Lerner to sell Villa – why not

This report coming up would always have been obvious.

The Express are reporting Randy is willing to sell Villa.


Now any cub reporter quoting source could have wrote that. It is such an easy piece and in many ways it is lazy. I personally believe Randy would sell if the offer came along but is not looking to sell. That is a fine difference of course and who knows what is around the corner.

I know some say you have to be careful who you get as the next owner, Portsmouth and Blues always used as an example. So to them I ask should Ellis not have sold the club despite us being basically broke ?

The club finances are now coming back into balance. In itself that has created the problems we have all seen but also it makes the club much easier to sell. Any new perspective owner would have a good manager in charge, a young squad ripe for investment in key areas (as discussed last night) and a top rank ground that needs one side rebuilding.

The only issue for any new owner would be the debts but these are large and would require someone to put a lot of money in. I am in doubt if a decision to sell has to be made, Randy would only sell out to some one with the clubs best interest at heart. However is there anyone going to come in at the moment ?

I would be shocked if there was.

26 comments on “Lerner to sell Villa – why not

  1. Just hope we don’t end up like Pompey/malaga!!

    • As I ask in the piece and you have ignored, would you have said for Ellis not to sell ?for the same reason would you have not sold to Lerner, just in case we turned in another ‘Pompey’ ?

  2. There’s life after Lerner avfcforever1991.

    A better life…be sure of it.

    Lerner’s cost cutting cant go on forever, its getting old. Now he’s realised that he cant and wont make a quick $ out of AVFC, his interest has waned.

  3. If Lerner was going to sell surely he’d of done this before appointing a new manager and had it pre arranged to happen at the end of the season?I personally feel lerner cares a lot for villa,and has always tried to do what’s best for the club,although all his decisions haven’t payed off or been the right ones. And I also believe he sold the browns because he’d rather concentrate on running villa. I don’t for one minute think that he’d sell villa unless someone came along who Lerner felt would do right by the club and benefit the club. As for the cost cutting I think everyone is going to be doing this because of A.the financial FairPlay rules and B.the current world recession and situations at Portsmouth and other clubs. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think for one minute that Lerner is a bad person and believe that he does have our best interests at heart.

    • A) the FFP only matter if involved in Europe, spot the issue ? Also you really think that they will happen, already been delayed and no chance they would kick out Barca.

      B) yes thats fair comment and no way would Lerner ever attempt to screw us. I would not want him to go BUT if there is someone out there willing to take over, lets look at it.

      • Yeah you’re prob right with point A. And yeah I think if someone came along who was interested in buying us that Lerner thought “yes,this person can take villa to where I can’t and not ruin the club” I definitely think he’d consider selling ,because as I said, wants what’s best for villa. I definitely don’t think he’d sell us to someone like Venkys for instance. I’m happy enough with the way things are going at the minute tho and would love nothing more than for us to be be successful doing it the right way rather than just buying success.

        • totally agree chris, i hate the money aspect but it is also a fact you need it now. what would class as ‘success’ now in the PL (forgetting cup runs for a bit) and can you do it on the cheap and academies ??

          before anyone says Arsenal did, check out their wage bill

          • Newcastle? Almost qualified for champs league, havent that much in comparison too spurs,liverpool etc. IMO they are showing that having a good scouting system can be just as important as a billionaire owner. They’ll be up there again this season.with how lambert is trading so far I think we’re going in the right direction. It’ll just take a while to get there. At least we’ll be watching good football along the way.

          • Newcastle for me are a one season fluke … you watch how they will struggle next season to achieve that again

  4. Chris, I am certain Randy will sell however who to? There are severa lclubs up for sale but no buyers eg Everton. He can’t just sell and walk away he needsa buyer, and who would buy with no manager and a weakened squad? He is doing the right things NOW after 2 years of cock ups.

    He has said all along he is the custodian and if he takes the club as far as he could he would move over, maybe he will but I can’t see it soon. There are more attractions for the USA Football franchise so that was an easy vehicle to sell and has given him some liquidity but I don’t believe that is going to bereinvested in AVFC

    • It with no manager and a weakened squad a potential buyer could perhaps spend less to acquire the club? And also start with a blank canvas to build their vision I.e no need to worry about getting rid of manager and selling loads of unwanted players.

  5. I think this artical is a load of old rubbish or am hoping so.For most of what as been written on here over the last few months have in my opinion only half truths and should be taken with a pinch of salt.But on saying this i have posted on another site that,God for bid if Randy Lerner was to sell AVFC then lets pray we don;t get asian owners you have only got to look at their record BCFC and Blackburn Rovers.for example.As for new,American owners not so sure as Liverpool under John Enery have not got the financial clout they once had and M U are still spending silly money they don;t have because of the debt they are saddled with by the Glazier family.So i would say this to those whom want new owners be carefull of what you wish for.

  6. Buy the rumour, sell the fact. Simple fact is that nobody knows!! Lerner has had to raise funds to settle his matrimonial situation- hence his exit from the Browns. randy is a proper businessman and will never open his hand until any deal is announced. The commentary that we are seeing from one of the very poorest news rags is poor.

  7. I don’t think he will sell. Owning two sport clubs was too much but now he has sold the Browns It will be fine. The article linked has nothing of substance. Putting 2+2 and getting 7.

  8. Before the Malaga debacle I would have loved some Arab petrodollars flowing through the club. Not so sure now.

  9. I am the co-owner of a small, well run, profitable engineering company, a concern that employs in total 102 employees. Nothing of the maginitude of AVFC of course, but a going business concern none the less.

    Believe me, everything that Mr Lerner has done over the past twenty four months or so, smacks of an owner looking to sell his business. Everything he has done.

    The cut backs, the streamlining, the lack of investment, all designed towards keeping your venture ticking over, as opposed to striking out for gold.

    Dont be naive enough to believe that Randy isn’t looking to sell the club, when everything before you suggests he is. Indeed, the only thing that has perhaps not seen a sale pushed through by now is the very lack of interested parties out there. I’m a Villa mad relatively successful business owner, yet quite frankly, even if my finances allowed, I most certainly wouldn’t want to get involved in football club ownership, certainly not in the current economic climate. It could very easily become financial suicide.

    Cutting back, trimming the wage bill, etc., etc., is all well and good for a short period of time. Yet such actions also leave you vulnerable to outside influences, competitors, lack of stability et al. It is not recommended as a long term project.

    It is not as though cash isn’t coming into AVFC, it most certainly is, so frankly, as an owner, the cutting back and getting onto a sound financial footing story is wearing thin. How long will it continue in effect, how long will it continue to be accepted by the masses?

    • David – We are still paying the loans back from years of over spending with MON!! Thrifty spending is off the cards for a few seasons!!

      Also I think we are just glad to have got rid of McLeish, but you are right we are in the top 7 of Premier League turnovers so Lerner needs to start spending next season or before, but he won’t do that until he has his loans repaid (with of course interest) unless he ‘does an Abramovich’ and writes them offsas an investment.

      To be honest I am glad we are not striking out for gold as it’s a lost cause at the moment unless FIFA sort out these joke FFP rules. We cannot complete with Man City when they start throwing their money about, simples

      • Wait a minute, wait a minute markmac.

        You cant point the finger of blame for overspending at Martin O’Neill. Somebody obviously approved the money being spent on transfer fee’s, and the remuneration packages agreed. Surely you aren’t trying to convince anyone that that was down to O’Neill?

        Faulkner had to be in the loop and well aware of all monies being spent, while Lerner himself had to have the final say.

        If both Lerner and Faulkner were in the dark, as you clearly would have us believe, then some owner and CEO that pair are. No wonder we can no longer go toe to toe with a good 75% of the premier league, with Lerner and Faulkner running the show.

        • Ron,
          yes I totally agree with you mate, someone signed off those players on the board (Just like someone on the Portsmouth board signed off all the expensive signings for Harry Rednknapp which they could never afford and was the start of their downfall), but MON and his scouting team still recommended middle of the road overpriced rubbish as they were far too trusted by the board. Rather than upset MON the board signed them fearing a backlash from the fans if MON walked out and the Champions League dream be over.

          There was no authoritative figure in VIlla who should have said “Hmmmmmmm Emile Heskey wants £60k per week and a 3 year deal for a 31 year old?”

          The thing is Paul Falkner should have been the man to stand up to MON and say no, but there was no way he was going to do that to ‘The Messiah’ and without a DOF it was basically an open cheque book

          I have met Falkner twice, he is a really nice guy to be honest, when I met him I wanted to give him a load of crap about the appointment of McLeish, but he was a genuinely nice guy who made a real effort and who had been brainwashed into thinking McLeish would come good, and after speaking to him it was clear the decision was not his, but nice guys don’t run football clubs.

  10. With so many clubs in debt and so many that could be brought fo a lot less money than ACFC, Were do you think a SOLID invester would come from. That is a owener that is not just in it for a quick buck. It is far better to know what you have got tha take a gamble on anothet owner, Because those people who are wishing that would be the first to start slagging of the new owner. and saying i told you so. i have read them on this very page.

  11. Randy is not selling. Villa Fans are like a ‘bunch of old women talking over garden fences.’ Fact is RL has consistently invested in Villa , has a home near Villa , has a tattoo Villa on his leg . He’s been flying all over US to see them play. Doesn’t sound like a man who has lost interest in his club ?. Now at last he doesn’t have to separate his time with the Browns so you will see more of him at Villa Pk this season UTV

    • I doubt that you will villahampton. We’ll see though.

      As for the U.S. tour, Lerner didn’t attend the Fire game, nor I believe the game out in Oregon. He was though in Philly.

      He has a tattoo on his leg and a home near Villa eh? Well whoopity-doo about the tatt, and as for the home, well it would take him five minutes to flog that.

      No, Lerner wants out, just cant find a buyer. Not many people looking to buy footie clubs right now, particularly not one that would likely cost a suitor close to 200m.

      Lerner shit himself at the prospect of the drop under Houllier, hence the reason he splashed out on Benty, and when the relegation scenario was repeated last season, the poor guy almost had kittens.

      He still wont invest cash this summer on rebuilding the squad though, and this one in/one out ruling, will see us once again frequent the lower reaches of the table.

      Paul Lambert will soon come to fully appreciate why O’Neill walked, the poor guy faces a thankless task keeping this under-strength squad in the top flight.

      • O’Neill has walked out of every club he has been at when he has not got his own way. I would not read too much into that. It is only a matter of time before he walks from Sunderland to save his own reputation. He is a middle of the road manager, nothing more, nothing less, thinks he is better than he is. I mean, come on, what the hell was his thinking behind the Habib Beye signing

        Lambert would not have come to us unless he had the finances in place to challenge for a top 8 position, especially knowing the backlash McLeish got and the fans expectations

        I don’t understand the negativity – come on positive positive positive!!!

  12. Ron, shows how much you know. I was at the Philly game. I can pdf my pass to prove it. Actually , you know nothing about anything so stop making things up. Randy could not land because of storms , so plane diverted to NY. He and PF were traveling together and both disappointed they didn’t get to Philly game. . He was at both the other games unless you know somebody who was with him? But then you obviously don’t know which might mean you make your story’s up because you are really a Bluenose. Don’t write untruths please about Randy and the Villa unless you can prove otherwise. UTV

  13. I can assure you that the club has been for sale for at least 6 months, there is a prospectus being shown to potential investors. This information comes from right inside Villa Park. David Driscoll is right when he says everything Randy has done over the past 12 months is what you do when you are preparing to sell a business, I know I’ve done it. It could be that Randy put both the Villa and the Browns up for sale with the view that he would sell one of them, whichever one he got the right price for first. PersonallyI think he’s lost interest and if the right offer comes in for the club he’ll still sell, but from where that offer will come who knows.

  14. You’re preaching to the converted barryholesthunderbolt. I agree with you completely.

    They are naive to think that the club is not seeking a buyer. Lerner wants out. His actions reek of an owner looking to ride off into the sunset.

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