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Articles required

I can not keep thinking of things myself🙂

So please get writing and send me something about your thoughts on Villa.

As long as they are 200 words and relevant to the club I will post them unedited and you can help to continue to drive the success of this blog.

Please submit anything by using the Submit page above.

One comment on “Articles required

  1. Well as for scouting for a villa gem PL and his team need to get their finger out for as for what i have seen and red about the preseason it as gone quite well.But there is still a lot to be done before we can move forward never known a villa side so weak in goalkeeping Given and Curzen in my opinion are just not fit for purpose neither are capable of keeping many clean sheets,and that should be a worry to all villa fans.Another area is the defence no quality and as for strikers none are capable of reaching double figures say at least 20 goals per season.Had high hopes when PL Came in and bought his own backroom staff Culverhouse and Karser thought just maybe villa had at last bought in the dream team say like Clough&Taylor or Saunders&Barton.But are now having my doutes .We will see however next week when the game starts for real.Although i think that unless a quality keeper is bought in can;t see us getting anthing out of the Hammers game.All in all my opinion is that PL so far as bought in players on the cheap and not looked at the overall picture villa are not a team like Norwich that are trying to stabalise in the prem we have been there a long time and are a club that is looking to move forward in the prem not just stabalisation .I hope i am proven wrong but can;t see it myself unless the overhaul the fans where promised takes place.I know this is a bit long winded but thought it was about time i had my say as i read your blogs with great interest Nursery.

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