Redunacies at Villa Park

Following on from other Lerner debates this was posted on H&V.

From a poster called ‘spud1950’

On sunday after the game 12 long term staff have been made reduntant .Some have been their over twenty years .Some of the chefs etc have won awards and cooked for randy.But no one is safe while they need to claw money back.There will be others in the near future


This comes as no real surprise and is a shame long term staff are affected. the posters on H&V believe this to be true and is further scaling back on the wages. The strange thing at Villa is that the non playing staff numbers since Randy took control has ballooned up an hell of a lot. It probably needed scaling back but the cost savings of these are probably the total cost of say Alan Hutton’s half year wages.

Some may say indeed that further indications the club is being slimmed down for a sale.

9 comments on “Redunacies at Villa Park

  1. Our club has a huge wage bill for non-football related staff apparently compared to other clubs. This needed to happen, a shame but its been coming for a long while

  2. Money is extremely tight, in very short supply obviously, yet still many believe that Lerner will open the purse strings to fund a Paul Lambert spending spree.

    It aint gonna happen.

    The club needs to cut down drastically on the number of complimentary tickets that are handed out each and every home game to everyman and his dog. Its ridiculous.

    • why ?? if we can not fill out you might as well give them away

      yes money is tight everywhere, I have accepted that but at the same time we need a lot of players and not full of loans and bosmans …

      the football market is not like the rest look at the massive extra TV money coming in

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    Just though I’d throw this in IR, someone may pick you up on your spelling.

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