the most surprising of statements that ! However when he tips us to go down on the BBC HERE, is he being a ‘Villa Hater’ or seeing a truth we fail to. (His comments are 4 minutes in)

For a start I expect no chance AT ALL of us going down even if we have injury problems like last season. Lambert is far too good a manager to let us get anywhere near relegation. However it can be true from the outside the signings may not look too good at all and others may not rate Lambert.

As fans we have a duty to support our team and often it means you over rate some players. However even the most downbeat of us can not surely think we would go down ? It can be a case we are blinded by our love of the club, maybe it needs an outsider to say how it is but in this case regardless of his background he is plain wrong.

at the end of the day he has always hated us from his Leicester days to his blue nose days. No matter what we did he would never praise us and he is just frankly a ‘Villa hater’ However I do have to say as a pundit on other teams I often think he is spot on but he has this enormous blindspot with us !!

Wonder why ??

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84 comments on “Savage tips Villa to go down, his past getting the better of him

  1. I was baffled why MON didnt but Jones instead of Heskey at the time…

  2. eating your words now ay?? we have all know villa have been in danger of going down for a couple of years, and if you had a clue about the game you would have seen it coming.but you showed the typical ignorance of villa fans that makes them hated. go on…reply to me by telling me about 1982!!!!

  3. of course I had to have a go at Lambert but I think few of us actually thought we would be THIS bad ?

    Hence the disappointment is even worse than with Mcleish in charge

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