Speculation – Capitial FM – £13M bid for Fletcher

This is a stunning move IF TRUE.

On Twitter this has been posted by @maradona_AVFC10 which he has heard on the Radio.

CapitalFM allegedly reporting #avfc have bid 13million for Fletcher!! God help us #avfc has MON returned?

I am not sure how trust worthy the source is or just a wind up. Surely at £13M this is simply a windup to get people going, Fletcher is NOT that good. He does fit a Lambert model for a forward (see Grant Holt) but for £13M ?? Wow, that is a lot of cash !

Or is it Wolves simply boosting his price up to force more out of Sunderland ?

The news was originally posted on THIS page from the Sunderland forum ‘Ready to Go’. A poster called ‘Arthur Mullard’ claimed he heard it on local station Capital FM.

EDIT 19:00 – The Guardian are reporting that Sunderland have bid a final offer of £12M – LINK , this story looks like Wolves one last attempt to boost the price.

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94 comments on “Speculation – Capitial FM – £13M bid for Fletcher

  1. Just reading through the comments here and you’ve gotta admit we’re all just guessing and getting our knickers in a twist. Until the windows closes, and even our response in the January window, we won’t know the picture.
    It’s quite clear Lerner is clearing the decks, old over paid and under performing players out, and a general reduction of the wage bill. BUT I’ve done this before in business with no intention of selling the company, just streamlining, getting rid of the waste ready to re-launch ourselves in the near future, all with investment garnered from the savings we’ve accrued.
    Young Keiran is right, Lerner CHOSE us, he didn’t inherit us.
    It strikes me Lerner is in it for the love of it (as well as from a business perspective obviously) but strikes me as too sensitive to take any real aggression from the fans in person, hence the absence last year from VP. Lerner has to accept he’s bought critism upon himself for two reasons; firstly his silence, we NEED to hear from the big boss periodically – don’t leave us guessing Randy, we’ll only get worried and think the worse. And secondly for the horrendous appointment of AM, which the board have already admitted their mistake.
    I’m going to err on the positive and say next season will be a good one. PL is a damned good appointment and we know we have big gaps in our squad but there’s still 4+ weeks left of the window. If we gave AM over half the season to prove his worth, we should stop looking for another scapegoat already and watch, support and see!
    I personally can’t wait for the new season!!!!

  2. I think we all have to remember that this is the silly season, thankfully the Olympics have taken quite a bit of the spotlight off the transfer market, which was delayed somewhat with Euro 2012 also.

    None of us know who Lambert is chasing, and none of us know the lengths that Lerner will go to in backing his man.

    I suggest we wait and see, we were definitely getting OGS as manager, we got PL, the Vlaar deal was on, definitely off, and he played at Forest.

    I agree that we need to see Lambert build in his own time and judge him at the end of the season to see if we’re moving in the right direction.

    Reckon that will be an emphatic yes, so I am not overly concerned.

    • Good, upbeat post Vaze. You’re right, Lerner holds the key, and none of us are sure whether or not he’s going to back PL financially. We will of course have a much clearer idea come midnight, August 31st.

      We have to trust in Lerner to come through. It would be madness for him to do otherwise.

  3. I personally wouldn’t be against signing Fletcher, as he is only 25 and would offer a different option to the strikers we currently have. I would be disappointed if we paid that kind of money for him though and think anything over £8m would be too much.

    • I agree with you Tomd. At 8m I think that Fletcher would prove a more than useful signing. He would as you so rightly say, provide a different option, and more importantly, he would I believe score goals.

      I just cant see Gabby, Delfouneso, and Weimann chipping in with the required number of goals to provide a decent haul to back up DB’s tally for the campaign.

      Like others have suggested, I’d like to see Adam Johnson at Villa Park. Get shut of Albrighton to make way for him. Albrighton is way, way over-rated, he just hasn’t got what it takes.

  4. 12 M would be a typical MON purchase and we dont want to go back there !

  5. We need someone with premier league experience. I see citeh want rid off Johnson. 12 mil?

  6. Aston Villa have inquired about the availability of Emanuel Frimpong could be available for £3-5m.

  7. I’ve liked what little I’ve seen of him (Frimpong). He’d be quite an astute signing.

    Certainly ran the show for Wolves against us last season, up until he suffered that injury. He looked quite a useful player.

    • Very useful and would be a good signing as a replacement for Makoun who, let’s face it, is off at some stage in the very near future. Frimpong would also add a bit of muscle to our lightweight midfield

      Agree with some of the earlier posts, up to £8 mill and Steven Fletcher is a very good signing and one of the best headers of the ball in the EPL Get the balls in the box and he is a good signing………….think we would need a winger on top who is capable of delivering quality from the flanks on top though.

      Hutton, Warnock and Makoun (who I do actually want to see given a chance) out and 4 or 5 in an we have the makings of a solid squad………………..that’s a start.

      But who knows what will happen in the next few weeks??

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