Phillips approached, please be Villa

I may be accused of desperation but I really want Matty Phillips at Villa.

Holloway has run his mouth off and claimed an illegal approach has been made for his star player.

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Holloway is no shrinking violet and remember the go he had at us last season ? Well it could be we have approached Phillips and he would hate it to be us. I know we do things ethically but the reality is that players are always approached before clubs are. Why waste your time on bids unless you know the player is interested ?

I will not waste your time reading this piece explaining why I want him or his previous link to Lambert !!

However I will simply say he fits all the known criteria for Lambert to pick players, he is a star of the lower leagues. I would hate for us not to get him and another team like Sunderland or Everton to get him, he will be a Premier League star.

If we are serious about rebuilding the club with young and great prospects then Phillips IMHO should be near the top of that list.

One rumour is that it is Southampton who have made the move.

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48 comments on “Phillips approached, please be Villa

  1. I almost certainly know that Brendan Rogers wanted albrighton. He may not be interested now but he did at Swansea. Well I’d swap albrighton + 6 mil?

      • Drugs are bad for you, stay off them.

      • are you mad tom adam is very overrated all cause of holloway he showed how bad he can be last season and if theres 1 club that had a worse season then villa (prob not we was worse) its liverpool, yes they won a cup but prem is always the most important and not getting top 6 is really bad in pools owners eyes. as for marc u think fans would learn some1 shows he has got talent u dont sell them u train them look at cahill what a loss that was and dont want 2 see albrighton become a star somewhere else.

  2. Charlie Adam is a one season wonder and how many times have we wasted money on such average one ‘lucky’ season players? Too many!

    I like Philips as well as Ince but right now we need experience in midfield and possibly someone to screen the back 4, to work with El Ahmadi.

    At the risk of upsetting some Villa fans, I am not a Stephen Ireland fan, yes he works hard but he is neither a proper anchor midfielder (De Jong) nor is he a thrill seeking playmaker (Jordie Clasie or Stephen Defour) and that is the type of player we need to work with what we have.

    And if it were down to me I would sell Charles ‘Lazy Boy’ N’Zogbia

  3. People on hear make me laugh..Sell Ireland Sell N Zog Sell Hutton Sell Warnock etc To sell these players you must have a buyer with one eye and slightly tapped in the head(Ireland apart).If you was a manager would you buy Warnock or Hutton??A week to go b4 West Ham away and I hope PL has something up his sleeve,because although we will have a better season as everyone nows we are very week in certain positions and say 4 instance Bent gets injured,We would be in shit street!

  4. Sorry,but i dont want Phillips here.He can go to Southampton.We have Albrighton,Carruthers,Nzogbia and Holman,all who can do a job on the wings.Left back and striker should be priority

  5. I maybe wrong but i am under the impression you rate Matty Phillips Ian

  6. Phillips is not a very good footballer,if he was a star of his division then man u,arsenal,Chelsea would be putting money down for him like they did with oxlaide chamberlain and that kid man u have just signed from crew(he will be ace)

  7. Personally would be looking at holden of bolton, great engine and is a very good player with prem experiance, hard worker and wants to play football, fits in with what we want to do at the club, would get a left back, and a strong striker (jones could be better than people think) think that would make the squad stronger and then look at a wide man maybe in jan, we have some strong young wingers coming through and think n’zog and albrighton could come good so not as big a need as other positions in my opinion

  8. I can’t speak to Matt Phillips as I know little about him, but I think it is pretty obvious we need help in the back and we need a top notch and experienced player up front to partner Benty. A team that conceded so many goals to Forest and obviously was a main problem for us last year will need to be strengthened. As I look at the squad that left for Bremen, I can’t say it gives me much confidence (even if Hutton and Warnock are left out). We also need a big target man up front who can set up Bent and score himself. Having said that, I predict Zoggie will have a great seaon for us.

  9. so it was Southampton anyway, gonna be an interesting week or two in the transfer market

  10. i dont think that n’zogbia is cut out for villa…….not as a striker anyway!!! i also like albrighton, i’d rather see him than bannan starting!!! vlaar and clark look good in n defense, i just hope benty has an injury free season and bangs loads of goals in for us…….but on the other hand if he does he could move on again for another ‘big’ team!!!!

    up the villa!!!!

  11. Matt Phillips was approached by Southampton and not Villa , id like him down VP to but i don’t think we can afford him, how bad does that sound and i’ll tell you for why! his wages will be low but Blackpool will demand at least £6million for him if not more like they did with Charlie Adam he is there prized asset & for some reason Lambert doesn’t haggle if you know what i mean, he enquires if he doesn’t hear what he wants to hear he moves on to another target e.g if he made a bid for Phillips say £3million Blackpool would reject that he wouldn’t negotiate he’d move on to some one else sometimes you just have to haggle and surely someone like Phillips would say to Holloway ‘ mate, premier league i want to go’ and hands in a transfer request

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