Transfer market dead or just sleeping

Yes another transfer discussion but widened a bit to include the PL.

Many people have commented on the PL and how quiet the transfer market is. The Daily Mirror have a decent list of them all.


You just glance down the list and it is noticeable only Chelsea have really spent big. We may think QPR have for example and the wages would be higher but look at the loans and frees.

All together there has been 60 deals of which 20 are free transfers and 3 are loans. With so many undisclosed fees (would ban those totally) then no cost deals have been a third of the total moves. It is clear a lot of clubs are being careful. Reading for example despite a large amount of extra TV money have spent so little.

With less than two weeks to go before the season starts and just over 4 weeks until the window closes will this stay the same. Are we going to see a sudden flurry of large deals, are clubs keeping their power dry.

Or is the market basically dead (note Man City, Man U, Liverpool have done very little work in the market) or is it sleeping and waiting for transfer chains to be completed ? This is exactly the same question we ask ourselves at Villa and we will know soon enough.

29 comments on “Transfer market dead or just sleeping

  1. Clubs like man city nd chelsea are spoling d transfer market becos of d way dey spend money on players livin

  2. Very strange transfer market at the moment -almost as if everything has stopped for the duration of the Olympics – although there seem to be a lot of rumours going around about the likes of ManU/Spurs/Arse picking up signings from Malaga, who seem to have suffered a financial melt-down.
    See Stoke have gone for Kightley from Wolves, rather than Matt Jarvis…

  3. It’s because they’ve all got rubbish owners who are trying to sell up and everyone has a one in one out policy. Perhaps also everyone’s going to get relegated.

    You’d ban undisclosed fees? Why and on what authority?

    I’m sorry but I’m disappointed how trigger happy people seem on the internet – and with such flimsy reasoning too.

  4. we do need a another striker , any ideas who we would like. How about Berbitov at 5 mill.? UTV

  5. I really like the look of Guidetti if he is available. Dempsey would be another really good signing, but think wages be an obstacle, even if we can afford the fee. Im hoping PL has not finished with his dealings for the summer, 2-3 more quality players are really needed.

  6. On our front we need a left back and maybe a striker,otherwise am looking foward to see Bannan finally fulfilling his potential and become a star in the PL

  7. with the new rules coming in the days of big transfers is over (4 most of the teams) as 4 villa i think we will be doing a 1 in 1out which is fine as we still have some crap 2 lose (hutton, warnock ), i do think we need a new stricker but 2 get 1 does that mean we have 2 sell or loan 1 out? i would sell fonz he just a championship player 4 me and when hes been on loan he still dont do great, so thats 3 players we could lose and get some new faces in but still think we will get stuck with hutton.

    • 1 in 1 out is all well and good, but if nobody wants our ‘outs’ does that mean team building just ends?

      If so, that is just ridiculously short sighted of Lerner and is hardly backing his manager as it is jeopardising the team Lambert wants to build.

  8. We definitely need a striker and I’m probably setting myself from a torrade of abuse but here goes:

    What about Roque Santa Cruz? He did quite well on loan at Betis last season and I doubt he’d cost through the roof. Proven he can score in the Premier League as well. Plenty of experience to pass down and should have a couple of good seasons left in him. A cheap move as well I reckon (£3-4m)

    Another punt could be David N’Gog? His scoring record was good at Liverpool. It may not have been the best at Bolton, but I can’t imagine any striker would have done well there to be honest. He also has experience of playing in the top competitions. Another cheap (£2-3m)

    Otherwise, a loan move for Sturridge!

    • Both Santa Cruz and N’Gog would be terrible signings. I would rather we played Weimann.

    • N’Gog is shite mate, lets be honest. And he definately has never had a good scoring record. As a matter of fact – Earl Barrett had a better scoring record than N’gog has.
      Even Liverpool fans (who tend to over-rate all of their players and think Steven Gerrard is as good as Messi) think that N’gog is shite. No way dude.

      Santa Cruz wouldn’t be a bad shout if he was cheap enough but there’s plenty of other strikers i’d prefer to see in claret and blue.

      Anyway, isn’t this a thread about the general state of the transfer market. I’ve almost been sucked into the fantasy strikers debate.
      Well in my opinion the transfer market has not died. I think it’s been as busy as usual. The only thing you have to remember is this; All the sports pages in the tabloids (that fuel all our transfer fantasies and make us believe that the most important thing in life is how much some greedy halfwit is getting paid to join Man City) are being taken up by olympic coverage right now. Next week i’ll gladly go back to reading the rumour mill and finding out how much money RVP wants to stay at Arsenal but for now I’m happily not giving a f**k about the transfer market. COME ON GB!

  9. I say we still go cheap and still go foreign. Benteke from the Belgian league, 21 has a very good scoring record. Still has plenty of time to learn. No loan deal for Lukaku or Sturridge as I doubt we’d be able to sign them after this season. Lets not be a Bolton and loan players so we can make them better for another team.

  10. I think donovan is a good shout.

  11. How about Keane on a 2-year contract? I was well against us loaning him, partly becasue I hate loans, but also because I thought he was past it – I was wrong. Based on what he did last season I’d say he’d be a good older squad member that wouldn’t cost much – a replacement for Heskey…

  12. I’d love to see us get Matt Phillips. Have liked the look of the lad for some time. Like most on here, I think we need a striker (would have loved Guidetti, even on loan) and a DM, but most of all I’d like to see Lambert bring in a replacement for Warnock, after selling him to MON for £8 mill!

  13. Danny Rose on loan maybe?

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