Medical’s not simple but all an act, are Villa paying Stoke for Hutton

Some people are worried that the Vlaar transfer has not occurred yet.

However nothing to be worried about at all. For some reason Villa like to have an act and a series of events to play on our minds ! Medical’s take time but it seems we want Collins out and Vlaar officially announced at the same time. It would not even surprise me that Vlaar has been training with the squad today. It would not surprise me at all that he is in the team for the game against Peterborough.

So the Daily Mail are reporting Stoke (for some strange reason we can not understand) will pay £2M for the worse Right Back in my Villa watching time. Fantastic news of course and I expect to see stories and links soon to a replacement full back probably a LB. Now we may have to wait for that as Warnock may be hard to shift, but a young LB in to play a few games ? Maybe he will stick with Stevens but I am sure one will come in when Hutton goes.

So with a bit of patience we will see Vlaar soon enough and maybe another player. However there are still gapping holes in a couple of areas they need to be filled (if the cash is there or others can be sold). These will keep us occupied I am sure for the next money.

Oh what is the news on Gabby and Makoun, will keep on asking.

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78 comments on “Medical’s not simple but all an act, are Villa paying Stoke for Hutton

  1. about time we got some news on players going, if we can get rid of collins, hutton and warnock that would free up 100mil + in wages so lambert can can get mayb 1 or 2 more in. just happy im not a stoke or west ham fan,lol but we had our turn last year this year is gonna be a gd 1.

  2. 100million – a mistake or a slight exaggeration I think! They are not on Messi or Rooney wages.

  3. minty is suggesting that the three defenders are on a combined £100k per year which sounds plausible

  4. what we have got to be( and its not a quality in abundance with villa fans)is patient,im confident come august 31 ,yes august 31 ,we will have had a lot of movement both in and out of vp.obviously well all have out favourite outs as we do ins ,but its definately better we get the right deals against getting the wrong ones

  5. just seen on BBC website Collins to West ham for £2.5 mill!!!

  6. He probably meant 10m…..150k a week = 7.8m a year, although I see Dunne on 60k, Collins on 40k and Hutton 40k so that would be 140k = 7.28m

    Also I see Lowton as our man RB next season with Lichaj/Herd covering, I expect Creswell/ Bennett to replace Warnock, I would love us to replace Dunne for Hangelaand to partner Vlaar.

  7. I think we were TOO patient last year. What was an obvious bad managerial choice to anyone who supports villa and keeps an eye on other teams proved to be just that. He was given an unbelievable amount of time by the supporters to show he was able to provide entertaining football but there was NOTHING you could point to that was positive. I hated last season and I hated myself for thinking it. I really am looking forward to this season now-surely we deserve entertainment?

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