Welcome Ron Vlaar, confirmed on AVFC a new Cult Hero as confirmed on Youtube

So it is done then, just minutes after I posted the other one !!

I welcome Ron to Villa Park and I am sure he will become quickly a hero and the kind of cult figure we have missed.

Mat Kendrick has confirmed the deal and so has the Feyenoord website

Mat Kendrick ‏@MatKendrick
Villa hoping to sign the 27-year-old Dutch international centre half on a three year deal after he comes over to Brum early next week

Oh, before I go, Villa have agreed personal terms with Ron Vlaar and a deal should be completed next week, subject to a successful medical

Remember this video I posted a couple of weeks ago ??

It was so obvious when Villa were caught out with him at Villa Park he was coming. I think we saw some distraction games going on in the past two weeks.

So who is going then, I expect Collins to West Ham to be announced very soon.

EDIT 18:30 – Personal terms agreed now on AVFC OS


35 comments on “Welcome Ron Vlaar, confirmed on AVFC a new Cult Hero as confirmed on Youtube

  1. Welkom, om naar uit u steeds een legende in Villa Park

  2. I would love Collins to go to WHU & have a absolute mere on the opening day. I don’t know too much about Ron Vlaar but I just have the feeling he will be as good as our last Dutch defender!

  3. I no il get slagged for this as per usual but totally underwhelmed about this signing more so than his other ones. Sounds like someone who will give his all which is fair enuf but has little quality. I’m amazed how some people on these sites are raving about him when theyv never seen him even kick a ball. Likewise iv not seen him play either but no a couple of people that have and they think he’s average at best.

    • it seems you just shoot your mouth off without know fa… how about bouma!!!!!

    • ooha……. lets face it…. noone could ever be better than lord Mcgrath. but please give Vlaar 12 games or so to make his mark….

      • That’s true Langford. But I have rated other centre halves Wev had. I thought southgate and eugho were a good pairing IMO. Of course I will give him longer than 12 games until Xmas at least to make a fair judgement.

    • get over it.

    • This is not slagging you, but Vlaar is average at best when compared to the likes of Vidic, Pique, Chiellini or Carvalho. But if you were to compare him with Skrtel, Koscielny than he is around there or slightly better (i admit to only catching him play twice before). I am excited by his arrival because he is an upgrade on Collins. I like what PL is doing, in that he seems to be getting in players who are upgrades on their predecessors. What more can you ask from a manager tasked to build a good team over time? Who would you have gotten who was above average and would have been willing to come to our club at this time? If three years from now, our manager were to replace Vlaar with someone even better, I’d be excited then too. Again, this is not slagging, so I hope it doesn’t come off that way.

      • Agreed.
        Common sense says that we’d struggle to get anyone much ‘better’ – the players you mention [Vidic, etc.] are all in the CL clique and we’d have to offer them the sort of wages that even MON didn’t manage to blow, just to get them to look around VP.
        There’s definitely a glass ceiling for clubs like Villa, and it’s one that will take years to crack.

        • Sound, common sense views from Ardent and Tiredof in my opinion. Of course, we’d all love it if the cream of the crop was beating on our door, and PL had a £100 mill burning a hole in his pocket, but Citeh we ain’t. Lambert’s got a huge job on his hands to reconstruct a squad that looked weak overall and seriously demotivated after the upheavals of the last couple of seasons, and by all accounts has a limited budget to work with as opposed to a bottomless bag of cash. I think we’re in Stage 1 of a process that will take a number of years, but to me PL seems like an astute, no nonsense character, and his signings so far, plus links to the likes of Cresswell, indicate where his initial priorities lie. Naturally the proof of the pudding will come once the season’s underway, but I for one like what I’ve seen so far regarding the signings he’s made. Of course we won’t be challenging for the title next season, But (as a friend so colourfully puts it) I’d bet a pound to a pinch of bird shite that we’ll see a Villa side that’s much better organised on the park, much more motivated, and much more entertaining to watch. I’ll settle for that for starters; anything else will be a welcome bonus for the immediate future.

        • Agreed ardent just bloody frustrated that we can’t compete for better players.

      • Cant argue with u there tired of. Didn’t feel u were slashing me of and very constructive with ur reply. I agree with all your points and I no we can’t compete with the cream but that dosnt mean to say I have get excited about a player who is an upgrade on collins. Frankly that isn’t saying much. But like you say players like vlaar are about the best we can hope for but I just think that we should expect and deserve better. Lerner has succeeded big time in lowering our expectations and was a master stroke getting mcleish as anything after that would be seen by us as signing messi and winning the league.

        • We all know how you feel, oohah, but hang in, mate. I for one honestly believe that the next couple of years will be much better than the last two. In the context of the recent shambles at VP that might not seem like counting for much, and there’ll be some setbacks and frustrations along the way, but I’ll wager that we’re going to see some sure, steady progress under the tenure of Mr Lambert, and that we’re all going to start feeling a lot better and more optimistic. Heck, I started to feel a lot better the minute The Scottish Manager was shown the door, and we haven’t kicked a ball in earnest under PL yet! UTV!

        • I see your point. Thats true. I probably wouldn’t have been excited by Vlaar at the height of MON’s reign. Its been a roller-coaster ride.. Here’s to hoping the future is brighter..

      • Give the bloke a chance to put the shirt on , you’ve watched him twice so to brand him average at best is very harsh imo , he certainly is an upgrade on dunne and collins i follow alot of dutch football and have had the chance to run my eye over him , for the money he is an absolute steel , commanding centre half good on the ball and a threat in the opposition’s box . utv

  4. with turner going to norwich maybe we can look at collins to sunderland?

  5. Welcome to villa,will give him time to settle,but having watched him lots and lots he is a very average defender.hope he proves me wrong though

  6. Ron Vlaar…Ron Vlaar…RON VLAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

    Future captain in the making!!!!

  7. Looks a raving nutter on that clip

  8. Welkom bij Villa Ron, Ik hoop dat je Engels kunt spreken als goede Longboy is de enige die kan spreken Nederlands Bill

  9. I don’t know how talented Vlaar is. However if our defence is this 22yr old from Ipswich, Clark and Lowton – then I want someone with them who is older and ideally been leading a side.

    So welcome to Villa Park, Mr Vlaar. We’re pleased you’re joining us. Whether you become a Villa legend is all up to you.

  10. if i remember right bouma had a nightmare when he 1st signed but once he had settled in turned out to be a cracking signing .

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