Do not celebrate Warnock going until he does

Squad for the Bremen game has been announced by Mat Kendrick.

A few fans seem to be excited at this squad.

Given, Guzan, Marshall, Lowton, Vlaar, Clark, Lichaj, Stevens, Baker, El Ahmadi, Bannan, Ireland, Delph, Gardner, N’Zogbia, Holman, Bent, Weimann.

Couple of obvious names missing and Warnock being the notable one in this squad ahead of Hutton and the Fonz. However until he actually leaves then obviously under ‘one in one out’ another player can not be brought in. With the issue of his wages and wish to stay living on Merseyside it will be difficult to sell him.

Hutton for example has been in just one pre season team, the signal was obvious and yet he is still in the squad isn’t he ? I do believe that he will go and players will be brought in but may take another week or so.

The problem is, looking at that squad and allowing for injuries it is scary just how weak it is if that is the one for the West Ham game. We all know where the weaknesses lie within the squad and people are getting a bit itchy with just three weeks left of the window.

However like those people who moaned with MON I was always quite calm until the actual window closed and will remain so with Lambert. He is no fool, he knows what has to be done and he will do it.

30 comments on “Do not celebrate Warnock going until he does

  1. If hes not in any squad we celebrate

  2. Lichaj and stevens can cover.feel sorry for fonz though

  3. Wonder where Chris Herd is, off on loan maybe instead of Delph? Also, if we go into the West Ham game with that squad, they’ll bully us off the park.

  4. i posted yesterday about a dressing room meeting and herd was one who was laid into in under no circumstances few put in there place..

    • upthevilla 76,
      Can you say that again, mate?

      • i posted yesterday about a harsh set of words in dressing room and herd was one of a few who had it full on from our manager about what had been going on at club prior to him arriving

  5. Bit suprised that Delph is in ahead of Herd. I know who I rate more. Regarding Warnock. This selection shows he will not be featuring much whether he stays or not and that can only be good news. Probably Lihaj and Stevens will be 1st and 2nd choice respectively.

  6. Guys this squad won’t cut it this season. I wish it would but it won’t. PL needs players in urgently but unfortunately we wont get them because of Randys lack of ambition and his new frugal streak. All in all it’s going to be another long season….

  7. Warnock and Fonz left out and will be replaced with guidetti permanent move and rose season long loan and he will bring in cresswell in January we trust u pl up the VILLA!

  8. Herd is injured from what I remember. Against Peterbrough he went off injured

  9. Carruthers not included either. Thought he might with the Albrighton injury. I am almost certain that we will be starting the season with the narrow diamond formation. Not complaining about that considering the lack of wingers we have and the pletora of central midfielders at our disposal

  10. We’re not in a position to be leaving out players like Warnock, however badly you rate him our squad is thin and we need senior players like him, other than him we have no other notable left back. I really don’t want us to rely soley on Enda Stevens…

  11. Injuries during the season is the biggest worry for sure, unless a young talent rises. I won’t hold my breath on that one though!!

  12. I agree with Scott. The idea Warnock can go when he is one of the few experienced players we have is foolish. At Forest last week he was one of the few players who looked comfortable. Hutton may be a lost cause but as Lowton has no experience of the Premiership and Carlos has gone the lack of experience at left back is scary. Not much better in the middle of defence. Midfield lacks a solid player since Petrov went off sick, and Herd is the only player of that type we have, so if he is out of favour who bosses midfield?

    But the really worrying thing is the lack of forwards. No replacement for Heskey? Sorry, one out one in means we bring in a forward. Gabby is not a regular scorer, and we cannot rely on Bent to carry the task of scoring. If the Fonz is definitely not going to make it, and Weimann is still lacking games, I wonder where the goals are coming from.

    trevor fisher

  13. Lack of finishing prowess is a definite concern. Minus Darren Bent, we are completely impotent up front. Yes, its a worry Trevor Fisher. I’m with you on that.

  14. I’m not sure we have a “1 in 1 out”, but I am all for continuing the clear out. My hopes at the start of the window were to get rid of as many overpaid underachievers as possible. The reason we have had such a small squad for a while now is that we spend the majority of our budget on the minority of players, and they are simply no better than the rest of the squad.

    Rumours have been around all window that Warnock would go. Dunne may also leave as he is likely to be 3rd choice. Makoun looks as though he’s gone, same with Hutton.

    That would leave high earners as Given Ireland N’Zogbia Gabby Bent (Petrov). And from there I would say most would have to step it up BIG TIME to avoid the chop next summer.

    Clearly Warnock would only be let go if we had an immediate replacement incoming. Interesting couple of weeks ahead in the transfer market.

  15. People are reading too much into things & assuming there’s a ‘1 in 1 out’ policy. PL on the whole has been quiet on the transfer front. Herd was injured last weekend & young Carruthers is on international duty. PL seems to have a thing for Delph though. Here’s hoping his faith is repaid.

  16. All I have ever seen from Delph is one good pre-season performance against an Italian side and a shower of shite since!

    Obviously a touchy subject but Petrov- Delph partnership at the start of last season did not work for me – and I don’t blame Stan!

    I want Fabien to be good but I’ve just seen absolutely nothing in him!

  17. God I hope we sign some players next week!!

  18. That squad looks awful. We are so short of experience and quality in defence and apart from bent the rest of the forwards aren’t good enough. Feel good factor has definitely gone for me unless the club pull their finger out and start making some more signings in the next week or two. Minimum 4 more players needed.

    • Personally I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the squad looks “awful”, Dan, but I think we all know where you’re coming from. Ideally I’d like to see a left back, an experienced DM and a striker brought in. Oh, and in case I haven’t said so before on here(!) young Matt Phillips!
      Still, I’ve also said before that after the shambles of the last couple of seasons, I’m trying to be a bit more laid back about things, and trying to learn to trust the judgement of a Villa manager again. Lambert strikes me as a smart, no nonsense type, and the signals being sent out so far suggest he knows where our immediate problems lie. Collins has already gone, and it seems pretty obvious to me that he has little time for either Hutton or Warnock, and would like to shift them out if at all possible (which, sadly, might actually not prove to be so). Where I wouldn’t agree with you is in saying that the “feel good factor” has gone. Lambert’s only been in the job a short while, and we haven’t even kicked a ball in anger yet. He and his team have got a real job on their hands to rejuvenate and remotivate our jaded looking squad. It’s going to take time and effort, and there’ll be setbacks too. But, for the first time in a while, I feel optimistic about things; I think we’re going to arrest and reverse the downward spiral.
      I think (and hope) those signings will come. Keep the faith, mate. UP THE VILLA!

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