Problem is Obvious and has been for a while

I will not say the Forest game proves anything or not.

However for a number of seasons it has been obvious we are missing a strong and determined Central Midfielder. Can anyone really be convinced by the midfield today. The problem is that when it comes to the West Ham game it will be the players that start.

Lambert is no fool at all and he can not believe a midfield starting lined up of KEA, Bannan and Ireland will work in the Premier League. I have posted many times how we need some power in that midfield and all today proved was that was correct.

Now I know many of you will have read my thoughts on Ireland before. Frankly I totally disagree with a lot of Villa fans on him. If he is to be successful he needs behind the two midfielders to do all the donkey work. We do not have them. Without those players in the team he becomes a liability.

Look at the squad and look at the midfield resources does that not actually scare you on how poor they are.

I am not reacting to today’s game. I have said this all close season. All today did was to prove what I was saying was correct. Lambert will know this and what really worries me is that the money is not there unless we sell someone and would clubs pay money for whats left ?

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88 comments on “Problem is Obvious and has been for a while

  1. I suggested Walter Gargano a week or so ago and it would seem Roberto Martinez has been reading our scouting reports because Wigan now have a registered interest. Trust me, this is the player to sit alongside El Ahmadi And….. The big And is that it would cost us around €6m, with wages of around €40k per week.

    We need to move quick………… This is a no brainier. It is only because the Sky 6 already have too many players, that he isn’t being targetted by them but don’t rule out Spurs coming in late for him. Quality player……

    Also, with Malaga in financial quagmire, we seriously should be looking at Rondon and Toulalan, seriously. We are desperate for a ball playing, running striker who doesn’t need 35 touches to control the ball (not mentioning Gabby in anyway) and one who can finish one to one with a more 30% conversion rate.

    I may have just tipped our rivals of to some of the great bargain of the summer……Villa you need to move fast.

    • Galatasaray have also shown interest in Gargano at 8.5m so he’d cost a little more than 6m as Napoli aren’t in financial trouble nor need to sell.

      I agree we should take advantage of Malaga. Only problem is their wages are quite high there. Rondon would have to take a wage cut before coming here if we showed interest.

  2. Ken,Gargano is like Reo Coker,he wont improve us much,Napoli are selling because they are switching formations.If Gardner can step up,then he will be an in house solution

    • Gargano would surely improve us. He’s a much better version of Reo-Coker.

    • Sorry but have to disagree, Gargano is better than Reo-Coker (a player that I liked and if he were still here for all his limitations Reo-Coker would add some steel to the brittle midfield we have) and alongside El Ahmadi would give the midfield some physical strength.

      We don’t have a spin of strength, in fact we have somewhat of a soft underbelly that can easily be exploited regardless of the formation we play, we are simply too fragile and need some strength to support the runners and passers.

  3. A lot of negativity here get behind the boys whoever the starting 11 will be come west ham. It’s negativity that makes players question there ability

  4. With Makoun surely out the picture now, we really need another CM to break up attacks and sit infront of the back 4 (alongside KEA in a 4-2-3-1 formation). I’d be looking at someone like Mbia or Moussa Sissoko, although Gargano is a good shout.
    Also, we have 2 weeks to get a decent left back as warnock is one of the worst players to ever wear a villa shirt. Izaguirre from Celtic would be good, or if Malaga need to sell then maybe Nacho Monreal.

  5. I agree with most comments posted but I seriously think our main thought should be a top class striker.We are very poor in that department,and our main problem is putting the ball in the net!!Gabby,The Fonz are shit(sorry 4 language only way I could put it).A midfielder who I would go 4 is taylor of bolton(wouldn’t cost us much and good player).I’m sure other players are out their who wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.In PL we trust he aint no mug he nows what is needed!ps Bannan as captain another not good enough soz bazza but you aint..

  6. Think we’re pretty much singing from the same hymn here. I’d like to see a midfielder (I agree with Ken; I think Gargano is a cracking little player, wish we could get him), a striker and most of all, a left back brought in (let’s face it, Warnock’s gash). I suppose things depend considerably on whether we can offload MON’s remaining rubbish in the process ( plus what ultimately transpires about Makoun), to free up resources to give Lambert more room for manoeuvre in the market.
    Losing a pre-season friendly doesn’t mean that we should immediately panic and get into negative mode, but Ian’s right; it brings us down to earth and reminds us just what a re-building job Lambert and his team have got on their hands.

    • indeed it is massive and a long way to go. Can anyone see Bannan and Ireland in the same team working at PL level, I can not.

      not much ‘rubbish’ to go though, Warnock and dunne with one season left from MON and the really the others are Makoun and Hutton.

      There are still doubts over Ireland and N’zogbia of course and whether Lambert really can get the best out them and more important on a consistent basis.

      • Got a wire crossed there; in my head I was lumping Hutton in as a MON buy! Agree about Bannan and Ireland in the same team. I can’t see it working either. Ireland did alright last season for me, but looking the best of a very bad bunch under The Scottish Manager isn’t saying much. N’Zog was a huge disappointment to just about everyone, I think. As you say, Ian, if PL really can get the pair of them to perform to their best, and do it regularly, they’ll each be like the proverbial new signing. If not, we’ve got a problem on our hands…

        • Indeed we have, it will be the key to how well Lambert does. He has now publically gone out on a limb for these two if they do not perform on a consistent basis, well Lambert may well feel very let down.

          If they do on the other hand then a massive problem is resolved

  7. As I said in a previous post, real entertaining and effective football is about skill and intelligence.

    To play the silky smooth eye candy stuff, you need to have a base (spine) built on strength and fitness and currently we are powder puff fluff cakes

    To use your intelligence in terms of incisive passing (not just the Hollywood balls) you have to have runners and pace that is dynamic but an end product at the end (kind and rush merchants need not apply) currently we have one speedster who has no control or end product.

    So yes we need a striker (Rondon) who is more than just an athlete, we also need anchor man (Gargarno, Tulalan or Annan) to hold the team together who will protect the defence if the more creative players lose the ball or we are playing the counter attacking, maybe a wide man (Johnson) who can provide the team with some shape and a left back (Taylor, Bennett, Cresswell etc as along as it is not Warnock) who forms part of our first line of cover.

    Regardless of formation, the team as it stands isn’t good or strong enough. And no I don’t think we need to break the bank to have a decent nucleus of a squad, £30m will do it, less than Chelsea paid for Hazard alone (yes I know 2 different business models)

  8. Nobody knows what is going to happen, who is going to come in, who is going to leave and how much we will spend, nobody knows what goes on at AVFC or what is discussed and planned, nobody ever does or ever will … so lets just see what happens hey ?? …….. 26 days left and two weeks of training …. that is a long time in football.

  9. So so negative! I’m sure if we had won yesterday you would make a article saying how good are midfield was. It was a friendly calm down! We need a winger, left back and a striker as priority makoun can come back hopefully

  10. Question Do we trust PL!Yes we do!Are we looking forward to the new season!Yes we are!Are we still 4weeks of Deadline day!Yes we are!So why all the negativity PL,Lerner no what we need they aint stupid,so let’s get behind the lads,I’m sure the Left back,Midfield,Striker possitions will be sorted by Sept 1!!UTV.

    • I believe it will be sorted sooner than that but it is about the quality and cash of course

      • Ian I’m hoping it is sorted by the time we play West Ham,as you say thou its money and quality permiting!!The team who plays West Ham will be nothing like the team that played Forest!!(Hopefully).

        • I think we saw most of the starting line up to be fair. Given for Guzan, maybe a new LB, maybe a Midfielder but can not see many others.

          • Agree!but maybe a striker aswell!LB,Winger,Striker plus Given four changes!I’d drop Guzan,Bannan,Warnock,Nzog!

  11. The more I read this page the more I realise how much absoluble rubbish you talk, why because we lost against notts forest are you saying we need a big center midfielder, don’t diss ireland he’s been are best player pre season along with bannan both being passing midfielders el ahmadi isn’t afaid to tackle but the best thing about watching villa pre season has been watching how we’ve passed the ball around, a big hard midfielder is difficult to come across unless ur willing to pay enough e.g song, yaya toure , otherwise we can just go buy karl henry, cattermole people like that and see how tht turns out, we’ve been playing 4 passing minded midfielders pre season and its worked, please do tell me who the big strong midfielder is in barcelonas side? Just a typical englishman who thinks we need sumone to tackle hard and hoof it. 15 years old and talk more sense than you.

    • I think you miss the point of the post, it is not about hoofball but about having a structure system (Barcelona, Manure, Bayern, Etc all have one) that allows the football to be played. I will repost just for you:

      ‘To play the silky smooth eye candy stuff, you need to have a base (spine) built on strength and fitness and currently we are powder puff fluff cakes

      To use your intelligence in terms of incisive passing (not just the Hollywood balls) you have to have runners and pace that is dynamic but have a measureable end product (kick and rush merchants need not apply) currently we have one speedster who has no control or end product.’

      Messi is great because he is technical but the best because of who he has around him.

  12. Too late Villa Rondon has gone but there is still Loic Remy, Miralem Sulejmani, Oscar Cardozo, Jefferson Farfan, Daniel Sturridge ……

  13. Chris Herd(The Australian Scott Parker), and Fabian Delph are both the definition of strong determined central midfielders. We dont need to sign another player. The Forest game was another friendly, another match to give players a run out to gain fitness, and another match in which the result means very little. We did not see our starting line up for West Ham yesterday, and i dont think we’ve seen it in any of our pre season games so far. When it comes to the 18th of August, a game that matters, we’ll see our strongest lineup, and based on pre season performances im hoping it looks something like this…..

    ————–Delph—El Ahmadi————

    • Aero have you ever seen Delph play!!He makes Isiah Osbourne look a good player!!Couldn’t pass water don’t no about a football!!

      • Thats a bit harsh Alun. I know he didnt look the best in the games before he went on loan last season, but he was brilliant in every one of the few games he played for us before McLeish took over. I dont know if you’ve seen any of our matches this pre season, but he’s been phenomenal in them too. He looks so comfortable and composed on the ball, barely ever giving it away, and picking all the right passes. I was impressed to say the least. I think the lads back on the form he was in when we signed him. He’s gonna shine this season.

        • To be fair to the lad I havnt seen much of pre season!but I’ve seen quite a lot of him last season and when MON signed him,and to say he didn’t impress me is an understatement.Remember Aero pre season we don’t play the hardest teams in the world,hope I’m wrong but he a championship player at best..

        • Are you mad? Delph is rubbish. He’s looked every bit the lower league player since his first friendly against Fiorentina. Had not impressed me at all in the pre season

          • Kiwivillan? So, a New Zealander? So how many times have you seen Fabian Delph play this season then? Dont tell me, you’re another laptop expert aint ya?

  14. Oh what a suprise, more negativity from the moaner and joke of a villa fan Astonvillaviews is, A JOKER, what kind of supporter are you? All you do is moan, the day you post anything positive i’ll need an ambulance just in case i pass out because of the shock.

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