Randy sells Browns, not his money, no bonus for AVFC – Official

The Cleveland Browns tonight issued an official statement saying Randy will sell them.

Nothing shocking in that at all but this statement from Randy does change the ideas for us.

On behalf of my family and as trustee for the Lerner Family Trust, which holds the shares of the Cleveland Browns, I have agreed to sell the Browns to Jimmy Haslam and his family.

In other words the £700M that the Brown’s has been sold for will go into the Lerner family trust and NOT to Randy personally. This is the same trust that lends us money on a commercial interest rate to fund the club (some £100M so far).

In effect this news shows that Randy himself will not get the money and he will not have extra millions to pump into us as we may have hoped. There is no extra golden pot for us to spend and has he had to sell has the trust has lost so much money from holding Bank of America shares (from MBNA takeover) that he had little choice but to sell ?

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64 comments on “Randy sells Browns, not his money, no bonus for AVFC – Official

  1. I don’t see Randy spending more time around Villa at all.
    He (quite rightly, imo) puts his kids first and has already demonstrated just that.

    • To clarify, your kids are more important than a football club, no matter how much it is in your blood.

    • Spot on anon3.

      He’s not going to be over here in the U.K. anymore than he has been previously. Its not his way.

  2. Woof- That comment seems to stir the pot a bit. Children are always more important than work. Without a doubt and I respect Randy more for putting his kids first. Yet I feel I should clarify, I’m afraid I wasn’t suggesting Randy would force his way into Villa Park and start running the clubs day-to-day activities, but I do honestly think we will see a little more of RL around VP this season. I agree with everyone, it’s not his style and he prefers to work through others and in the shadows. Although, let it be on a few more match days or a few extra trips midweek I think we will see more of him and I think the club will benefit from having his appearance and/or interest. Ultimately it’s optimistic thinking, but I think it’s far more likely and a safer bet than thinking we’re going to start splashing massive cash in the transfer market.

  3. I’d like to think that you’ve called it right marvin, not least because I firmly believe that the club has lacked leadership and direction, over the past couple of years at least.

    In a perfect world Randy would indeed spend more time over here, and get a little more involved with the everyday running of the club, but I sense that that isn’t going to happen.

    I hope that I’m wrong, because as things have stood pretty much since his arrival, I have felt that he’s way too detached from the club, and AVFC have suffered somewhat because of his absence from Birmingham B6.

    I’m not anti-Lerner by any means, but as others have indicated, I do believe that he would have more to offer the club were he not a long distance landlord. I’d prefer more locally based owners, but sadly, as we all know only too well, ownership of AVFC is not likely to change hands anytime soon.

  4. Lerner is a cunt

  5. Anyway, fact is, regarding a financial boost for the club, why is it all down to Randy?

    If more supporters purchased the excellent value season tickets, or got off their fat and lazy backsides to actually attend games, then more cash would automatically find its way into Paul Lamberts piggy bank.

    The supporters must play their part too.

    • Aint that the truth Dan.

      Its time for the claret and blue 75% of brummagem to get off ‘their fat and lazy backsides’ as you so eloquently put it, put their hands into their pockets, purchase their season tickets, and start fully supporting the club.

      Part time supporters no more. The team needs the fans 100% behind the cause, and that means attending the games, particularly the Villa Park fixtures.

  6. To be honest I’d lose a lot of respect for Randy if he pissed his money up the wall trying to buy success for Villa. I don’t want us going down that awful Man City/Chelsea/Man Utd route of always buying, buying, buying. It’s soulless, in my opinion. I look at all the honours Chelsea, Man City and Man Utd have won in the Premier League era and I simply shrug my shoulders – they don’t earn my respect and they mean nothing to me.

    What I’d love to see Randy do is PLAN for the short, medium and long term. Invest in our scouting system, youth team and infrastructure. In tandem with this, I’d love to see him knock down that bloody North Stand and get Villa Park up to 55k.

    I’m convinced more than ever that we don’t need to go the plastic club route for success – we simply need to be intelligent, to be focused and to get the mentality spot on: we can be NUMBER ONE and we can do it in our own, unique way.

    Having Randy focused on Villa is a big plus point from the developments over in Cleveland. Now let’s build: Target for season 2012/13 10th or above; target for 2013/14 top six; target for 2014/15 top four…and so on. This can be achieved if a winning plan is in place and we are all pulling in the right direction

  7. Not I Macca. Must admit I am envious of the so called mega rich clubs.

    If you’re not ‘mega rich’, then you cant compete. I want to see AVFC compete.

    You can put all of your ‘winning plans’ in place, as many ‘winning plans’ as you want, but if you haven’t got the cash to back you up, you’re destined to remain an also ran.

    I understand our lot, I understand how and why things are as they are, but do I like it? No siree bob, I dont.

  8. On a seperate note, fully agree with Dan Greenford, and his comments about supporters buying season tickets, and/or getting themselves down to Villa Park on match days in numbers.

    Put away the lame, tired old excuses, and start turning up at Villa Park on a regular basis.

    You know it makes sense.

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