Why the Albrighton dislike

I read the news about Albrighton today and I was shocked at the responses.

Let me state and regular readers will know this, that I have always been a 100% supporter of Marc. In the reserves he was one of the best in the country at that level, he scored and the quality of crosses was fantastic.

He should have broke through in MON’s last season and especially when Downing was struggling and MON was foolish not to. We then had a change of manager and under Houllier he was progressing nicely and looking good. However then Lerner made a disaster appointment and restricted by negative thinking Marc went backwards.

He still has for the qualities to be a bloody good Premier League player. He just needs a manager to realise he is a right footed winger and not like others who can cut in from the left. People say he is one footed, well so is N’Zogbia. People say he is not good defensively, well is N’Zogbia ?

Given a chance with a manager who believes in attacking football. A manager who wants a winger to do the simple things (ie. cross balls) instead of bloody cutting in then Albrighton has it.

He is still young enough to get over the scars of last season, all he needs is a proper chance in the PROPER position.

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92 comments on “Why the Albrighton dislike

  1. The ‘next David Beckham’. Now I’ve heard it all.

    How did you keep a straight face when you were dreaming that one up Tom?

    I mean, lets keep it serious…please. Such nonsense is embarrassing to read.

  2. I dont think that anyone could top that ‘next David Beckham’ comment Tom.

    Best laugh I’ve had in years. You have been drinking heavily today I take it?

  3. all the miserable old cunts on here slating albrighton aint villa fans, your just fair weather fans who know jack about footie. He was a cracking young player 18 months ago, and our best prospect this time last year. Injuries and mctwat are what has stalled his career, simple. give him a chance to prove himself again for a guy,(PL) who supposedly knows what hes doing. Mctwat is the reason all our youngsters went backwards last season, clarke, gardner, wee baz, even the fonz,. they all deserve another go under PL. Even Gabby does, hes spent the last 2 years playing out of position, had countless injuries and what do we lot do, get on his back FFS just like people are doing to old beaky now. Its no wonder our fans are thought of as moaners around the country but some of you just want to whinge for the sake of it, get behind the players, even the shit ones or hang your heads in shame and dont claim to be a villa fan. St andrews is pretty empty these days, they could do with a few more ‘head up their own arse’ miserable bastards down there! UTV

    • Go get your eyes tested gvilla. Beaky aint anything like the player you believe him to be.

      You’re spouting nonsense, making yourself look a bit of a tit.

  4. got nothing against the lad personaly but this kid is not and never will be a decent premier league player , he is completly shot , he had his chance to kick on after his break through season and he couldnt take it , far to many times last season i sat there and thought to myself hes no better than a sunday league player .
    The fact is hes lost the one thing that made him stand out which was his ability to get a decent early ball in the box .

  5. He had a few good games after MON left – but nothing since. most young players breaking into the team have a flurry of good form to start with. The key in maintaining it -coming up to 3 seasons later he hasn’t. and the odds are he won’t.
    We have to stop getting excited when a young player has six good games – this is very poor guide to future form

  6. At the risk of upsetting Marc’s many fans, and at the risk of being called a bluenose, a clown, a dick, or whatever the latest ‘slag-off’ term is, I’m sorry to announce that I am not in the Marc Albrighton camp.

    Used to be. Back in the day, watching him work his way through the ranks, Bodymoor Heath, the youth team, the reserves, he looked the part, looked promising, and I often raved about him on Vital, alerting the guys on that site to keep a watch out for him.

    But he’s stalled. He hasn’t improved, he hasn’t pushed on. He’s been a disappointment, and looks very much to me to be another so called promising youngster, who when the chips were down, failed to make the step up.

    He hasn’t got what it takes…..in my humble and limited opinion.

  7. he’s ok going forward but that aint good enough, he gives the ball away too cheaply and the defensive side to his game is shockingly bad

  8. Interesting, this one.
    I really don’t see why MA is so marmite.

    I’ll stand by what I’ve said for a long time; IE he’s the best crosser of the ball at the club.

    Some of the criticisms are pathetic, imo.
    He doesn’t tackle back/can’t defend?
    He’s a better defender than Kyle Naughton, for example, who some raved about.
    He can’t beat a defender?
    Evra, anybody?

    And whoever said the mcLeish excuse is weak is talking bollocks.
    Name me one player who looked decent last year?
    I refuse to believe that every member of the squad is crap, which is what’s being asserted.

    MA, with the right encouragement can be a top player.
    And yes, better than Beckham, who was a vastly over-rated one trick pony, that suited the media.

  9. There is such much ‘disdain’ for Mr Albrighton simply because he isn’t that great, not got a step-over, ain’t got no body swerve, lacks a bamboozle, has not jet fuel in his boots, is not a Morley, Giggs, Six, Heighway, Six, Barnes, Walters, Kanchelskis, Daley, Bale, etc…….and I could go on and on and let us not forget the Magical Eder of Brazil.

    Marc, wants to be loved and desires hero worship but he ain’t got the game to be up with the quality that Villa have had over the years.

    • No he isn’t up there with some of the names you mention, but let’s face it, who at the club is?
      That’s no reason to pick on him, imo.
      And I’ll keep saying it.
      Who looked anywhere near decent last season, with the tool we had in charge?

      • I hear where you’re coming from anon3, and I applaud your support of Marc Albrighton.

        I dont differ on your views and opinions best part of the time, and I always enjoy your posts.

        With MA though, we’re on different sides of the fence sadly.

        Mind you, I hope that you are proved right, and I’m proved very wrong, and I say that very sincerely.

        • The absolute truth Glensider, is that I don’t rate him as world class, at all.
          But I do think he’s the best crosser we have at the club.
          It’s the “he’s utter crap” comments that do my head in (similar to Gabby).
          Not that you say those sort of things.🙂

          Give him a go at what he does best (playing right side, as Ian suggests) and then see.
          If he doesn’t give results, then by all means, get rid, imo.

    • Ah, Didier Six Ken. The memories came flooding back. His debut at home vs Manchester United. A 3-0 win, and Didier was the bee’s knees. That cross for Peter Withe to open the scoring up the Witton was sublime. We thought we’d got a gem.

      The following weekend up at Goodison he disappointed, we got stuffed, and it was all downhill for Didier from there.

  10. Albrighton had a poor stop start season last year under a poor manager and his confidence suffered.
    You could see it everytime he over hit a cross or mis placed a pass he would beat him self up over it.

    He was trying too hard instead of enjoying playing his natural game like he did in 2010/2011 season.

    Lambert im sure will rebuild his confidence.

    To say he is shit is ludicrous.

    • “You could see it everytime he over hit a cross or mis placed a pass he would beat him self up over it.”

      Yep, that’s how I saw it too.
      Too much weight placed on a somewhat fragile kid, who needs encouraging, imo.

      AM, you total tool😦

  11. Give the lad a chance knob heads. Mctwat drained the lad of all confidence. The glass is half full you miserable bunch of ……..

    • Nothing to do with any manager Eddie. Albrighton aint got what it takes. Just isn’t good enough. Definitely not a premier league footballer.

    • Get away with yer Eddie ya little monkey you.

      Albrighton is mediocre at the very best, and that’s stretching it. Blaming McLeish or whoever for Albrighton’s failings is the typical ramblings of a classic k**b h**d.

      Beaky aint good enough. Get that thru yer thick head.

  12. Let us see what Jordan Graham and Samir Carruthers can do, it can be any worse than Albrighton. Shame Marc is injured, if he wasn’t, I would be selling to whoever is mug enough to pay over £4m for him.

  13. Fully agree with you there Ken, although I think that we’d struggle to get £4m for him.

    I certainly dont dislike the guy, I dont know him to make that call, but as a footballer I just dont rate him. I’ve seen better younger players with considerably more talent and ability than Marc Albrighton fall by the wayside, and in my opinion he simply lacks what it takes to be an even half decent premier league footballer.

    We need better, and while we do have much better widemen in Grealish and Graham working their way through the ranks, neither are yet ready for the first team call. Carruthers though is another matter. Considerably more technically gifted than Albrighton can ever hope to be, I’d say that in the absence of a new signing, Sami will be our best bet.

    But Albrighton? No, get rid at the earlist opportunity. He’s not going to cut it.

  14. He’s a very limited, below average winger, definitely not premier league material.

    Tries his best, gives his all, but he’s exposed by his lack of pace and the fact that he’s short on ability.

    Even Stephen Warnock would look good if he were facing up to the likes of Marc Albrighton, week in, week out.

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