The Forward dilema, just who will it be, rumours no substance

As we approach the season with under three weeks left we understand as fans we need another forward.

Since we confirmed that Vlaar is likely to come we know the defence is nearly sorted. However good a defence may be we can not win games if we do not score. Of course we have Bent for that but you need more, you HAVE to have more than him. Of course we have major injury doubts over Gabby which makes the need to get one even stronger. (Still no actual news on Gabby, how long to wait ?)

So when looking at forwards we have had Carroll linked but I see him as no chance due to cost.

We have had people suggest Defoe but surely he is too old and too high a wage and fee. You only have to look at the profile of signings to see that.

Of course I posted a few days back if Randy is prepared to spend big on player then why not Sturridge, he may fit well with Bent.

However I keep going back to the VFM (value for money) issue and that is 100% in the foreign market as we have seen. Also in this market it is clear that Lambert wants English speakers and likely to fit straight into English football.

Therefore I will in all likelihood rule out any English based forward (including Rhodes) and I go back to some one I linked a few weeks back.

Ola Toivonen

We have clearly got a very good scouting system over there. He speaks English, he is tall (no chance we will get a small pacy forward with Weimann and Bent at the club) and he can handle himself. Ticks all the boxes at around £6M as well for his record is VFM.

Why not ?

Over to you to discuss.

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41 comments on “The Forward dilema, just who will it be, rumours no substance

  1. Villa need a striker ASAP,as with other comments maybe 2….Gabby,The Fonz aren’t good enough full stop!Gabby is the most overrated player I’ve seen at Villa Park!Carnt finish,carnt pass,and his one asset has now gone his pace!!Anyway I would like us to go 4 Sturridge(a villa fan)Lukaku(promising)Berbatov(proven)or Vagna love(good player)Gary hooper(strong,would play well with Bent)Guidetti(strong,now where the net is)..Also we need a Winger to supply Adam Johnson(perfect)Milner(awsome)..Lerner needs to give PL 20mill to sort out these positions…

  2. Clint Dempsey? Would cost us a bit more, but not a risk and would be a great partner for Bent. Sell Gabby to fund the move.

  3. Don’t worry about agbonlahahaha missing the start of the season, he hasn’t kicked a ball in the last two.

  4. With regards to Defoe, I think Ian’s comments are right; he doesn’t fit the “profile” of players that PL seems keen to bring to Villa Park. Personally, after the way we got burned dealing with Spurs last season, I’d stay away anyway. They always seem to see us coming!
    Toivonen’s a good shout though, and personally, I’d love to see us in for Guidetti, as a few people have suggested.

  5. Seydou Doumbia

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