30 comments on “Squad is more than good enough, do not worry

  1. Total garbage Jack.

  2. Should be much tougher to stay up this season. But we should have enough. Still have no idea who the bottom 3 will actually be.

  3. We are weak in all areas from one end of the pitch to the other! There is only only one player I’d keep in our whole squad! We all know who that is don’t we? Begins with a B and for the love of god do not say bannan!

  4. quite happy I had the two opposite pieces come in at once !!

    • Lol I was going to mention that this price counteracts the previous one. In all seriousnous we do have quality players I just worry about work rates with several of them. The kids do show promise but this season we really must push out the ones are simply not good enough. Lambert is a fantastic manager. Sorry to be so negative but defence, midfield and attack will have weak spots until Atleast January! Quite rightly lambert has to really juge over first half I the new season. Three great thing is this season out manager being who he is will be aloud time and firm support.

  5. Bit of common sense in this article some silly bits but the impetus is correct.

  6. I wouldn’t say total garbage as above but cant agree either. Look at the main problem other than voldermort er I mean big eck last season. The squad ended up operating with four five or even six players that would be considered ones for the future or back up. Now a few of them getting some games here and there is ideal but having them
    Make up half your team isn’t. Which brings me back to now. We have let Carlos and Heskey leave, petrov obviously still missing, we’ve omitted two liabilities in the full back positions which makes us 5 players short without the current injuries. We’ve bought in 4 which leaves us basically one down in numbers plus the injuries. Where do we turn if and when others get injured?? We needed 4 on top of what we had last year I felt and that doesn’t include replacing ones we have sold which also is a need.
    Yes we have a reasonable team but a couple of players out and we will struggle. Oh also forgot about Collins do that makes us another one lighter.

    Don’t think people are worried about the quality we have, just the lack of it to compliment and help lambert out.

    • Players of 21-23 year olds like Clark, Lichaj, Bannan, Weimann etc should not be considered ‘ones for the future’. They are either good enough for regular football now or not. PL obviously thinks they are.

      • Yeah and I think Lambert knows a damn sight more than you. Second negative post I seen from you. Ciaran Clark is on his way to being absolute class, hence the reason Ferguson was interested in the lad. People like you are dragging the club down

      • My phrasing was ones for the future or back up. Clark yes, bazza jury is still out, albrighton could go either way, herd ok, weiman flash in the pan ??? It’s these reasons that I think we need extra quality and then imagine how good things could get with talented players on top of talented academy products. We won’t be scrapping like last year but feel out full potential needs some help. Just my opinion as they alone weren’t strong enough last year.

  7. The title of this article is the squad is good enough. Well u havnt clarified yourself by saying good enough for what!! If ur saying the squad is good enough to get 4th from bottom then u might just be right thou I wouldn’t put my mortgage on it. If u are saying the squad is good to finish above 12 th then u are seriously deluded. As for ur comments re warnock just coz he was half decent 2 years ago dosnt mean he is gud now. Have u not seen how shit he has been in past 2 years?

    • Kinda agree😉 people say we can finish tenth and to be honest with a clean bill of health all season then yes I think we are good for that however if we have four or injuries, where’s that leave us in the table? We need strengthening don’t we.

  8. Strongly disagree with the whole article. You say we have ‘cover in all areas’, but that is garbage. We don’t even have a decent senior full back, if anything happens to Vlaar we are facing a central defence of clark and baker (who isn’t even championship standard) and they will get bullied off the pitch.
    Add to that the complete lack of a defensive midfielder (just see how diame and diarra overrun us versus West Ham) and we are totally reliant on Bent for goals.
    The squad is full of overrated young players (like Albrighton, Delfouneso, Baker, Bannan, Herd, etc), who won’t ever cut it at PL level.
    Also, Warnock never has done and never will do a job for us. Worst full back in the entire PL and Lambert knows it, hence he didn’t even travel to the Bremen game.

    • Strange to see you list the likes of Chris Herd and Nathan Baker there, who only really got their chance last season but still managed to put in some good performances in very trying circumstances.

      • Don’t rate either of them. Herd isn’t good enough on the ball and his attitude off the pitch is questionable. Can’t say I’ve ever seen anything in Baker to make me think he will make it at PL level either

  9. We’re going with a bunch of youngsters,who didn’t step up to the mark last season and a few seasoned pro’s who have either seen their better days or simply wasn’t the best in the 1st place !
    We have a goalkeeper,who has probably seen his better days,we have 2 experienced fullbacks who were atrocious,last season,and Lichei and Lowton who are not proven,the former,for me,still very raw !
    Centre backs,I think we have covered providing Clarke maintains his improvement.
    Midfield,the juries out with El Amedi and Holman,Ireland,well he has to produce what he hasn’t for 3 years,Delph,Bannan,Herd and Gardner have yet to prove they’re good enough at premiership level !
    Up front we have NZogbia and Albrighton,both inconsistent in the wide positions,Gabby,overrated,good for maybe 5 games a season,Wieman,still young,not sure about him yet and Darren Bent,our one true class act !
    My view is we are NOT strong enough and despite having a manager who will attempt to play attractive football,we could well be in for a season of struggle,if this be the case,don’t be getting on Lamberts back,the blame will lie with a certain Randy Lerner,who has failed to back his man !

    • Naldy, you and your assessment of the players, are spot on. I wrote elsewhere: apart from Hutton and Warnock who are out of favour, Dunne, Nzogbia, Ireland, Bent and Agbonlahor are the only outfield players in he squad with hardened premiership exeperience. That’s just five! Depth????????

  10. What is up with all, if you look at our team bar the top 8 we have a better first eleven than the rest, PL will add to this team, we are not going to win the league, but from what i have seen from pre-season, it will not be dull, up the villa and keep the faith.

  11. If the author means we can manage with the players we have, he is possibly correct. But, we do need strengthening if we are to improve this season. We are light up front, we need a reliable left back. Personally I’m not convinced we need another wide player unless there are plans to ship someone out.

    • Manage is the key phrase but that’s barring some injuries and suspensions. People say we can finish tenth with this squad but take away some key players with injuries and where do we finish then?im in total agreement, we need some strengthening to help the cause.

      • Totally agree, and that is exactly my point. If our ambitions are merely to improve on last season we probably just about have enough. I am staggered that someone really believes we have the strongest first eleven outside the top 8, I don’t see how that belief can be justified.

  12. Fully agree with this article.Strengthening will help Villa,but it doesnt mean we have a useless team.We are more than capable of mixing it the big boys in this league.My favourites to go down are West Brom,Swansea and Reading.

  13. I’m sorry, but I am another who disagrees with the article. I happen to think that the stating XI isn’t too bad, but we are still desperately short after that. A couple of injuries and we will be left with the same players who have led us into the relegation zone in the past two seasons. When a couple of the injured players return it will strengthen the squad a little, but we will still be short of numbers and more importantly, quality.

  14. I want us to be good, but I think we will concede way too many goals to be competitive in the PL. Can we score enough to make up for it? I am not too sure. I think we will finish higher than last year, but not much better if we don’t bring more quality in.

  15. I think we have a decent first XI and cover for all positions, although I would like more obviously:
    ————— Given ——————
    Lowton — Ron — Clark — Warnock
    ———— Kea — Delph ————-
    Zog ———— SI ———– Holman
    ————— Bent ——————–
    is as good a first XI as anybody outside the top 6-7 with a decent manager – which we now have – in charge.
    And the back up XI:
    —————- Guzan —————-
    Lichaj — Dunne — Baker — Stevens
    ———— Herd — Bannan ———–
    Albie ——- Carruthers ——– ???
    ————— Gab/Weiman ———-
    Is decent. And this excludes Gardner and DJ who will feature more this year.

    Yes, I would like to replace Warnock and Dunne (but both of these have been good in the past and could, I hope, be good gain with the right coach – who I believe we now have!) and bring in a more experienced DCM to play with Kea plus a wide player like Matt Phillips or Scott Sinclair. If we did that I think we could compete on the periphery of the European places.

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