Beauty and the Beast Clash

We know one thing about the game on Saturday, it will be a clash of styles.

If you look at the possible line up for West Ham and for us you see a contrasting way of playing the game. Neither ways are right or wrong but on Saturday we will pose totally different questions for each other.

Looking at our possible line up and with no more apparent injuries or signings then we can say the following players are certain to start

Given, Lowton, Vlaar, clark, KEA and Bent

I do believe all other positions are up for grabs. Who will be at Left Back, what formation will we play ? Will it be one or two up front and who will be the captain (has to be Vlaar for me !). It has to be said that Holman not playing is a big blow for the team.

So my best guess at Paul Lambert’s first pick is


Lowton Vlaar Clark Baker (yes I know not many said him but may need his height at set pieces)

Ireland, KEA, Delph


Bent Weimann

Actually in many ways these are the last players standing. Some may say Lichaj or Stevens at LB but look at the midfield and simply we need some height and power at the back. As for the formation it may be different to this but the one I picked seems to make more sense to me.

Because when I say in the title, Beauty and the Beast then the only way we can play is to out play West Ham with precise quick footed football. You can see them trying to bombard us and out power us and frankly who can blame them with the players we have. To win this game we have to make sure every chance is taken because we will concede for sure.

This (famous last words) will not be a boring 0-0 game but an high scoring game to get our season off to a flyer.

My prediction will be a 2-2

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29 comments on “Beauty and the Beast Clash

  1. Hi i would love to see a 4-2-3-1 formation.Guzan,lowton,vlaar,baker,lichaj,KEA,clark,nzogbia,ireland,holman/bannan,bent.Hope holman will start and is not injured if not bannan.Think it will be a close nit thing as we are away would not like to predict a scoreline as not as confident as everyone else seems to be as we are away.Would love a VILLA WIN will be keeping up with the scoreline at work to anyone whos going have a great day dont blow any bubbles UTV.

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