Graham rules out Villa Link and no Lukaku

Interesting news out tonight in what seems an endless search for a forward.

Danny Graham the Swansea forwards has denied that he is a link for us. I have not heard tlinks to him before but he replied to worried Swansea fans on his twitter feed.

@benjledger: @DannyGraham10 any truth in the rumours your off to Aston Villa for £10m? #UTV #AVFC” 1st I’ve heard


Anyone else hear these rumours ?

another link for Villa was to young Chelsea forward Lukaku. He had been linked to a loan move but tonight West Brom announced that they had got him. I also think this rules out any possible move for Sturrridge is ruled out.

So just who will be the new forward then, if any ?

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55 comments on “Graham rules out Villa Link and no Lukaku

  1. should have signed lukaku! absolutely gutted we havent! would have been amazing! shocking

  2. Whats the story with Das Bost. Did he go ro Wolfsburg? Hes worth a look if he hasn’t moved yet

  3. It’s looking more and more likely it’s going to be Kenwyn jones then. Not impressed by that link at all. Really think we should look at ola toivonen or try a cheeky 2 mill bid for roque santa cruz.

    • santa cruz is past it and would be on way too high wage for what we are looking for!

    • So what if its jones, it may work out for him at villa. At least we need someone in. I hate all this rubbish that we don’t want this and that. I think jones could get goals if we do get him.

      • Fair enough he may end up working out but untill he’s signed and played for us all we have to go on is his career upto now. Which as far as I’m concerned hadn’t been very good. His scoring record is pretty poor and he’s consistently inconsistent. He’s the type of player we should be looking at in terms of style but not good enough IMO. Steven fletcher is over priced but a much better player.

    • Similar comment to one I heard in 1980 when we signed Peter Withe, sometimes the unfashionable piece of the jigsaw can be the key piece!!

      • I like Kenwyne Jones, he reminds me of a slinky spring. I wouldn’t spend several million on a slinky spring tho…..

  4. Not a fan of loan deals, but Romelu Lukaku would have been a shrewd piece of business had we managed to bring him to B6.

    Disappointing that.

  5. i think its a actually been a disappointing summer for us.

    jones deal will delay. stoke wanted lakaku first and they haven’t got him.

    at this rate, with how our squad is ( i wouldn’t be surprised if we dont get anyone else) i think we are one of the weakest sides

  6. jones would be ok, lakaku would have been better and he will improve WBA. our strike force is very weak, we need a LB and a winger as well and proven good ones or we will struggle

  7. Feed the Yak & he will score would have been an intriguing signing but he’s gone to China. Scored goals against the big teams like the Arse/ManUre last season for Blackburn. A spectacular explosive player to foil with Benty is what’s needed.

  8. Chin up AVFC.

    We have to believe, and remain both upbeat and positive.

    Its safe to say that Paul Lambert knows exactly who and what is needed, and hopefully Randy Lerner will be receptive to Paul’s request for cash to strengthen.

    • “and hopefully Randy Lerner will be receptive to Paul’s request for cash to strengthen.”

      “Hopefully” being the operative word, imo.

      I like your optimism, Glensider, but I’m not convinced.
      As always, I hope I’m wrong.

      • The word ‘hopefully’ is indeed uttered, err, extremely hopefully anon3.

        I’m not as positive, as convinced, as perhaps I’ve attempted to come across as.

        I only got to see the three stateside games this summer, I haven’t got to a domestic friendly unfortunately, and while I saw some positive and encouraging signs, I left each game with reservations and one or two concerns.

        We are short, we do need strengthening, we are not where we need to be, BUT, if a novice like yours truly can spot the failings, I’m damn sure Paul Lambert has done so too…..plus picked up on other problems that have escaped my biased claret and blue eyes.

        I remain positive, I remain upbeat and buoyant, convinced that RL will finance the necessary deals, and I firmly believe that we shall kick off at Upton Park in fine fettle, ready to face and overcome all challenges.

        Am I living in a dream world? Yes, quite possibly I am.

        p.s. Tough test tomorrow. They will give us a strong work out.

  9. How much have we spent so far 7-8mil? theres only like 8 days left to the season starts and we still need a LB, possibly a CB and RB and winger, I think we need a defensive mid, and definetly a Striker. 3 signings atleast we need and its shit beacuse preseason is over soon and it leaves no time for players to settle in and bond with other teamates before the season starts.

    • Hard to argue with you Kieran. Keep the faith though. RL and PL will come through….I think….I hope!

      • Look at the squad that has gone Germany glensider, Idearly we need 6-7 signings but i doubt thats going to happen

        • As I say Kieran, its hard to argue too long and loud with you, because in many ways you are voicing my own concerns.

          P.S., if I may. Your comment yesterday re knowing Blackpool supporters, and the idiots who responded to you questioning your statement. Ignore them (I think you did actually). Selfish I know, but I like your posts, enjoy them, so I’m 100% in your camp.

          PLUS… I have a very close friend (ex-work colleague), who lives in Norbreck, Blackpool, and he’s a season ticket holder at Bloomfield Road.

          What the hell’s wrong about knowing a Blackpool fan?

          • Thanks glensider I appreciate it mate, I really do. It felt odd getting abuse just for a simple comment and being made out like I was a liar.

    • We don’t need a right back. LB and a striker are musts tho. Lowton can play at centre back do wouldn’t be the end of the world if we didn’t get one. Think Vlaar and Clark will be a decent partnership

  10. On a similar but slightly different note, I see that Simon Kjear is officially for sale at €6.5m and he has said he will never play for Wolfburg again.

    With Toivanen and a left back, that would be £20m that is the supposed war chest but we would still need a defensive midfielder and winger………

  11. I see we are being linked with Charlie Adams again, Know Liverpool has signed Joe Allen, interesting!

  12. Danny Graham??? Jesus😦 i cant take much more of this!

  13. If Delfouneso gets enough chances then we wont need a target man.Left back and another centre back should be priotised

  14. its ridiculous , mat kendrick has said the plan is for 2 more before 31st!!! we need to more before west ham and more after!! pfft the feel good factor has gone, im sorry if i feel negative….

    • I’m starting to worry to, we need atleast a Lb, CDM and a stiker. Also Warnock has been lest out of the Bremen trip!

    • sit tight big c lambert will do us right he is proving point with some of these lot collins warnock hutton etc warnock last week was woeful i think he seen enough.. i am sure lowton can play left back to hence the kyle naughton link coming up again..Juat have a little more faith and two weeks till end of transfer market the team and players are starting to take place now lambert is a man management will demand nothing but best and way of play if you feel negative cast mind back to last season pal..utv

  15. Warnock left out of squad to play Bremen,poised to join Sunderland

  16. i see warnock hutton and the fonz have not travelled to germany unless injured with warnock and fonz maybe movement the fonz was non existent last week at forest wont miss them three and i would think of excess of another 70 grand plus of wages to make way for another player

  17. Is anybody else concerned that we haven’t got enough quality in the side yet? I just wish Lerner would show us he still means business with a couple of quality signings. I think our Midfield lacks premier league experience.

  18. Just to clarify I’m a Villa fan and season ticket holder! Members of my family who are Swansea fans heard the rumour!

  19. Not looking very clever at the moment. Really hope PL can pull a real rabbit out the hat up front! We may struggle to give him service though without an exciting winger and strong box to box midfielder who are equally as good! Really hope PL has at least 20m left in the kitty or this could be another tough season competing in the 3rd mini league of the prem.

  20. Yep, if I had to pin things down, it’s the box to box midfielder we’re lacking, imo.
    Another Milner would sort us, imo.

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