Interesting report on Makoun, should he be released

Whilst I was waiting today for the train I saw an Birmingham Mail report on Makoun.

The headline was

Lambert not spoken to Mak

The online report is lightly different to that and is HERE but in this online report that seems to have been missed out.

Lambert makes it clear in the report that he has not seen in training (obviously not) but like the headline in the Mail, has he even spoken to him. Given all the issues we have in midfield which I have discussed in the last post I have to ask is it time to simply admit defeat and simply release Makoun and get another midfielder in ASAP.

Herd is injured, so it appears Gardner is and looking at today you can see that we have nothing left in midfield. the longer we give Makoun to come back the shorter the transfer window is. and the less time we have to get a replacement if Makoun is not coming back. Again for Lambert this is another fire he has to try and tackle and maybe now he realises some of the mess he was left with.

I have total faith in Lambert if backed by Lerner fully he will succeed.

My doubts are now with Lerner.

37 comments on “Interesting report on Makoun, should he be released

  1. Do you ever have good days?

    Fuck all constructive to moan about, so moan about the owner.

    You make me sad to be a Villa fan.

    Btw, when is Solskjaer taking over?

    • I’ll rephrase : it makes me sad that you’re a Villa ‘fan’…

    • Whose moaning about the owner Rtvtid?

      A simple observation is being expressed, namely that Lerner has to fully back his new manager. The word fully of course includes backing him financially.

      Who could disagree with that viewpoint? Except it seems, you.

    • Could win the league and CL and this site would still post negative, all I ever see are the negative post support the team its early days, release a player and lose the money we paid. We lose our 1st game and first game and Ianrob starts joke. I ain’t the only who has pointed out how negative this site is and I wont be the last

  2. Cut our loses and re-sign Lee Hendrie

  3. Yes, time for Makoun to be cut loose, and recouperate as much as we can. This partnership is going nowhere, and it would be better for both AVFC and the player if he makes every effort to get himself lined up for a move away from Brummagem.

    I’m not even convinced that he’s good enough to regularly start for us, even if the issues re his work permit could be resolved without too much further delay.

    He will be behind all of our other players fitness wise when he finally receives the nod, and as I say, what I saw of him after he first arrived at the club, he didn’t really look to be the part anyway.

    We still need new faces to come into the club, quality players capable of bringing something to the table, and while Makoun remains, PL will no doubt be denied the opportunity to bring in a replacement to strengthen his midfield options.

    Get rid, its the best way forward.

  4. What does Lerner have to do with all of this?

    • “I have total faith in Lambert if backed by Lerner fully he will succeed”.

      Simple Zidave. Read the article pal. The above line in particular. Then Rtvtid reacted to that.

      That’s what Lerner has to do with all of this. Simple if you read the article and the responses before you comment.

  5. After yesterdays game it is blatantly obvious we need a left back, a holding / box to box midfielder and a striker. Warnock and Delfiunseo were SHITE and we had no one to break play up. Plus side Vlaar and Clark looked good, so did Bannan, Lowton showed some good points and we played some good football at times. However if we don’t address the above points we will struggle again this season. In some ways we are still broken, we just have more plasters holding us together at the moment

  6. I’ve been saying get rid of Lerner ever since he employed Houllier !

    What’s it got to do with Lerner,someone said,well since success in football is all about money these days,I’d say it’s got a bloody lot to do with Lerner !
    He needs to back Lambert in the transfer market,that squad was clearly not good enough last season and nothing’s changed this !
    We’ve signed 4 new players and we’ve lost 4,we were probably at least 5 players short last season,taking into the equation,we were playing youngsters every week who were either not good enough or not ready,so I’d say the ball’s in Lerners court,if he can’t back us,get out and sell us to someone who will !

  7. Here we go again, Lerner out because we lose a pre season match. Can anyone support with any evidence and not just supposition based on no facts, that Lerner has refused to sanction a transfer in?

    It seems FIFA 2012 or whatever the stupid game is called, has a lot to answer for – let Makoum go for nowt because there is a little difficulty. He cost £6m a couple of years ago so sell him by all means but let him go for nowt, aren’t some people great at spending other people’s money!

    Lerner can hardly be blamed for various managers’ purchasers, but I believe he has the right to demand that when his money has been spent, albeit capital or working capital spend (both have been/are in deficit} that “old stock” is sold off/ or planned to be disposed of before the new stock is brought in regardless. Perhaps the spend spend spend supporters would prefer to follow in the footsteps of Rangers, Leeds, Pompey and even nearer to home Small Heath!!!

    • No they wouldn’t Villa Missionary. Of course they wouldn’t. You are being somewhat foolish in attempting to suggest that they would.

      Lerner, whether he wants to keep hold of AVFC or sell jump ship and offload the club to any interested suitors, still needs to back his new manager financially if he really wants to see Paul Lambert turn this mess around, rather than have us just scraping through the remaining campaigns of the Lerner tenure.

      The fact that we lost a pre-season game has nothing to do with supporters concern. Their concern comes from the very fact that most sensible supporters realise that we are on a lost cause if Lambert has to operate in the transfer market, with sell to buy restrictions, and a limited amount of cash available to begin his rebuilding job.

      Wake up Villa Missionary, and realise that the sun does not shine out of Randy Lerner’s backside. He is a business man first and foremost, with his own interests, not the interest of AVFC, at heart.

    • Nothing to do with a meaningless friendly,more to do with the fact we’re being run like Wigan Athletic,if you dont spend ,you dont progress,thats the way it is these days,dont kid yourself that spending £2.5 million here and there will see us competing at the top end,you generally get what you pay for !

      • Well said Naldy.

        Wakey-Wakey Villa Missionary. Take your Randolph Lerner blinkers off and view the complete picture.

        We are well short of where we need to be. Lambert cannot rebuild this club unless Lerner is considerably more realistic regarding the financial backing that he allows his new man.

        That much was obvious to all (or most, clearly not you), long before yesterdays irrelevant defeat.

    • Who Villa Missionary, has called for letting Makoun go ‘for nowt’. Please direct me to the posting from the individual who has made such a demand.

    • Villa Missionary says…”Here we go again, Lerner out because we lose a pre season match. Can anyone support with any evidence and not just supposition based on no facts, that Lerner has refused to sanction a transfer in”?

      I would respond with…..Maybe the insignificant dribble of funds made available to Paul Lambert since his arrival at the club, and the sell to buy policy which appears to be the current state of affairs enforced by Lerner.

      I dont doubt that the man would prefer to be out of the football ownership club, but until he achieves that goal, he needs to put the well being of AVFC on to his list of priorities, and ensure that a team that only just about survived last season, has a considerably better campaign this time around.

      Yesterdays beating at the City Ground has nothing to do with the supporters concern. It has been obvious throughout the pre-season that the squad is far from the depth and the quality that it needs to be. We cant keep cutting our cloth Villa Missionary, there comes a time when we have to begin speculating again.

  8. I’ve commented on the lack of quality for a good while now.
    Hopefully I’m wrong, but I have real concerns that we’ll be seriously caught out if we’re not careful.
    VM, Randy may well sanction a couple of big signings, but I’ll be surprised if he does.
    It certainly doesn’t look like it up to now.

    I agree with others that Randy has to back PL with a few quid.
    With the extra Sky money coming, I fail to see that he has any excuse.
    And I’m not talking megabucks, just enough to halt our descent into what imo, is becoming mediocrity.

    I’m all in favour of positivety, but you have to be realistic too and I worry that we’re not going to be good enough.
    No doubt we’ll see in the coming months.

    • I wish it just was mediocrity that we were descending into anon3.

      I fear that we are already lower than mediocre.

      Villa Missionary – I think that you are completely missing the point.

  9. Villa Missionary has become brainwashed.

    Costs have been cut, dramatically, more SKY money is flooding into the game, where will this cash be directed if not towards the manager for much needed team strenthening?

    We scraped survival last time out, surely that was an indication to Lerner that the playing squad needs to be revamped? Spending 2m here, 3m there aint gonna cut it.

    • Ah here lads, there is slightly more to being successful prem team than paying £10m for a £2m player or trying to buy the league.
      You say Lerner isn’t backing us financially?
      In other words if we are not buying players for 20m lerner is stingy?
      When is the last time totenham or arsenal bought a player for 24m? On higher revenue streams and bigger fan base to boot?
      And you want every penny from every new and existing revenue stream to go towards transfers that’s just ridiculous!

      I see some stating that the squa needs a lot more than 4 in and 4 out ?
      How many more 6,7,10? In and out?
      Why because we were rubbish last year?
      So what you are saying is that management, tactics and coaching have no effect on a team, our squad finished 16th last season that’s all they will ever achieve ?
      Football fantasy world here
      Player has a shit season, sell him and buy someone for 10m + because they can only be good players if we pay huge sums

      Everybody chill out.
      One ore season friendly loss and an as yet unfounded newspaper article has had way too much influence here

      • Could not agree more, sensibly written and constructed argument, be interesting to see how the Sun believers respond

  10. And the evidence for all your suppositions is? Do you know who Lambert has gone for – NO, you accept what the papers say, who would have you believe we are/have been after probably 100 players at least in the close season (remember Collins and Warnock sold to Sunderland – Sun newspaper – amazing how many on here bel;ieved it!) So many of you should be EPL managers, but just look at the plethora of players you want, we can only have 25 in a squad!

    As to the posters who think I am up Randy’s backside, why would I be, I dont know the man, I respect what he has done for us, but of course I do take a view that how someone wishes to spend his money is his choice. You want more support from him, as John Kennedy said (artistic licence!) think what you can do yourselves for Villa…………, too many supporters have done nowt even when we were successful under MON. Did we fill the stadium, NO, many other teams do so where is the excuse, there was no competition in the area after all!

    I have an opinion, you may not agree, but at least be able to disagree without stupid remarks, sticks and stones etc…..! Lambert would have known what he was coming to, the way some of you write, again without any basis in fact, he has been given a bum steer, the man is not an idiot!

    I would finally point you in the direction of the newspapers who many of you slavishly follow and believe. Last Sunday all of the media were questionning the disgrace that we had won no medals, waste of money and all that crap; look today full of how great Team GB are, absolute hypocrites, but so many of you fall for it – unbelievable!

  11. Just stop complaining! Period! Lerner has heart with the club, I have seen clear evidence of that multiple times. If you only want the club to succeed because of heaps of money beeing thrown at it, go support PSG, M City or what else…
    Lerner have spent lots of money on the club, and he continues to do so. It is possible to get results without loads of money as alot of other teams have shown. Its good to spend wisely not as was done under MON.

    • Spot on

    • We aint been getting results though Villa29. That’s due to the cut backs and attempting to send a depleted squad into a premier league campaign.

      Has Lerner learned his lesson? Lets hope so brother, cause he’s making a shit poor attempt at overseeing and owning AVFC.

      The sooner he gets a decent offer and pisses off back to the states, the better as far as I’m concerned. At best we’ll stand still with the yank running the show.

      Came in to make some fast bucks off of us, he’s well and truly fallen flat on his face.

    • Too true.

      The other key item is that Lambert took the job knowing exactly what the terms and conditions are. We don’t know anything about what money is/isn’t available. Lerner may have said … “get the Villa in the top 10 by the January transfer window and you can have £30m for 2 strikers” or he may have said “sorry the total transfer budget for the next two seasons is £10m plus everything you can generated through television and position bonuses”.

      Whatever the Terms and Conditions, Lambert was aware of them and believed he could achieve at Villa Park so we have to give him (and Lerner) a chance.

      “Get The Holte End Back” is much more important than constantly trying to second guess what Lerner is/isn’t trying to do.

      You can really do something positive to “Get The Holte End Back” so use your energy on that instead.

      • Just to be clear … I wasn’t agreeing with the jingoistic guff from Muldaur but with Villa29 and Villa Missionary’s position on this subject.

  12. Totally agree that we were too lightweight in midfield yesterday. We played some good football in that area yesterday, but are really missing a physical presence in there. I also agree that the situation with Makoun has gone too far now and that we should be looking to sell asap. He is one of the sellable assets we currently have and the money should then be reinvested in that area of the team.

    On the whole though (Warnock aside) I didn’t think the performance was too bad yesterday.


  14. You’ll be lucky to see Lerner give PL another 3m to spend on new faces Depressed villa fan (DVF), let alone 30m.

    Even then PL will have to sell first, before the 3m is forthcoming.

    Lerner aint gonna splash the cash on something he no longer has any interest in.

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