Graham rules out Villa Link and no Lukaku

Interesting news out tonight in what seems an endless search for a forward.

Danny Graham the Swansea forwards has denied that he is a link for us. I have not heard tlinks to him before but he replied to worried Swansea fans on his twitter feed.

@benjledger: @DannyGraham10 any truth in the rumours your off to Aston Villa for £10m? #UTV #AVFC” 1st I’ve heard


Anyone else hear these rumours ?

another link for Villa was to young Chelsea forward Lukaku. He had been linked to a loan move but tonight West Brom announced that they had got him. I also think this rules out any possible move for Sturrridge is ruled out.

So just who will be the new forward then, if any ?

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55 comments on “Graham rules out Villa Link and no Lukaku

  1. I hadn’t heard any Danny Graham rumours until Danny Graham denied some random bloke who tweeted him about it. Nothing there. Especially at £10 million!

    Sturridge was never an option. Not sure why people thought he was. They only had Torres Sturridge and Lukaku to start with and Sturridge played a lot last season, Lukaku barely played.

    We need a striker. Delfouneso has been left out of the squad for Germany as well, with only Bent and Weimann as strikers surely he’s injured or on his way out.

    Either it is going to be a very interesting couple of weeks for Villa in the transfer market, or this season is going to be just as long and almost as painful as the last one.

  2. Danny Graham? HaHaHaHa – hell no! Daniel Sturridge would be EPIC! Any takeover rumours?! because that is the only way we’ll get Sturridge home to BirmIngham!!

  3. I realliy like Sturridge but he needs to play week in, week out. It’s up to him to force his way out of Chelsea and find somewhere to play every week. We’re bigger than Chelsea (I’m still clinging on to history) but we would be perfect for Sturridge!

  4. Danny Graham he is shit plain and simple.

  5. Klaas-Jan Huntelaar 10 million

  6. KJH is no good to Villa as he is just another Darren Bent, not as quick but with a slightly better touch.

    What we need is a striker who can either

    A. Hold the ball up, be a focal point for attack and can win ball after ball in the air to be the first line of defence ala Peter Withe


    B. A creative technical forward who can run with the ball, open up defences, knows what the pass is, can pick up the ball from deep to create a counter attack and score 12-18 goals a season ala Peter Beardsley

  7. That Graham’s way too slow to be effective, ten million Jesus, the markets more crazy than usual this summer.

  8. I’ve heard through reliable sources that if RVP jobs united Berbertov is on his way to villa park. He wants to stay in the EPL. As kids are settled in school.

  9. Berbatov could come good if he gets to play week in week out and don’t see why we couldnt attract him. Only concern, really hasnt looked very motivated in the last 2 years. I wouldn’t like to see another Ginola pension fund scenario…

  10. Good call. He’d score goals Paulo Lamberto, something that we will find very difficult to do with the current crop of impotent strikers (Benty aside) at Villa Park.

  11. It would be brilliant if the “lean and mean” version of Berbatov that Paulo Lamberto refers to appeared at Villa Park. Motivation does appear to have been a problem recently as far as the player is concerned however, and as Ian says, he doesn’t seem to fit Lambert’s “player profile” in terms of signings anyway.
    Sadly, guys, I think we have to file this one under “if only…”

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