Speculation : Villa in for Farina from Gubbio

This link has been on a few sites now.

We have been linked with 30 year old Simone Farina – CALICOMERCATO LINK

ASTON VILLA MARKET FLOUR GUBBIO / BIRMINGHAM (England) – With its ‘great refusal’ he gave on the match-fixing investigation. Simone Farina, defender of Gubbio, after becoming the symbol of football 200 000 euros in refusing clean attempted to combine a cup game with Cesena, Italy, denouncing the attempted bribe to the Federal prosecutor, a few days ago he received a large supply from ‘Aston Villa. The Birmingham club wants him to sign a three-year assignments in the youth sector, as reported by ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’. An important recognition, yet another for the man already named ambassador for fair play from FIFA President Blatter.

It appears from reading this that we are offerring a deal to a player who blew the bribery scandal in Italy apart. This appearts to be on a coaching deal with the Youth Team rather than a first team player.

A rather random but fun link.


James Horncastle a European football writer has said this on TWITTER

James Horncastle ‏@JamesHorncastle

Farina is 30, but, according to Gazzetta, he’s considering ending his playing career, to work within the game teaching fair-play/good values

James Horncastle James Horncastle ‏@JamesHorncastle

Gazzetta claim that Villa want to add Farina to their youth set-up + get him to teach youngsters about fair-play/morality etc #AVFC

17 comments on “Speculation : Villa in for Farina from Gubbio

  1. Cheaper than having a morality/good values/fair play, just show the kids contrasting life to date videos of Cahill and Lee Hendry!!!!!!!!

  2. He’s obviously found a horses head on his pillow and is looking for a quick route out of Italy.

  3. It has gone worringly quite on the transfer front. We are still woefully short & the feel good factor is starting to wear a little thin. A left-back, attacking midfielder, a winger & a centre-forward are whats needed to make us competitive. Lerner needs to support Lambert in the transfer market otherwise its going to be a long hard season again. Over to you Randy.

  4. There’s no money, and there will be no big signings.

  5. Then we’re in trouble Dave, because the ‘squad’ that Lambert has at his disposal is embarrasingly weak. Season-long-loans are a total waste of time. Its sad when the likes of Southampton, West Ham & QPR have more financial clout than us.
    Lambert is an exceptional manager & he needs to be backed.
    We’re back to the Ellis days where he use to give his managers £4m a year & expect European qualification.

    • Nail hit firmly on head Gareth.

      You’ll upset the natives though by ctiticising Lerner. Sunshine’s out of his arse to hear some go on about how good he is/has been for AVFC.

  6. We’re the fifth highest net spenders in the league since Randy Lerner arrived.

    Hardly DHE-like stewardship.

    Look at Everton if you want to see the definition of low spending. And Moyes was finishing above MON.

    • I’m not interested Vaze in expenditure in the early years of the Lerner era. He provided, no complaints from yours truly. His lack of control over the spending was the problem. The buck stops with him. He obviously o.k.’d the transfer fee’s and the remuneration packages being offered.

      I’m interested in the present, today, the 2012-13 season. He cannot keep insisting on cut backs and limited outlays on team strengthening and rebuilding. We’ve come close to the drop these past two seasons, and more of the same is in store for us unless he allows PL to bring in new faces to boost the current depleted squad.

      Lambert is not a miracle worker. He inherited a mess, and needs financial support to help him to turn things around.

      Will Lerner come through? I damn well hope so, but I’m not holding my breath.

  7. “We’re the fifth highest net spenders in the league since Randy Lerner arrived”.

    Means nothing Vaze. Right now we are standing still, stagnating, in decline. Financial support for the manager has dried up. How long is Lerner going to sing the same tired old song?

    I’m investing in the club, I’ve renewed my season ticket(s), I regularly buy Villa Merchandise, and I attend 60% of away games. Is Lerner going to invest in financially backing Paul Lambert?

    We’ll see, but certainly doesn’t look promising.

    How Lerner’s two appointments, Houllier and McLeish, plus Lerner’s cut back policy, has failed to date I’ll never know.

    Third time unlucky? I wonder.

  8. Im disappointed we still have Warnock and Hutton.Seriously, these agents get paid for nothing, I think I should be one!

  9. Personally I’m fed up of hearing what Lerner has pumped into AVFC, and how he’s backed his managers. Bullshit! He’ll get his monies back, plus some. He hasn’t pumped a solitary penny into the club, that he wont get back five fold.

  10. I understand where you are all coming from and I’d be delighted to see us spend £150m on true International stars before the season begins, I spend good money to watch us too. It’s unlikely.

    However, why some people think he’ll get back his money and five times the profit is beyond me. Football clubs are not cash cows, I doubt a Chairman in the league turns a profit (one covers a huge debt).

    Agree that supporting MON with what was in hindsight a reckless amount of investment for no real return was folly, but none of us picked it up at the time, and it’s why for me the MON era will always be looked back on as close but no cigar.

    It was an ideal time with only Man U & Chelsea dominant, Arsenal starting the faltering path to six seasons without an honour, Liverpool falling away, and Everton punching above their financial weight but with no real threat.

    Spurs and Citeh were relegation dodgers, Newcastle caught a bullet, and we still finished sixth, four times. Two good cup runs in five seasons.

    That sounds a good soundbite now, we were sixth, four times consecutively, but it was a time when fourth could be taken and Lerner sensed it, MON couldn’t deliver it.

    As for now, I think that Lerner still has ambitions, I think that he has shared them with PL. I doubt PL would have taken the job on without having spoken to MON, and MON must surely have said that Lerner will back success. He pumped in the cash when we were ‘on the up’.

    It’s another year of building, and removing the deadwood. Another year of experience for the younger lads coming through, and PL looking and shaping the squad.

    We’re not in danger of relegation, but I don’t see a splurge in the next few weeks, it’ll be high earners out for fresh blood in, maybe a couple or three more, or perhaps nothing.

    Villa don’t have a bottomless pit of cash, look at any league table of football income and we’re embarrassed. I think that PL and Randy both know that it’s worth keeping a little powder dry until the new man can have all his own men and those he wants to keep.

    That’ll be next season, not this.

    I don’t wish to sound negative, but it’s a more realistic take on matters than spend, spend, spend again, there’s another new bloke in charge.

  11. really getting sick of fans having a go at lerner, he has put a lot of money into villa (yes mon wasted a lot) but he still saying he will back his new man and untill thats proved wrong then i will back him all the way, we would be very silly 2 sign 3 new players and still have 2 pay hutton, warnock and maybe 1 or 2 others, i still think the team we have now is a top10 side and that would be fine for this seasonas its proguess and its better 2 have 20mil to spend next year and not just waste it all now but thats not 2 say i dont think we need players now cause every team could do with 1 or 2 more. lets all give lambert some time and show that we are good fans.

  12. There is something i really wanna commend the club for and that’s the new fans forum. I emailed NickyKeye about getting a fans forum started by where fans could meet qith club officials like Lambert,FAULKNER or even Lerner. I asked that fans be allowed to ask questions of the owner, manager,etc and they are putting it into action. Unfortunately it’s only for ST holders right now but I’ve spoken with NickyKeye again by email and asked if some ordinary fans can be allowed to get involved also don the line.

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