Speculation : Collins to be confirmed to West Ham – One in, One Out

Not the most surprising news ever !!

Peter Lansley from the Times has tweeted.

peter lansley ‏@LansleyTimes
Expect #WHU to confirm they’ve agreed a deal for #AVFC’s James Collins shortly

Twitter LINK

We all know the situation at the club and Collins to West Ham will pave the way for Vlaar to come in as it has to be one in out out at Villa. I do not mind that but it explains the delay in signing Vlaar but it appears we forgot to tell him that !!

So with Vlaar confirmed shortly maybe even today then we ask oursleves when Hutton’s departure will be announced.

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85 comments on “Speculation : Collins to be confirmed to West Ham – One in, One Out

  1. my personal view to this mel is that we are waiting to shift collins out before unveiling vlaar i reckon by saturday ron vlaar superstar will b one of lamberts limes

  2. Wonder if at a push, Geezer Butler or Tom Hanks can play in central defence?

  3. I think you could be spot on there AVFC-holte-ender.

    I very much believe that a one in, one out policy is in effect, and will be strictly adhered to.

    • hope so i feel we need a LB and maybe a striker because we was lost without a poacher in bent, i know it was a piss poor season,but with somebody who knows where there net is somebody like a darren bent type player i think we would be fine

  4. Off topic I know, but have I missed out on hearing/reading any updates from the club regarding Gabby’s injury, and the somewhat strange affair concerning the work permit problems being encountered by Jean 11 Makoun?

    I cant quite grasp why the club are being rather silent about these two issues. It’s no wonder speculation and rumours start.

  5. agree on stewb being out of order. no need for that. we’re all entitled to our opinions – thats the raison d’etre of a blog. i’m in the camp of cleaning house up front given the lack of goals in the last 2 seasons and the inconsistency of players like gabby. yes, he’s a local lad and he loves the club. but sadly that isnt enough anymore (see striking options of the top 4 clubs) – i’d rather a 20+goalscorer and dont really care where he’s from.

  6. I think it’s one in one out for senior players.

    With Lowton, Lambert has taken the pressure off for this season. I think the same would have been true about Cresswell, but Ipswich’s extraordinary valuation has undermined that.

    I’m still hoping there’s some substance to the Mellberg whispers from last month.

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