Jones for Villa, hope this is a wind up

There has been a rumour flying around today on twitter.

Personally I do not believe it, but the rumour states that Kenwynne Jones will be at villa in a cash plus Hutton to Stoke deal. So I have been thinking it is rubbish but then I see this from Sky Sports Pete Colley.

@muzzavilla @rogerw34 @matkendrick @timothyabraham Heard Jones yesterday but I’d be surprised but then Grant Holt was a big lump up front?!


Now when we speculate about a forward we do think it will be a big man up front. Holt was orignally linked, Caroll has been linked throughout the summer and now we have Jones.

I agree that we need a big man up front with some physical presence that is obvious to all. However Kenwynne Jones is NOT a player many of us would really want. His record is not that good, we still have Bent and his partnership up at Sunderland never really worked. I still hold onto hopes we will bring in a decent foreign signing.

REMEMBER STILL PLENTY OF TIME until the transfer window closes. With just over a week to go until the season starts we will see the transfer market start to wind up.

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111 comments on “Jones for Villa, hope this is a wind up

  1. no to Jones,(heskey Mk 2 !) hes missed so many sitters. if big money is avail john Guidetti hands down. money tight agree with Chris b ,santa Cruz,has alot more skill and better first touch. im also a big fan of ianrobo’s lovechild = matty phillips !. just read Holloway close to signing teenage winger James Caton.?

  2. Need a decent wide right player (NOT f*****g Albrighton before some of you start) to create a supply line to Benty and whoever. Kenwyne Jones would be o.k.

    With limited cash to spend, he’d come at the right sort of price, and accept a salary in line with Lerner’s thinking.

  3. So what’s wrong with Albrighton?
    I’d defy anyone to name a better crosser of the ball (at pace) at the club.
    Works his balls off too, imo.

    • Apart from him being one of the most over rated youngsters to work his way through the ranks you mean anon3? No pace, no left foot, cant read a game, needs space and time to deliver a cross, a liability when he tackles, particularly in or around our own penalty area, and oh yes, he cant beat a man.

      Apart from any of that you mean?

      • No left boot- true
        Liability when tackling – true
        Cant’t read a game- yet
        No pace – bollocks
        Can’t beat a man – bollocks
        Needs space + time to deliver- bollocks again
        Most overrated youth prospect?
        No I think that was Luke Moore
        And who is over rating him?
        Speak for yourself
        He was excellent at youth/reserve
        He was excellent for half his first season in the prem
        He was shit last season
        So which of our wingers were good last season? Which of any our ayers were good?
        If it isn’t working sell him? coaching or different tactics are irrelevant ?
        Give him a chance ffs

        • Give him a chance? Beaky Albrighton hasn’t got the necessary Colonius81.

          You think Albrighton has pace? You’re taking the piss. He’s a player we need shut of, to be replaced by better, that’s if we ever want to get back on track.

          PL will soon suss him out, and have him gone from Villa Park. A League One player at best.

      • First half of 2010/11 season under Houllier was class. Last season had a mare.

        • But it’s not difficult to assess why. Well it is for lots of people because just reading the initial article followed by some of the comments, there is a massive lack of understanding of football by the writer and plenty of his followers but to be charitable I guess it’s all about opinions. Not that Ian said anything about Albrighton but his comments about Kenwyne Jones were harsh and without merit. Especially given that Ian also suggested if we buy one ‘special’ player it should be Daniel Sturridge. Comical stuff!

          Back to Albrighton, and essentially McLeish is a nightmare for any attacking player. Albrighton was constantly getting the ball about 30 yards further back under Eck than he was under Houllier. This consequently means his crosses were often coming in deep or he was having to check back. In addition, how often did we have attacking options in the box when he crossed the ball? Our midfield players were often static in the middle of the park, which is why Gary Gardner was like a breath of fresh air at times; I can’t help but wonder, had Gardner scored with that header in the opening moments against Wolves, just how much more he may have kicked on.

          Incidentally, I think our lack of wide players is partly why Gardner hasn’t looked so hot in pre-season, but I digress.

          Once again returning to Albrighton and I would suggest that when he came on in the home game against Chelsea, and turned the game, temporarily at least, that we simply look at the facts. We were chasing the game so we were attacking. He was getting the ball further up the field, he had attacking options and the way he set up Lichaj’s goal is a perfect example of what he can do when the team is doing things correctly.

          I am not denying the lad can be inconsistent and I am certainly not suggesting he is a world beater but to write him off after not one – not fucking one – player last season can say they did themselves justice is idiotic, short-sighted and as mentioned above, frankly displays a lack of knowledge of football.

          • Albrighton will never be a top flight regular at Villa Park. He simply isn’t good enough.

            He hasn’t developed or progressed for two years plus, in fact he was static in his final season in the reserve team too.

            A very poor player. If he’s part of the future of AVFC, then God help us.

          • Give him another chance now we’ve got a good manager that can bring the best out of him

          • Nothing to do with the manager Kieran, Albrighton doesn’t possess the tools to make it at Villa Park.

            One of the worst wide right players I’ve witnessed at Villa Park in over forty years of supporting the club. Vastly over-rated.

          • He splits opinions nearly as much as Lerner lol

          • I remember albrighton tearing strips of evra couple seasons ago down villa he took him apart but does not have many days like that he does have a great delivery but its getting to the are area he needs to. but i will say lambert has said he wants players to play with out fear not to be scared of making mistake in fianl third maybe that may suit marc for me i would give him another season…

          • What a pompous, self opinionated bag of wind. Really Phil Kimberley (@sheriffkimbo), someone disagrees with your view of things, and you dismiss them as ‘idiotic, short-sighted and as mentioned above, frankly displays a lack of knowledge of football’.

            You seem to rate Marc Albrighton, there’s many of us who dont. The guy is no more a premier league footballer than I am.

          • Was anything I said any worse than “The guy is no more a premier league footballer than I am.”? That’s absolutely ridiculous, at least I tried to back up my argument with sensible and relevant points.

            I am entitled to my opinion. People are entitled to theirs, and just like that bollocks about me being pompous (I am very friendly and working class away from silly internet arguments!) I am probably being harsh saying people are idiotic – for which I genuinely apologise. However I am sick of reading garbage articles and even more stupid comments, why I bother I have no idea.

            That said, saying people are idiotic was harsh, so yeah, sorry about that. I stand by the other stuff though.

          • Very well said Phil……I completely agree with you and Chyna above but……..on the basis of your final paragraph, should we not be looking to give Mr Hutton a second chance? Or just agree that there are exceptions to every rule?

          • Well I think the difference is that Hutton was awful at Spurs and painfully average at Rangers from the few games I see of theirs each season. Also Lambert clearly isn’t interested in giving him another chance, which speaks volumes, surely! Hell Lambert might not rate Albrighton when he comes back, if he doesn’t, fair enough and good luck to Marc if that’s what happens. Thankfully, he’s the only opinion that matters, if it was up to the fans we’d never get a bloody team picked would we🙂

  4. Why would the signing of Kenwyne Jones be a wind up. Have we forgotten that money is tight and we are trying to cut our cloth accordingly. Jones is big strong and quick and is capable of banging in 10 goals plus a season as well as setting up DB with a fair few. it’s no secret we are after a target man we could do worse. Let’s be honest if Hutton going the other way is part of the deal, bring it on!

  5. I like Jones when he first came on the premireship scene loads of clubs was linked with him even chelski. Give him a chance if its true i think he’s a good fit for what we need as a second striker. Would score more than agbonlahor if he joins us which isn’t really hard to do whether if he’s injured or not. I would love Lukaku could really see the fans get behind him and make him feel at home but the Villa need to make our own stars not help other clubs make there’s. UTV

  6. I’ve heard from a ‘reliable source’ that we are trying to sign Romelu Lukaku on a seasons loan. I’m guessing that some fool has confused the two (the other being Jones) because of their indistinct similarity in appearance!

    • ‘Reliable source ‘ that old chestnut if I had a pound each time I read that on here

    • Unless your reliable source is Paul Lambert ‘I.Know.Squat’, I’d forget it if I were you. Its clearly bullshit…unless as I say, your source is Paul Lambert.

  7. Got a great idea why don’t we go for kaka!! His available and think he maybe able to get in are team! (Just maybe) Jose dont want him! And jones is not good enough according to some idiots on here! (people need to wake up jones is the best we can get at the moment til we start finishing higher in the prem!) Some people need to get it in there heads where not a top 4/6 team where not as attractive as we use to be!

  8. I work with Eric Black’s son. Black has always been Steve Bruce’s assistant. Bruce and Black have said that Jones was the worst person to ever train. They’ve been at lots of clubs so that isnt a great accolade. If he didn’t like the training he wouldn’t try and disrupt the group and undermine the coaching staff by constantly not taking things seriously. He was always lazy and was more interested in what time training finished rather than train.

    If we were to go for a ‘target man’ I’d definitely just go for Crouch, proven at every club in Prem, rather spend a few extra million on someone I know who can do it. Personally don’t like the choice of having a target man but if we go for one I’d go for him.


    • hey mate if thats true about jones there is no way lambert will have that attitude reading what players say about him and how he likes them to train..

      • Yes it is true, Joe’s Son lives in Leamington after his time at Blues and Cov. I ain’t just saying it for sake of saying it either. If Jones was such a decent player why has Crouch replaced him. We don’t need cast offs but hungry players who play for team and not themselves

  9. dont want jones but if it means we get rid of hutton i think i would have a think about it and he cant be worse the heskey. albrighton can be a gd player he just needs some management the whole team got worse under mctwat, seems 2 me that some fans just want the whole team gone. i will give marc my full backing as i think he will come gd.

  10. aston villa are close to signing berbatov

  11. Jones might not be reagrded the new ‘Batistuta’ however at the right price it could only add to our thin squad.. i know its not all about cuantity but quality but i believe PL could get Jones scoring again as he did had a decent spellcouiple seasons ago at sunderland.. maybe he does not like it at stoke!

    On another note.. i think we could do with the services of a powerhouse player like Yakubu ‘the YAK’ from rovers as he has stated he does not want to play in the championship.. this guy could come for cheap and almost scored all of Blackburns goals by himself!!


  12. Move along, nothing to see here…

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