Problem is Obvious and has been for a while

I will not say the Forest game proves anything or not.

However for a number of seasons it has been obvious we are missing a strong and determined Central Midfielder. Can anyone really be convinced by the midfield today. The problem is that when it comes to the West Ham game it will be the players that start.

Lambert is no fool at all and he can not believe a midfield starting lined up of KEA, Bannan and Ireland will work in the Premier League. I have posted many times how we need some power in that midfield and all today proved was that was correct.

Now I know many of you will have read my thoughts on Ireland before. Frankly I totally disagree with a lot of Villa fans on him. If he is to be successful he needs behind the two midfielders to do all the donkey work. We do not have them. Without those players in the team he becomes a liability.

Look at the squad and look at the midfield resources does that not actually scare you on how poor they are.

I am not reacting to today’s game. I have said this all close season. All today did was to prove what I was saying was correct. Lambert will know this and what really worries me is that the money is not there unless we sell someone and would clubs pay money for whats left ?

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88 comments on “Problem is Obvious and has been for a while

  1. Yes we do definately need a ball winning midfielder, but please stop stating it as fact that wr have no money, you dont know if we do or not, im not saying we have money because i dont know either. Stop reporting things as facts when you are guessing

  2. I’d say a DECENT striker was more important to be fair, but agree we lack fight in centre midfield

  3. Ireland definitely needs two players supporting him preferably the players are of another team, like you Ian I have said this from the day he was signed – crap player crap attitude.

    • So, you’ve been saying from the day he was signed, crap player crap attitude?

      Cant agree with you Villa Missionary. If I did, we’d both be very wrong. On both counts!!

  4. We’ve been linked with Antony Annan from Schalke, he would be just the job.

  5. Was at Forest today i thought Ireland put in more tackles in this game than in his whole career at Villa so far. Most of the problems came from Warnock’s area. Not disagreeing with you about midfield but we really have to get rid of this liability, he lost control of the ball on a couple of occasions and just didn’t seem to be on the same wavelength as the rest of the team. We do need another striker . But things definitely seem more positive than the last two seasons

    • All my mates that went today said the same thing about warnock. We desperately need a new left back he is shit. A new left bk, a pacy ch to play alongside vlaar (Clarke too slow IMO) and a central midfielder and maybe a winger and we would have a half decent team for next season. I think the squad Wev got now is too small and no strength in depth. Whatsoever. Really concerned the way we collapsed in last 20 mins god help us when we play man away etc.

  6. Agree about a midfielder Ian we need a leader and someone who can mix it a bit. In sick of us having to many mr nice guys in the pitch. Nice gets u nowhere. We need a few nasty fuckers in the team hopefully vlaar is one of them. On another note I think we are just as in need of a left bk as warnock was as shit as ever today and still think we need a pacy ch for vlaar to play alongside. I rate Ireland tbf but a lot depends on whether or not his head is right or not.

  7. went to the game today excited about lambert and our new attacking style only to be dissapointed i couldnt see much difference from last year. we have no creative spark at all. We still failed to get crosses in and have shots on goal and i put this down to us not having any good wingers avfc is famous for our wingers over the years and now dont really have any1 bar albrighton. zog is not a winger neither is holman so where is the service to score goals. Its obvious that we need a left back a def mid and a striker but now i would like to add a winger to the growing list. I think we have great fans and a good manager its time for lerner to spend some cash and back the man he brought in. Every think villa do is a pr stunt and we talk a good game but we still have a small not very good squad and until they stop the crap pr stunts and help we will be fighting relegation. Iam afraid wehave all bein tricked again. LERNER IF YOU ENT GOING TO BACK US SELL US.

    • Agreed worried I didn’t go today to be fair was on my way but had to pull out for Personnal reasons. Alot of my mates went and said exactly the same as u that it wasn’t really any different than last season with a typical villa collapse in the last 20 mins FFs. They all said warnock should never wear the shirt again he’s as shit as ever.

    • Albrighton aint any good worried villa fan. If you’re pinning your hopes on him, you’re gonna be mighty disappointed.

  8. We can always use Herd for some muscle in midfield. One of the few players i was impressed with last season. Unless PL plans to use him as a defender this season of course.

    • Why do we always have to use someone to do a job for a specialist that we should buy in the first place. It’s typical of Lerner that we have to make do with what Wev got and put square pegs into round holds. FFs let’s just sign a half decent midfielder.

      • We’ve finally got our financial plan right. Don’t spend more than you’ve actually got. Continue as we were doing losing ÂŁ50 million a season and we would have been the next Portsmouth.

        Great – call for a new multi-billionaire owner to splash the cash without consequences. But I don’t see any queueing up to take us, do you? So what do you suggest?

      • Herd, given time could be very decent defensive midfielder!!

  9. Milner wants to leave man city – mon is trying to get him and guidetti on loan. For god sake these are the players we should be bringing to villa park.

    • Was never a great fan of Milner tbh. He was a typical mon player hard working, good attitude, 100 percent every game but average ability. Having said that the question we have to ask is is he better than what Wev got? Answer easily. So on that basis would like him back.

      • There is a reason Man City spent ÂŁ26 million on him. Same goes for the ÂŁ20 million Liverpool spent on Downing.

        He was fantastic for us that season, easily the best player in a team that nearly made the champions league, FA cup semi-finalists and Carling Cup finalists. If he had stayed at Villa his stock would be much higher than it is right now. Then again, he would have significantly less in his bank account and wouldn’t have a Premier League medal.

        • Can’t blame Milner for going to man city tbf. We would all give up our jobs for double the money and better career prospects elsewhere. anyone who says otherwise is telling porkies.

          • No agree totally, but milner is not adebayor. He is not a mercenary, he wants to play and if it meant dropping down the league slightly and getting 70k instead of 120k, i think that NOW, he would do it.

          • Do u really think he would take a 50k per wk pay cut to cum bk to us thou chyna? That’s a lot even for a footballer and equates to circa 6m Per annum. I agree he would rather play but he could prob go somewhere like Liverpool or abroad like Psv for example and get at least a 100k and still play every week.

      • I loved Milner and when he left I think for me that is when I knew Lerner no longer wanted to compete (or was able to).

        anyone readuig this blog from the day I started it will know how much I rated Milner and he is exactly what we need back.

      • That last season when he replaced barry in the centre he was awesome. Box to box and almost never gave the ball away. And won pfa young player of the year.

        Is wasting away at man city.

  10. For once, I totally agree!

    We have missed that physical presence. Reo-Coker was hot and cold but sometimes he provided the right kind of power. Petrov and Milner had enough energy and put themselves about to dominate a midfield. Gareth Barry was definitely fantastic as a physical presence in the middle.

    Picking from the current squad, I would have Chris Herd in every game – because he is the only one who provides the right strength and energy, even if he is not the most talented player. Any of the rest of the combinations – KEA Bannan Ireland Makoun Delph Gardner DJ is far too lightweight for the premier league.

    Having technical players like Bannan is fine, so long as you have a balance. We don’t have that balance right now.

    Central midfield is the most important position. It should be our number 1 priority.

    • does any Villa fan really believe come the PL season Bannan and IReland should start in the same team ??

      • In theory yes, but only if we get a fantastic holding midfielder, with great physical presence, discipline and work rate. Very few of those exist – and we definitely couldn’t afford one right now. So in reality – no.

      • No I don’t Ian. I like bannan but Ireland on his day is a good player and more physical. That said we could do with s boetang/Ian Taylor duo in the centre that will hint as a pair and put it about a bit. They would also do the donkey work for Ireland so he could concentrate on his attacking ability.

      • i am with you ian as much as we have the passing ability i still feel n zogbia needs to be wider and ireland in behind bent.. bent made some lovely runs was either off side or ball not quite right.. maybe ball winning midfielder left back and wide player. And a centre back if money is there..

  11. .
    Karim el ahmadi he is brilliant.

  12. Report on news now villa is for sale

    • Just read that. Sunday Express? I can see Lerner willing to listen to offers, but can’t see us actually being up for sale.

      • evry club has its price now we no saudis were shown round bodymoor villa said it was true.. the books are being made better.and also one in one out tells me that we could be very well up for sale right amount. Now with the way randy sold browns becoming knowledge then sold withinh a week does make you wonder the guy is very secretive and very good at it.. lets see but we need super rich owners just to mae us compete in top half of table.

        • I’m not saying we won’t be sold. I simply don’t believe Lerner’s going out of his way to look for new buyers.

  13. Not just a midfielder, WARNOCK IS THE WORT LEFT BACK I HAVE EVER SEEN. I was sat 2 rows back from Lambert in the Firest main stand (my mates season ticket…) and he was cursing Warnock for most of the game. Let’s hope RL does the decent thing and give us a but more money…

    • very intresting indeed that maybe hutton out thats the next deal then left back in. Now before i get pelted here i watched clarke yesterday and he does need to get settled in at centre back and quickly looked little shaken yesterday at times..

  14. Annan is a good shout if that link is true.A lesser version of Essien when he was a beast but he rarely scores.Having said so i think the team that started yesterday minus Fonz will be the one that will start at Upton park.

  15. yesterday first half the passing and movement was there to be seen but two things alarming is we do try to play through middle everytime now few weeks ago i posted what ash young and downing did for bent width rolled balls across box.. yesterday it was alarming we had no natural width most of game the full backs were pushed right up but we do need proper width nzogbia if not with out doubt a new wide player.. And also alarming how they cut us open last tewnty mins..we do need new left back very quick..Vlaar looked what we were led to believe SEecond half forest closed us down from the back with passing from back seen a lot of positives from first half but not sure about us not playing with natural width and not putting balls into box when we had chance.. but its fitness and lambert would have learnt alot even more so in them last twenty mins

  16. Agreed. A lot of people have got carried away with lambert, but the reality is our squad depth is poor. We need to make 4/5 more signings as IMO the current team will be fighting relegation if we get a few injuries again.
    A new left back is a priority- warnock is a joke and shouldn’t be anywhere near the team. We still need another, pacier centre back and a defensive CM should be brought in to help break up the play. Of course, we need another forward desperately too. It will be unacceptable from Lerner if funds aren’t provided to do this.

  17. Lambert will use a 442 diamond,with el ahmadi at the apex,and Ireland at the tip.Clark is too slow,Baker for me is a more dominant centre back and should partner Vlaar.Unless we go the 343 way

  18. Went to the game yesterday.
    Was very impressed with the new signings with the exception of Lowton who looked well short to me. He is weak in the tackle & going forward always seemed reluctant to cross the ball & instead going for the easy option by passing it back.
    El Ahmadi looks solid & Vlaar was outstanding. Holman tends to stay in a central position all the time & just gets lost. As many have already said, we desperatly lack width-N’Zogbia had more of a free role. Ireland & Warnock should never wear the shirt again-useless the pair of them. Bannan, particulary in the first half ran the game & looked good. Clark looked commanding at the back.
    Guzan is awful-why did we re-sign him? I agree that it is nice to see Villa passing it about, but always felt that there was never going to be an end product. The squad is woefully weak & this needs to be addressed in the next couple of weeks or we will start the season with a defeat at Upton Park.
    Lambert know’s whats required so lets hope Lerner backs him.

  19. Stephen N’zonzi! That’s who we should sign.

  20. Must agree with the post above that said Bannan and Ireland are a luxury in the same tram. I rate them both but we need more steel.We also gave the ball away much too easily yesterday, especially N’Zogbia. However, him and Benty could work well together. I also agree with the comments about Warnock but in his defence, I can remember many times yesterday when the ball was passed to him and he had no real attacking options. We seemed to have a big gap on the left side of midfield. In saying all of this, I feel sure that Lambert will be trying to address the problems. Obviously Bent needs a few games to get his sharpness back and the new lads are still blending in. It’s not all doom and gloom.

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